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Horosocopes for Week of June 19th

This week we bloom in the abundant daylight of summer solstice. We attune to Mother Nature and her bounty and unite, even if for a moment, with vibrations that call us to shine and be free. It is in Cancer’s amniotic waters that we find the divine power to (re)birth ourselves into the primal perfection that runs deep within us, that perfection we cannot shake even if we try. It is in the sun’s vibrant light we fully let go of winter and step into our most radiant selves.


As Neptune retrograde pulls us deep and Cancer encloses the sun in their waters, we soften some of the harshness we have learned to treat ourselves and others with. Jupiter in Libra also reminds us to receive as much sweet as we give and to be our own BFFs. Use this summer to truly release the patterns that keep you scared and scarce, use this summer, use this week to be undeniably awoken to the reality that nature, even after being beat down, messed with, and terrorized for so long, is still fly as fuck. even after the bullshit, she shines.


With all that solstice sun, risk of overheating runs high. Stay cool and stay hydrated, especially if your anger is threatening to boil over. This is a time of heightened social interactions, and Cancer, has a strange penchant for getting (read: creating) emotional drama that can have us all flustered and moody.


HINT: choose Cancer’s amniotic waters over their violent swells.


Beware moodiness or temperamental behavior with unstable Mercury in unsteady Cancer. You may feel one way next minute and completely different the next, if the idea of being washed over with emotions does not sound like fun to you make sure to build some more grounding and energetic cleansing into your practices over the next month.


Just two days after the solstice, the new moon falls in Cancer. We continue to call in softness and radical emotional labor. We continue to become the fierce lovers we need and to see our emotions with clarity and affection. We fearlessly connect with loved ones, friends, and (chosen) family and we work tirelessly toward tenderness.


The week closes with a gorgeous Pluto in Capricorn trine Venus in Taurus aspect that continues reminding us to stay woke to the power of nature. We have the opportunity to get real about the relationships we seek and to call them in without hesitation. We have the chance to grow with ourselves and with others who are like-minded and dedicated to the same divine work we are.


What a week.


Blessings for your day of outrageous light and your night of cooling darkness.


Re: horoscopes—take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to read your rising and sun sign.




Before the sun leaves Gemini on Tuesday, it squares Chiron and seems to be asking you to work through a misunderstanding involving your words. Get on with it so you are not carrying excess weight when the sun moves into to ultra-sensitive Cancer. With Mercury in trine to the north node in Leo, heart-centered and warm communication will be available to everyone today, so if you said some things that were just too blunt, take some time to rectify it at the start of the week. On Tuesday when the sun moves into Cancer, the dial gets turned up on your basic needs for survival and sense of value. If you are not making enough to live the life you desire, you may grapple with a feeling of unease or worry that you cannot quite put your finger on. If anxiety strikes, get quiet and ground. Lean into any faith you have that the universe is and will provide for you and yours. Your mind may often wander to fantasy homespaces, but make sure you can return to your present so you can get to work making that future dream come true.


While your homespace is on your mind, do not forget to continue cultivating your inner home. We all deserve to have an oasis we can return to, even if it must exist inside of us. Use this time to feed your spirit and take care of your needs first.


Friday’s new moon continues to speak to your desire to manifest a home space that feels good to you, set intentions around getting more solid and more stable and becoming a better provider for you and yours. Set the intention to find or create the work situation that is going to allow you to attain the comfort you desire. Stay open to exploring or even traveling to learn about new lines of work that may interest you.


Your ruling planet Mars squares Jupiter on Sunday and can have you frustrated or even angry at partners and lovers who seem not to get the gold you are trying to mine right now. Instead of flying off the handle, what might another response look like? Perhaps one that keeps the home space an oasis instead of a war zone?




If the last couple of weeks have got you feeling a little flustered and burned out, take time to get your bearings and come back to yourself this week. If you got caught up doing labor and holding space for folks but are simply tired, name it. It is okay to take a step back. It is okay to hold some space for yourself, and sometimes that means you have to say “no.”


Listen well this week, there is a lot of information coming your way regarding the groups, organizations, and social groups you exist in. As you receive it, ask yourself whether you are getting what you need from your work and daily life. Ask if you have enough space to take care of your mind and body with the demands your organizations make of you. Is there equity and balance in these relationships? Listen closely just in case answers come, they will guide you as to what your next steps are.


You have increased mental vitality and focus when it comes to advocating for your coin this week, but may come to some surprising and even painful realizations regarding who actually shows up for you when you say, “hey, this is what i need.”


On this Friday’s full moon set the intention to listen and absorb the information you need to hear this month regarding your comfort, security, family, children, and household. Set the intention to hear the difference between what is truth and what is delusion. Commit to following your gut—if you feel it, it may very well be so.




Kindly ask yourself to get out of your own way this week when it comes to your work and career dear Gemini. Yes, there remains much to figure out, but how can you resist getting stuck in uncertainty that only serves to drain and discourage you? As your workflow gains clarity over the next couple of months, how can you stay grounded and sane in the meantime? You have extra vibrance when it comes to securing what you need, and with the new moon occurring in your second house, set the intention to manifest the resources you need in order to live a peaceful and comfortable life.


If you are stressing about money and job stuff, remember that connecting deeply with others can be healing in the face of our material requirements. Lean into your partnerships this week and allow them to hold you in all the ways money and material objects cannot. Continue expanding your love relationships so that all the folks involved with you have the space they need (and give you the space you need) to be free.


Beware agreeing to projects that are financially shady, it seems you will have to choose between financial security and the creative life you want to lead. Again, find ways to ground when career stuff has you flustered and these crossroads should be less daunting.




Expansion is often quite painful. Yes, you are stretching in the ways you need, but you may feel it viscerally dear Cancer. As you come into more knowledge and learn new things, take time to rest when the stretch gets a bit too intense. Take all the pauses you need. If there are communities, groups, and/or organizations you are investing in right now, enjoy the divinity of showing up, and ensure there is equal give and take. You deserve to feel held as much as you hold.


Work stuff can still get you feeling moody and out of sorts as you try to figure out if it is the right fit, try not to let the uncertainty turn into anxiety, or perhaps worse, lashing out. No matter what bullshit gets thrown your way at work, how can you make sure your feathers never get (too) ruffled and you keep your cool?


The sun moves into your sign on Tuesday and the cosmic spotlight is on you! This is the time to allow your loved ones and friends to show up for you the way you constantly show up for them. Let them love you! And as Mercury joins the sun in your sign, shake of any cobwebs or bad vibes that have been weighing you down and sparkle. Step boldly toward your best self.


On Friday, set the intention to manifest what you desire. What do you need? What is next for you? Especially because this is your birth month, try to pause and get clear with yourself about what you truly are trying to manifest for the next year. Then get started making it so.


As you continue your exploration, how can you find comfort in your communities? And how can you continue honoring your deepest needs in your most intimate relationships? Pluto is asking you to get very, very real when it comes to your romantic life. Pluto is asking you to make certain your relationships have room for your growth.


Note where you feel magnificent, sparkly, and big this week and note where you feel insecure and small. Remember you have a choice as to where and who you put your energy toward (i would go toward what and who has you feeling cute).




You move fast and dispense a lot of energy, time to reset and slow down so you can prepare for your birthday.


Before you turn inward and take many naps, one thing—if you have behaved in a petty or gossip-y way that has been hurtful, harmful, or divisive, fix it. I am not saying you are petty, I am saying that if by small chance there is an apology that is owed to another, get it out of the way. If you are owed an apology, get it and put the bullshit to bed so you can get into that bed and nap like you deserve.


Use the new moon in Cancer to set the intention to rest better than you usually do. There is always going to be the text, invitation, event, etc. but how do you set yourself up to recuperate? If there is any baggage that is weighing on you from the last year, this new moon is a good time to address it so that you step into your next solar year as free as possible. Use this new moon to set yourself up for a fresh start.


In support of your new moon intentions, how can you align your daily needs and desires to explore creatively with your day job? You have a lot of support in crafting the work day you need if you can be strategic about how you ask. Slowing down a bit in work may be a source of stress, but I invite you to think about how to sustain yourself for the long haul. If you are going to rest, rest. You have every right to slow down and reorient.




Heavy focus on your career, especially over the past month, may have brought up unexpected issues and tensions in your intimate relationships. While the stress may be intense, if you can work with it, there is the opportunity for you to continue growing into the kind of partner you most wish to be. Your relationships can be in service of your growth if you allow them to be.


Tension with your boo(s) seems to be a theme this week, but how can you stay grounded regardless of what drama is going on in your personal life? How can you find the balance between staying on your grind and showing up for your lovers? Hard line to toe, but crucial to your sense of balance and peace.


Some of your professional work is getting the appreciation and shine it deserves so celebrate as the good vibes come your way. Allow these vibes to remind you that there are people who are about you, even if you they cannot check in with you and remind you all the time.


Mercury joins the sun in Cancer on wednesday and you have mental clarity and confidence when it comes to deepening the connections you have been making with others. More than acquaintances, how can you find some friends? The new moon in your house of community offers you the opportunity to set intentions around the kind of friends you need to call into you life. Friendships may have been a place of disappointment over the last couple weeks or months, but you have an opportunity to find and build with the folks you need. Have faith.


Your creative projects continue to get more real and more legitimate, especially as you continue to explore and grow into them. Do not hesitate to pursue higher education if it is time to go deeper with your current projects. You have a real opportunity to go deep with a creative pursuit that may have seemed like a hobby once but is quickly becoming (or yearning to be) your main hustle.




Dear Libra, how can you be a better friend to yourself this week? As you expand, can you remember to commune with your realest self so you can be well in mind, body, and spirit? As you enjoy the company of others remember that you must still show up for yourself at the end of the day.


Your wellness remains crucial even as the sun begins to light up your house of career and status. Let your ambitions guide you, but stay anchored in yourself. This Friday’s new moon in Cancer offers you the opportunity to call in the career you most yearn for, or at least to pour energy into the career you are in for now. Find daily work that allows you to grow toward yourself. Interact with those whose ways of thinking and living you admire and devote your time to cultivating equitable relationships with them. Devote your time to cultivating a work life that leaves you enough time to fulfill your non-work related desires and impulses.


Pleasant vibrations surround the new people in your life and the relationships you are developing with them. Stay open to what bytes of information they offer you that may allow you to deepen your understanding of home and of your early childhood. Your adventuring is truly offering you pearls of wisdom to sit with and learn from. Enjoy!




You are expanding immensely right now. It may be unclear why or even how, but trust that the work you are doing with your spirit will allow you to make more space for lucky jupiter’s blessings when it enters your first house in november of this year. Keep staying open to information that cues your next creative and professional projects. Stay open to learning about your dream job, so that when you are ready to name it and step boldly toward it you have done your research.


If you find yourself in a relationship you know or can feel is helping you grow into the kind of person you wish to be, but you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what is happening, release the need to figure it out or get to the bottom of it. Instead enjoy the company of a person who challenges you deeply and continue to be a good partner/lover/friend to them. Stay open to co-adventures with a person you would like to merge with either professionally, spiritually, sexually, or romantically. Co-scheming can be excellent foreplay.


This is a time of vibrance and expansion dear Scorpio, own it! Choose excitement over anxiety and restlessness.


On Friday’s new moon set the intention to truly adventure toward your dream job. Name the risks, assess the rewards, certainly, but at the end of the day, follow your gut, it is an excellent guide. Perhaps, choose one risk you are ready to take and this new moon make a plan to take it. You have big things coming.




Intimate and love relationships are a source of growth, expansion, and freedom right now. Though they may still be challenging to navigate, they may also feel like freedom from some of your heaviness. Home and household shit (including where you live, how you live, plans to have children, and early childhood) may still be a source of tension and stress (and may be a source of tension with your lovers). Be gentle and patient with yourself here, while home stuff may feel intensely urgent, sometimes it takes time to figure things out. Also, is the stress even helpful? Ease up here.


You have the option this week to pull yourself together and get the shit that has been stressing you out of the way. You deserve some peace of mind, even if there is a lot of work that has to be done in order to get that peace.


Ease up and remain open to your brilliance regardless of what is weighing on you. You have an incredible ability to see underneath the dynamics and information you are getting which means you can create magic if you allow yourself to. You have an ability to get real and get deep with the people in your life you have committed to, do not forget that talent!


Last thing, remember to stay soft with your friends.




Ambition and career are never far from your mind, dear Capricorn, but even with the tug of success how can you stay present enough with your words to be a tender communicator? How can you communicate better with your lovers? As you process, think about how the ways you were raised impact your current relationships for better or for worse. With the sun’s move to your seventh house of intimate relationships (and business partnerships) you are learning the joy of showing up for another.


This new moon set the intention to be the divine partner you know you can be. Allow your self-analysis to conjure up a divine lover you can partner with. Set the intention to show up for your lovers even when a deadline or other professional obligation looms. Your ability to attract love into your life is heightened now, and if you are able to invest in those who show up for you day in and day out you may find yourself with a most divine partner/lover/friend.


Whatever you do this week, fight your demons so you can be tender. Resist the bullshit power plays and fucked up communication styles in order to get what you want, you can be better than that.




How can you secure yourself financially, mentally, and emotionally so you can grow into the partner and lover you most desire to be?


As the sun lights up your sixth house of service, wellness, and daily routines, stay gentle with yourself and your process. Stay gentle with your mind and body. New friends and lovers may be coming into your life and boosting your confidence, but do not let them distract you from the real work the universe is calling you to do around cultivating an unshakable confidence regardless of what your external relationships and job situations look like.


Use Friday’s new moon in Cancer to set the intention to be well, whatever that means to you. whatever you need to manifest your wellbeing and comfort? Make it so. Use this new moon to gather the practical tools and methods you need in order to become your own healer. You need to be your loudest cheerleader and supporter, dear Aquarius. Do not let yourself down.


Your efforts to get secure and comfortable get major support from Pluto this week in perhaps unexpected ways, keep exploring the communities you are currently moving through and continue to interrogate your place in them. Stay motivated to sort through your shit and heal this month, your best self deserves it.




Continue absorbing information about how you best rest and recharge from this strange world, dear Pisces. While the rest you need may put you in tension with partners and those you are obligated to, you deserve to take the time you need to sort it out.

Securing your home and family is important to you right now, but obligations to maintaining your material comfort and stability may be getting in the way of the dream visioning you need to do. You know, trying to get free but still having to pay the bills. Luckily with the sun’s move to your fifth house of romance, lovers, creative projects, and children you may find peace within the glowing relationships you have cultivated.


Use this Friday’s new moon in Cancer to bring tenderness into your interpersonal dynamics, whether that be with your children, lovers, or close friends. If you have a creative project that has got your attention, be tender with it, allow it to take its time to unfold and be kind to yourself and your process. You are going to make mistakes and that is okay. Be tender.


You are deeply motivated by romance, children, and/ or creative projects right now, and trying to figure out how they fit within your larger schemes and dreams. Do not get discouraged if your obligations begin to feel too burdensome, the feeling will pass.


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here. Follow on Facebook here


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