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Jindal's No-Fly a No-Go on ABC

Bobby Jindal took to the airwaves again on Sunday (10.12). Despite his low poll numbers, Candidate J stuck to his game plan, tossing out inflammatory quotes designed to make highlight reels and appeal to the far right. However, after doubling down on his criticism of the Oregon shooter’s father, Jindal found himself on the receiving end of a foreign policy zinger.


Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Bobby J pushed for a no-fly zone to combat ISIS. Host Martha Radiate quickly shot back with the obvious, “ISIS doesn’t have aircraft. So what would that no-fly zone really accomplish? When has it really worked?”


Raddatz also questioned da Gov’s past advocacy of training programs for rebels. “That has been a complete failure,” she countered. “The Obama administration said, essentially, that it wasn’t working.”


“The reality is that they’ve dithered, they’ve waited so long that we’ve got fewer good options,” Jindal explained. “If they’d have aggressively trained those rebels in the beginning, if they had armed and trained the Kurds, we’d be in a different place.” 


As for the no-fly zones, Jindal suggested that they have a few benefits. He claimed that they would “stabilize the region so you don’t have all these refugees flooding into Europe and trying to leave the country.” In addition, the candidate professed that the zones would send a message to “our Sunni allies” and deter Russia. (Editor’s Note: ISIS is a Sunni group).


When Candidate J suggested that America needs to use airpower to hunt down ISIS, Raddatz was unimpressed. “You don’t think that’s what they’re doing now?” the host answered. “We’ve had thousands and thousands of airstrikes. ISIS is not a traditional army. The reason — and I’ve been out on an aircraft carrier, I have seen those jets coming back with their bombs still attached. Because they can’t drop bombs in congested areas. They can’t risk killing innocent civilians in those areas.”


On the topic of the Oregon shooting, Jindal continued his critique of the shooter’s father. The father came out in favor of gun control following the shooting. Bobby J responded on his website by blaming the farther’s parenting for his son’s actions. "He's a complete failure as a father, he should be embarrassed to even show his face in public,” wrote Jindal.


During Sunday’s interview, Jindal stuck by his stance, stating, “He, by his own admission, didn’t know how his son got those guns, didn’t know how many guns his son had, by his own admission wasn’t involved in his son’s life, hadn’t been communicating with him since he was living with his mother. He doesn’t need to be lecturing us on gun control.”


Watch the interview here.

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