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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Detonates in FQ (Photos)

Review by Sheila Parker, Photos by Timothy Paris

With Super Bowl and Mardi Gras hype in full swing, rock 'n roll seekers tucked into One Eyed Jack’s Sunday night to take in The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. On tour to support their first studio album in eight years, the Blues Explosion took the stage at approximately 11:15 p.m., and played a nearly two-hour set that felt more like a medley than a song by song gig. Click through for photos:


From the first track off their new album, Black Mold, to a surprise cover of Beastie Boys "She’s on it," Spencer seemed like a man bent on cementing the reputation for dynamic live shows that follows him.


“You may be taking out that trash, doing those dishes, or changing out that kitty litter and you will ask yourself ‘why didn’t I clap my hands, why didn’t I stomp my feet, why oh why didn’t I get down with the Blues Explosion when I had the chance?’” Spencer said. 


Such is the gospel of a man who dares his audience to not just stand there and watch, but move yourself with some meaning because we all have to go back to lives that are a little less rock and roll than we would like. At one point, Spencer leaned so far into the crowd with his guitar that a woman was clocked in the face with it. A sincerely worried Spencer leaned down, grabbed her by the shoulders, looked into her eyes and asked if she was okay.  She nodded her head yes and was rewarded by a bear hug. She couldn’t have been happier.


On the tiniest drum set ever was Russell Simins, who never had a moment's pause. On the other guitar (no bass needed) was Judah Bauer, the calming element to Spencer’s near frenzied stage presence. Spencer's presence was highlighted by a thrown mic stand and a near shamanic control of sound being summoned out of the Theremin onstage from his fingertips. The band played one encore, allowing both Simins and Bauer to sing. Bauer sang the popular  'F*S* Up' off of their album Now I Got Worry.


The crowd in One Eyed Jack's wanted more, but all we got was that small window. We left nearly deaf and in awe of what felt like a conversion.  I looked at my cat's box today and just laughed to myself. I pointed my finger at it and said "Yeah, I know I need to change you- oh yeah, and when I do, I'm really gonna change you - oh yeah."  Okay, not really.



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