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John White Rips Grey Lady

Commissioner John White is transplanted from the New York City school system to Louisiana. However, there is no love lost between the State Superintendent of Schools and the paper of record in his old town. On Sunday (8.23), White released an open letter tearing into one of the Old Grey Lady’s op-eds.


Andrea Gabor’s article titled, “The Myth of the New Orleans School Makeover” presents many familiar arguments agains the so-called “NOLA Miracle.” Gabor argues that leadership is no longer representative of the City’s racial makeup, stats are skewed, and schools practice “creaming” amongst several other critiques.


White was not amused. In a three page response, the Superintendent accuses Gabor of “omission and half-truths.” He contends that “Educators in New Orleans are as diverse as the city is generally.” White also touts OneApp and education rates.


In short, the school chief says exactly what one would expect given his position: New Orleans schools are an unrivaled success story.


The rebuttal was published on, the website of Leslie Jacobs’ education advocacy nonprofit. The group and its founder have been outspoken advocates for charter schools during the recovery.


White clearly spent some time on his words; so, read them for yourself here.

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