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Louisiana Named One of the Least Green States in America

Ahead of Earth Day this Saturday (4.22), an official ranking of the greenest states in America was released Tuesday. WalletHub conducted the survey, analyzing the fifty states on key criteria like environmental quality, eco-friendly behaviors, and climate-change contributions. Despite Louisiana’s major contributions to solar power technology in recent years, the state made the list in the top ten least-green states. 


According to the findings, The Boot’s final total score was 41.15 — ranking 45th on the list, just above bottom five Oklahoma, North Dakota, West Virginia, Montana, and Wyoming. 


Louisiana ranked 37th on the list for climate-change contributions, in part because of recent growths to the solar power industry and metropolitan cities like New Orleans implementing bike-share programs. The benefits of these initiatives might not be fully realized in 2017, as the state ranked 47th for overall environmental quality. 


Louisiana ranked dead last in 50th place for eco-friendly behaviors. This finding might be in part due to the ongoing dialogue about how best to address climate change in the state. WalletHub noted that storm surges and bad weather are expected to cause more than $500 billion in property damage by the year 2100, not to mention city infrastructure threatened by sea-level rise. As previously reported, the National Weather Service predicts an explosive storm season for Louisiana in 2017. 


Further findings from the 2017 Greenest States study illustrated Louisiana in the top five lowest percentage of energy consumption for renewable sources and highest energy consumption per capita. Louisiana was also named the state with the lowest percentage of recycled municipal solid waste. 


Check out WalletHub's graphic below to check out where all the states rank. 

Source: WalletHub

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