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Lil' Boosie Tells Rolling Stone He Is Over Louisiana

Louisiana may love Lil’ Boosie, but the rapper who now calls himself Boosie BadAzz has some gripes with the Pelican State. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Boosie dives into his career, police brutality, and why he will never live in Baton Rouge again.


Boosie says that he misses his family in Red Stick and goes home to visit and even checks in with his kids’ principal, but he is otherwise happy to be living in Atlanta Georgia these days. He tells RS’ Mosi Reeves, “But I don't miss the hatred. I don't miss the crooked cops down there [in Baton Rouge]. I don't miss the system that hates me down there. I don't miss a lot of stuff down there except the family and the get-togethers.”


Asked if he would retire to Louisiana, the artist is unambiguous declaring, “No, hell no. N-E-V-E-R. I would never live in Baton Rouge again. My past is too strong for me to go live down there. I'm always reppin', I'm a always shout out Baton Rouge. That's my hometown, 'cause I love it, that's where I'm from. But me living there, associating with people out there, that's not going to happen.”


While many locals (millions of tourists) love the importance of music in the Boot’s culture, Boosie does not agree. He praises Atlanta as a city dedicated to music, and claims that Louisiana does not place an emphasis on the art. In a strong retort to Reeves, he cites the Cash Money Crew’s exodus from NOLA. “Louisiana, music ain't on none of them dudes' minds. It's nothing but jealousy and hatred. It's not a place where, when you get to that status, you would want to be living, you know? Lil Wayne don't live in New Orleans. Baby [Birdman] don't live in New Orleans.”


Other highlights of the piece include a frank discussion of his time locked down in Angola on marijuana possession charges. Boosie talks about bunking with C-Murder and the duo recording music together on tape deck in the bathroom. The interviewee is also optimistic about C-Murder’s legal chances now that Robert Shapiro is handling the case.


Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, Boosie’s next album is set for release on July 15.

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