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Defender Picks



August 18th

Jurassic Quest

Lakefront Arena, 3PM

Dinosaur adventure


Art Exhibition and Party

Mini Art Center, 6:30PM

Featured artist, Zora




Final screening of the John Waters Film Festival


Love Letters

Little Gem Saloon, 8PM

Play about first loves and second chances


I'm Listening

The Voodoo Lounge, 9PM

Comedy and psychoanalysis


Delish Da Goddess

One Eyed Jacks, 10PM

Feat. MC Sweet Tea, Sea Battle



Eiffel Society, 10PM

LA based dance music performers Joseph & Joseph


Free Foundation Fridays

Tipitina's, 10PM

Feat. Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes, Sonic Bloom


August 19th

Mayoral Candidate Forum

First Presbyterian Church, 10AM

Youth-led event


610 Stompers Auditions

Harrah's, 10AM

Final day of auditions


Ameripolitan Festival

Siberia, 3PM

Day one of inaugural southern music fest


Mid-Summer Mardi Gras

More Fun Comics, 5:30PM

Chewbacchus subkrewes + Krewe of OAK


We Woke Up Like This

Ogden, 7PM

5th annual moms night out



House of Blues, 7PM

Beer and music festival


Mighty Brother

Gasa Gasa, 7PM

Homecoming show, feat. Micah McKeen, Deltaphpnic, SOF


August 20th

Captain Blood

Prytania Theatre, 10AM

Classic swashbucklin' flick starring Errol Flynn


Zulu Annual Sonny "Jim" Poole Picnic

City Park, 10AM

Contests for coconuts, BBQ, umbrellas, t-shirts, golf shirts and more


Love Letters

Little Gem Saloon, 5PM

Play about first loves and second chances


New Moon Women's Circle

Rosalie Apothecary, 6PM

Special solar eclipse themed circle


RC and the Gritz

One Eyed Jacks, 9PM

Erykah Badu's band, plus Khris Royal


The Max Tribe

Gasa Gasa, 9PM

Feat. Gools, Killer Dale, Jack Rabbit


Stripped into Submission

Hi-Ho Lunge, 10PM

Kink-themed burlesque 


August 21st

Solar Eclipse Paddle

Canoe and Trail Adventures, 10:30AM

Explore the swamps and bayou during the eclipse


Energy Clearing Class

Swan River Yoga Mandir, 7:30PM

Solar eclipse reiki course to clear your self


Monday Night Massacre

Rare Form, 8PM

Feat. Phantom of Paradise and Cannibal The Musical


Betty Who

Republic NOLA, 9PM

90's tinged Aussie artist, feat. Geographer



The New Movement, 9:30PM

Battle of the funniest 


Instant Opus

Hi-Ho Lounge, 10PM

Feat. Eric Bloom, Russell Batiste, David Torkanowsky, Chris Severin


August 22nd

Murder Ballads

Euclid Records, 5PM

Book signing with Dan Auerbach and Gabe Soria


DIY Fermented Foods

Rosalie Apothecary, 7PM

Fermented dairies, like kefire, yogurt, butter, buttermilk, and more


Stanton Moore Trio

Snug Harbor, 8PM

Galactic drummer's side project


Water Seed

Blue Nile, 9PM

Future funk stars


Treme Brass Band

d.b.a., 9PM

See the legendary band on their home turf


Rebirth Brass Band

Maple Leaf, 10PM

2 sets by the Grammy-winning brass band


Smoking Time Jazz Club

Spotted Cat, 10PM

Trad jazz masters


Lake View

Billboards Dot Staple Goods Walls for 'Jack Lake, Redux': Art Review

In the 1920’s in Southern Ontario, homebuilder Jack Lake autographed his handiwork by signing a framing board inside the home he’d just built. Upon renovating that home, artist Jack Niven discovered the indexical and personal imprint and took it up like a thrift store jacket. Thanks to this random, years-old encounter, we now have “Jack Lake, Redux” posited onto two grateful walls at Staple Goods throughout the month of March and early April.


“Redux” consists of 30 miniature but perfectly constructed “billboards” perching cheerfully on the gallery’s east wall.  They allude to eager expeditions by automobile, with the rear and side view “mirrors” reflecting what is already so quickly the past. They tilt and even face opposite. In one case, “Pendleton Monument,” they're hidden like an emphatic, fleeting message we’ll miss forever. Through some maneuvering with a mirror (or an iPhone) you could glimpse bold letters spelling “J. Lake” in red logger’s plaid.  An imagined memory, Jack Lake represents a buoyant flight of fancy in Niven’s teeming mind. The turn of the 19th century has been a lifelong preoccupation for the artist, and Lake’s strange emergence from inside its stick-built cask has fleshed it out in vivid color, bringing us along for the joyride in this show.


There is a little “Universal Mule”-type magic in “Redux,” both in theory and practice, in the form of “Blue.”  The sweet-faced, big-eyed pack animal-without-a-legacy pokes his big old head out of one of Niven’s preciously-constructed memories.  “Blue” silently speaks of roadside attractions that coincidentally contain the soul’s secrets, a possible byway leading to the new limits of an ever-expanding universe.  Rightfully priced alongside “Gulp,” – a shapely work and a clever play on the Gulf Oil logo – “Blue” rides somewhere in the trunk or back seat of the car if we obey only the current view of space and time.  


If we go along with Niven for the full metaphysical ride, though, “Blue” seems more like the journey’s metaphorical beginning than a fleeting identity.  Rather than dying like a Doppler effect as we pass it on by, maybe the creature ride’s with us, driving each and every one of our fleshly “vehicles” and symbolizing the commonality of our earthly existence.  Perhaps the little guy is just too lovable to leave out.


“Iktsuarpok” seems a specific key to Niven’s journey, spelling everything out but also holding it under layers of understanding.  An Inuit word with no English equivalent, “iktsuarpok” is a feeling of anticipation so intense that it forces to the window awaiting fulfillment.  Such is the car trip, such is the excursion into J. Lake’s life and times.  In this case, the anticipation has taken a life of its own in the mind of the traveler, propulsively driving the windshield on.  


Another best of the show, “Love Canal,” depicts a pristine, overgrown riverscape rolling into the horizon, an emerald green and eye-blue perfection in miniature. Niven has fashioned on the surface of the work droplets on the windshield, creating the effect with luscious and inventive precision. Concentric circles of placid distortion make Lake’s memories as real for the viewer as his handwriting must have been for Niven on the day he discovered the magical signature.


Back to the west wall, a diminutive drive-in screen sits alone, playing an undisturbed scene of beach waves washing in and out.  Rhythmic and passive, oblivious to the action on the east wall, the proud little art deco styled screen plays on, loving placed on a field of gallery wall white.  


Niven’s gift to Lake is immortality, or a chance at it.  The spirit of the show leaves you connected to Lake forever, just like the artist has become.  His “spastic chronologies and past lives” read much less like Nietzsche’s flat circle and much more like swirling cyclones. In Niven’s concept of being, we check into time and place from constant existence, inhabiting a galaxy-sized house with infinite doors.  We have to feel a little grateful that Jack Lake wandered into Niven’s consciousness the way he did, with a secretive and indelible gusto only Niven could properly translate.


The show is ridiculously successful, its own yin and yang. It is busy with advertising that actually serves as a quaint oasis from internet-generated pop-ups and spam email. It is tiny like poetry but still bursting with huge messages because it chooses its words and ideas carefully.  It rounds up all the right road-tripping buddies and fits them inside like a magical clown car, miraculously leaving Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg with more than enough leg room. “Redux” is an economy of everythingness, intellectual meatiness charbroiled on a bed of crisp, green, nourishing emotion. It is a feast and a catch. The one you shouldn’t let get away, at once gorgeous, funny and smart with a heart of pure platinum.


Jack Lake, Redux is on view at Staple Goods (1340 St. Roch Ave.) through April 6. 

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