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Locked Down: Gusman Announces Opening Date for Phase II

After years of fighting between the Feds, the City, and the Parish, a replacement for OPP is almost ready to open. On Thursday (8.06), the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) announced that the new inmate housing facility will be ready to open in mid Septemebr.


OPSO spokesperson Phillip Stelly that the Phase II building is on schedule for safety testing and then operation in about six weeks. 


Several old buildings will be closed at that point. Specifically, the Conchetta jail facility (a converted motel), Templeman V,  the temporary housing units ak.a. “The Tents,” and the city-owned Old Parish Prison will all be replaced by the new building.


Today, the federal monitors cited tremendous improvement at the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office since their last visit.


Stelly added that the Sheriff’s Office will continue to actively recruit new Deputies.


The fight over the controversial Phase III continues. While today’s release notes that “The Phase II facility… can accommodate any type of prisoner as contemplated by the 2011 conditional use ordinance.” However, Sheriff Marlin Gusman advocates the construction of a separate Phase III building for special needs inmates. Mayor Landrieu vehemently opposes that plan and is pushing for the conversion of one floor of the Phase II facility into a special needs area.

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