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Jindal's Juicebox

Bobby Jindal is not making much of a splash on the national stage as evidenced by his one percent poll numbers. Candidate J tried to change that last night at Fox Business’ kiddie table debate. Unfortunately, da Gov’ wound up a punchline again. Instead, of garnering attention for policy, he set social media aflame for a moment about “juice boxes.”


While attacking NJ Governor Chris Christie for an alleged lack of results, Jindal quipped, “Look Chris, I’ll give you a ribbon for participation and a juicebox.”

The one-liner elicited some laughter in the auditorium, but the real treat came on social media. Bobby J’s comment went viral, prompting thousands of tweets riffing on the comment.


When Jindal appeared on Fox News today, it was not his policy but his rhetoric that took center stage. The candidate found himself explains the comment, pleading, “People need to lighten up.”


“Just trying is not enough," Jindal said. "If somebody hasn't cut government spending in their state capitols as governor, they haven't cut it as a senator, what makes us think they'll cut it as a president?”

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