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Defender Picks


Horosocopes for the Week of June 5th

This week starts bitter, gets sweet, and culminates in a bitter/sweet full moon in Sagittarius on Friday.
The bitter—Mercury, the planet we rely on for mental agility and communication, has a challenging day on Monday. Not only does it square the transiting north node of the moon in Leo, it also sextiles Chiron, the wounded healer, a couple of hours later in Pisces. The north node is associated with soul growth and our life lessons, but it is not simply a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ aspect. Due to the nodal association with karma, it is more accurate to consider any contacts with the nodes to be fated. With Mercury in the final degrees of Taurus, their may be a palpable sense of culmination (perhaps even dread) that we can collectively feel due to Chiron in Pisces elucidating our collective wounds. If you’ve been feeling generally down for the last couple of days/weeks/months use this week as an excuse to gently turn inward and give your spirit a break from the noise. If the news continues to sadden and depress you, give yourself permission to rest.


Later this week on Friday, Jupiter will station direct after being retrograde for the last four months, so if there’s any more abundance you need to cultivate within yourself, any more generosity and warmth you can offer your spirit, use the top of this week of focus on that instead of all the static. remember that when the outer planets go retrograde we have an opportunity to do some serious inner excavation and cultivation. Jupiter retrograde is a chance to manifest luck and beneficence from within yourself instead of feeling entitled to it from the world. Retrograde Jupiter is a well-timed reminder that you are abundant and you are enough.


If you do stay stuck in the news cycles this week, don’t be surprised if politics gets (even more) bombastic and tone deaf. Don’t be surprised if world leaders get extremely reactive to perceived ‘threats’ and do a terrible job of being diplomats. Don’t be surprised if big egos and bad leaders continue to dominate our newsfeeds. With Mercury’s potent aspects on monday, communication, news, media, and our inner dialogues may seem way off track.


Reminder to focus on what you can control (you!).
Reminder to continue getting resilient.
Reminder to come up with a safety plan for worst case scenarios on the world stage.


On Tuesday, the higher vibration of Mercury, Uranus, is also in the picture and slightly less bitter. Remember any association with the nodes is still fated, but, with a trine to the north node, shocking news may come to light that helps dismantle some outdated systems of oppression. Then again, with Uranus, the blessing may seem like a curse.


Reminder to continue getting resilient.

Now for the sweet!


Mercury and Venus have both shaken off their retrograde shadows and are returning to their brilliance after an extended stay in Aries and Taurus. Not only are they twirling (yes, this is a #RHOA reference!) off any retrograde sluggishness they also return to their homes and thus, their power. Venus moves to Taurus and Mercury to Gemini on Wednesday and they are ready to be the best expression of themselves.


Venus in Taurus is sensuous and glowing, comfortable and deeply comforting, and a position that reminds us to take in the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Venus in Taurus reminds us that sometimes slower is better (and often wetter). The passion of Venus in Aries is certainly still here, but the focus turns to creating long term harmony in our relations with others. If your relationships have been a little more lit than you like, use this time to ground and relish in the comfort of connection over conflict.


Mercury in Gemini is here for your Gemini New Moon intentions. Anything that has to do with networking, connecting, mingling, and conversating is glowingly looked upon by the universe right now.


The bitter/sweet—Friday opens with a full moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is a joy-filled, generous, and abundant sign with a penchant for exaggeration and overindulgence. It is a sign that prepares us to step into our wiseness by reminding us to cultivate our wildness. Sagittarius is the teacher in us all that wants to exchange knowledge with others and co-create philosophies that serve our best selves and call us to heal the world. Sagittarius is coming to the truth because we have experienced and shed all falsehoods.


Sagittarius is extremely playful, but does not play when it comes to getting real and getting to the truth of our spirits.


Every full moon is a time to pause and take stock of the past six months when there was a New Moon in the same sign, with a full moon in Sagittarius consider the following:


Where are you at in your growth-journey?
How have you cultivated your inner wilderness?
What wiseness are you ready to step into next?
Where are you feeling more trapped than you should?
Where do you need more joy and abundance in your life?
What philosophies and world views have been honoring your spirit these past few months?


This full moon is even more potent as Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter stations direct after being retrograde for four months. That means any shedding, releasing, and/or reorienting you do this full moon will have extra potency and power. And with a conjunction to serious Saturn a couple of hours later, this may be a moon with long lasting impact. Use it wisely.


Use it to put an end to dynamics that are not in service of your freedom.


When Jupiter stations direct we can expect all the inner bounty and beneficence we’ve been cultivating to attract the external abundance we yearn for. But there is a catch. Jupiter stations direct conjunct fixed star Algorab at 13 degrees Libra. Algorab, in the crow constellation, is a star associated with deviousness, misfortune, jealously, and pettiness.


So, prepare for an abundance of petty. Prepare for an abundance of your pettiness.


Fortunately the pettiness will come to a coda when Jupiter leaves its shadow on September 9th, and by then, we’ll all be feeling extremely lucky.


Re: horoscopes—take what works, leave what doesn’t. Make sure to read your rising and sun sign!



Take stock of the adventures you have been on the last six months. Take stock of the ways you have asked your spirit to expand into its wisest self and how it has showed up for you. Yes, there is always more growth and the next thing to accomplish, but before you rush into the future, pause in the present and show some gratitude to those parts of you that have stretched with you through the good and bad. This full moon may feel more heavy than joyous with Saturn conjoining the moon on the same day, but remember that Sagittarius prepares you for the true wisdom embodied by Saturn so that you can continue to grow into the person you most yearn to be.


Jupiter stations direct and your intimate partnerships and relationships may experience more rockiness than you like. But if you’ve attracted the right people into your life you’ll see that when you show up for their needs, your needs are met too. You’ll see that you can gather more bounty when you are on a team rather than being alone. If you’ve got the right intimate relationships in your life, stay the course, roll with the punches, and trust the abundance to flow in once jupiter leaves it shadow on september 9th.





Use this full moon to evaluate the steps you’ve taken to cultivate your resilience. Resilience is more than survival, resilience is securing yourself to thrive in the long-term. Let the full moon cue you into where your resilience is lacking and what threatens your security. Let the full moon shine a light on debts that keep you from being truly free, obligations that weigh too heavily on you, partnerships that drain you, and the erotic urges you deserve to explore. This moon is a particularly sobering one, and the light may be a bit too harsh. Choose not to turn away from what comes up for you this week, instead put your incredible perseverance to use manifesting your land of milk and honey even if you must build from scratch.


Any health and mental health concerns that have been on your plate may stubbornly hold on to you over the next couple of months. However, if you can continue advocating for the wellness you deserve, expect some shifts regarding your health when Jupiter leaves its shadow September 9th. Jupiter’s station may also turn up your inner critic and nag, don’t feed these parts of you unless they are in your service.





Pause to evaluate the ways you’ve cultivated freedom and non-judgement in your intimate relationships this week. With this full moon illuminating the part of your chart dealing with your serious romantic relations, this is a wonderful time to celebrate the growth you’ve done with another. This is a wonderful time to pause and remind yourself of the parts of you that must remain free no matter who you share a bed/home/fluids/energy with. As the good, bad, and in between come to light, hold yourself accountable to the ways you have been blocking expansion in your relationships because of your own fears and limitations.
Get real with yourself about oppressive relationship dynamics that do not serve your highest and wisest self. Get real about relationship dynamics that aren’t actually in service of your expansion, and are simply ways to feel more secure and more in control of another person. Call yourself on your bullshit this full moon, and if you need to, call out the bullshit in your relationship that just needs to go.


With a conjunction to Saturn you may find the b.s. leaves for good.


As Jupiter stations direct this week, continue pouring energy into your most creative self. What you’ve been yearning for may not come yet, but trust that Jupiter is going to show up for you in a big way creatively later this year.





Your wellness is pivotal to your ability to feel free in this lifetime. How’s that been going? Pause this week to celebrate the strides you’ve made to get serious about cultivating quiet and safety from the inside out. Celebrate any and all boundaries you’ve been able to create and hold so that your center remains strong and your heart tender. It is not easy to advocate for yourself. It is not easy to heal your spirit so that it can expand into its fullest self. This moon commune with your spirit and listen to what more it needs of you. Hear it when it asks you to let things/persons/situations go that are only weighing you down and keeping you uneasy. Leave something behind this full moon. Drop something that is simply no longer yours to hold.


It may take some time, but the more spirit cleansing you are able to accomplish this full moon, the more room there will be for Jupiter’s blessings to pour into your life in support of your comfort and stability.





Your creative force is one to be reckoned with and taken seriously, dear Leo. The shine and attention being heaped upon you and your creative projects is well deserved and well earned. Pause to let that sink in this week. As you continue to step into your power and glow even brighter, listen for clues this week about how you can get even more free when it comes to your creations. What you bring into the world deserves to live and breathe to the best of its ability, gently release insecurities that suffocate your work before it has the chance to thrive.


If there have been any creative failures in the last six months that have been rubbing you the wrong way, use the energy of giant Jupiter to remind you that you are bigger than all that. If there’s been a romance (or two, or three) you’ve been involved in, use this full moon to take a sober look at whether or not the person who has your attention will be able to hold space for your expansion and growth.


As Jupiter goes direct this week keep working your connections, keep communicating, keep leaning into the power of media to bring your work to an ever expanding group of people. Then relax and allow the blessings to come.





It may not be an obligation, but it is certainly an honor to manifest the life of your ancestor’s dreams. And how is it we honor our ancestors? We try our damnedest to walk in our truths and expand in ways they may not have been able to. We find freedoms they could not have experienced during their lifetimes. We choose to inch closer and closer to our most divine selves, because we know deeply, that we are meant to live the best lives we can manifest on this earthly plane.


So check yourself, are you on track?
Where do you need to be a bit more brave and way more bold?


It is not easy being free and it is not a gift that gets handed to you. Pause and show gratitude not only to your ancestors, but also to yourself for the labor you do on behalf of your freedom. Pause so that you can build the power you need to continue advocating for your freest, wildest, and wisest self.


Jupiter has been bringing you confidence and inner security since October of last year, but there’s work involved. Don’t get distracted with other people’s accomplishments when you have your own hustle to attend to. Focus and watch as your hard work begins to pay off when Jupiter leaves its retrograde shadow in September.





Reflect on the information you’ve gathered and sifted through over the last six months. What knowledge is in service of your growth and which is better off left behind? It is easy to get lost in a whirlwind of perspectives, ideas, and opinions but you can choose which information you prioritize. Sure you might miss some ‘learning moments’ but trust that you are unfolding at exactly the rate you are supposed to. Trust that the information you come across is entering your life for a reason.


This moon may feel overwhelming, there is simply so much to process, so many conversations to have, so much so much so much.

It’s okay.


Feel your feelings and remind yourself that you will get to all the conversations you need to have and you will have the opportunity to clean up any messes you have created.


Instead, use this full moon to simply release. Release any words, letters, communications that keep you feeling small and unheard. Release negative thoughts that keep you unfree and offstep.


Release release release, because when Jupiter leaves it’s shadow in September, you’ll likely need all the room you can get to accept its blessings into your life.




The fucked up thing about capitalism is that it is so good at getting us to trade our life force and vitality in exchange for the illusion of security. However, the feeling of security you seek does not exist within material objects.


If I could only get that house, if I could only get that degree, if I could only get that award, if I could only…
Don’t be in anyone else’s rat race, dear Scorpio. and don’t be fooled.


This full moon could easily become a pity party for you to whine about all the things you don’t have and how not having those things is keeping you from being truly happy. Here’s an alternative, if you like: use this full moon to reflect deeply on where in your life you’ve placed more hope and trust in yearning for an external object than in building trust and hope in yourself.


Use this full moon to remind yourself that you are actually enough and that you have all the tools you need to manifest the resources you need to thrive. Shed anything, and I mean anything that undermines that truth.


Yearning and hoping and wanting and wanting is not thriving, but trusting that the universe will give you the abundance you need? That’s definitely a start. As Jupiter stations direct, it is preparing you for serious luck and abundance. But you’ve got some shit to work through first. Don’t stop doing the psychic clearing and cleansing, don’t stop processing the trauma and getting to know your soul intimately. It may not seem like you’re getting anywhere, but trust. Trust that the universe is fully and deeply about you.





Is it fair to say you’ve been going through it, dear Sagittarius?


If this full moon all you want to do is wail at the universe for being so tough and so unclear and so ugh, please do so. Feel your feelings, and release whatever is keeping you from taking a deep breath. If you need to turn a bit inward and prioritize your alone time, trust that your people will still be there when you are ready to hold space for them again (and if they are not, good riddance!).


Whether these last couple of months have been joyous or terrible or somewhere in-between, expanding is hard work and it can be downright excruciating. It’s okay to let yourself feel as tired as you probably are.

If these last few months have been difficult, use this New Moon to decide how you want to feel moving forward. If you want to feel centered, joyful, and stable you’re going to need to shift some things around in your life so that you can allow that to happen. You’re going to have to get serious about your joy and get disciplined about attaining it. You’re going to have to call it in.


You got this.





You are unbelievably talented at manifesting all that you desire through sheer will and determination dear capricorn. Your ambition is unparalleled and your ability to make shit happen is simply divine.


How are you doing underneath the glow of your achievements?

What’s the state of your spirit? What’s the state of your mind?


No matter what dream gets you up in the morning, pause this full moon to check in with your psyche. Reflect on the ways you’ve healed your traumas over the last six months and acknowledge the trauma that still remains poignant for you.


release the wounds that are no longer serving you, speak the words you need, and get the closure you deserve so you can move on with getting free.


And that dream of yours? Keep up the hustle and keep up the grind, Jupiter is so here for your ambition I almost can’t believe it! Your hard work will begin paying off for you in a big way later this year.





If there are any people or friends in your life who are keeping you stuck in old stuff you are ready to expand past, now is the time to gently release them from your life. Not everyone is going to be able to hold space for your expansion and growth, so it’s up to you to decide who will get your energy, time, attention, love, and devotion and who may simply not be worthy.


Of course they are worthy of love, but maybe that doesn’t need to come from you.


Reflect also on the ways your community has shifted over the last few months, reflect on the ways your ideas about connection have changed over the last few months. As the full moon brings to light community dynamics that may leave you feeling a bit disappointed, continue working to become the kind of friend you most yearn for in the world.


Continue taking deliberate steps toward your own growth and expansion and watch as the right people begin to come into your life more and more.





There is a major focus on your career and job and certain dynamics in your professional life may come to light this week. As you get serious about your profession, make sure it isn’t draining your spirit and chaining you to power dynamics that do not serve you. How can you interact with your work in a way that leaves your spirit intact and allows you to continue your soul work and expansion?


Use this full moon to release any work dynamics or habits that keep you from feeling fully secure at work. This moon is wonderful for turning a discerning eye on yourself so you can refine your work flow and stay on top of your shit. The more you are able to be of value in your workplace the more security you can gather around you.


If your work environment is hostile, this full moon may be the push you need to start creating an exit plan. Security is seductive, but don’t let your spirit take a hit if you can avoid it. Of course, we can’t all avoid shitty jobs, it is a real privilege to find a job that actually values your labor and pays you the right wage for it. If you’ve got this kind of job, pause to be grateful, you have a rare and much sought after situation.

- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here. Follow on Facebook here


Naimonu James: I am trying to build my network so I can connect with more people, please take a second to click here and subscribe to my mailing list. Thank you!

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