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La. House Moves to Secure Dogs in Pickup Trucks

The Louisiana legislature got their heads out of the books and the drugs long enough on Tuesday to envision the open road, with dogs along for the ride. In doing so, the state's House of Representatives passed new limits that require canine companions to be humanely secured when riding on the back of a pickup truck on an interstate highway.


HB 1091, offered by Rep. Tom Willmott (R-Kenner), seeks to address safety concerns for dogs riding at high speeds, and quell fears that the dogs could fall out of the open-air trucks onto the roadway.


Specifically, the bill says that dogs cannot ride in the back of a pickup truck unless they are secured in a "humane manner." That means they must be physically inside of an enclosed container that allows for enough room to sit, stand and turn around. Under the bill, dogs could also be secured by a leash or collar that is long enough to allow the dog to move its head above its shoulders while standing and short enough to prevent the dog from falling, jumping, or being thrown from the bed of the pickup truck."


A violation of the law would garner a $150 fine, the bill states.


The House voted 53-34 to pass the measure, which means it will be sent to the Senate. In the chamber, there was much celebration:



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