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Horoscopes for Week of May 8th

This week reminds us to take our cues from mother nature and bloom. Yes, there’s sooooo much to do /learn/unlearn/process etc. and, sometimes, we just need to let loose and have a laugh. 
Can you find the balance between ‘doing the work’ and finding something to celebrate everyday? The world may feel like it’s falling apart, but what still gets you excited? What allows you to breathe a sigh of relief?
Sun bathe and be merry. The work you need to do will get done when it is supposed to.



I created this mantra the day after the (US) election and it continues to offer me solace and hope by allowing me to defer to a higher power when it comes to my life. It reminds me not to get bogged down with things I can’t control and to accept the way my life is unfolding. Feel free to use it as you need —
There is a divine plan,
and it is unfolding as it should.
I trust.
I trust. 
[insert what you need to trust this week]
repeat as needed

Fun and laughter aside, this week is anchored by a potent full moon that injects some seriousness into our flow. Each of us will have issues to hash out, words to clarify, and boundaries to (re)set. Your horoscopes are tailored to this moon and some of what it may bring up for you.


Astro run down (skip if aspects are dizzying to you, horoscopes are below!)
On Tuesday, the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn and the transiting north node enters Leo. This aspect is a grounding, yet motivating influence. We are able to get what we need to get things done with clarity, precision, and accuracy thanks to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto went retrograde on April 20, so we may also be doing some serious internal excavation. Don’t get too caught up dancing with your demons though, they’ll leave when they are ready.


As the transiting north node enters Leo, a spark re-enters everyone’s eye. Leo is a sign of warmth, vitality, joy, and ego. While we may go a bit too far with self-aggrandizement, transiting north node in Leo is asking us to revisit our most creative selves and our most joyful selves as the summer unwinds.

This Wednesday’s full moon in Scorpio is potent. it calls us to acknowledge what boundaries we need in order to maintain inner balance and it reminds us to model respect and consent in our most intimate relationships. Wednesday’s moon can easily have us feeling adrift and unmoored if we allow it, thanks to a trine to Neptune in Pisces, but it is also the opportunity to understand and evaluate the ways we deal with insecurity and power in our lives and especially in our relationships.



We leave the full moon with Mars in Gemini square, Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday. Mars square Neptune can be a challenging square since our daydreams may feel very removed from what we are actually able to do, but luckily with Mercury trine Satrurn the same day we’re able to have a more realistic, grounded approach to what needs to get done.

Mars is still in play on Friday, with a trine to Jupiter in Libra. This is a brilliant aspect and a lot of fun. It feels like a beach day, or a playtime with friends. It’s a light aspect and might be just what we need to let go of some of the weight of Wednesday’s full moon.
The week ends with Mercury receiving one last wink with a trine to transiting north node in Leo. We feel energized and bubbly and we’re likely to be busy with our own projects and the things that interest us. Beware bombastic speech! Always stay gracious.
Re: Horoscopes, take what works and leave what doesn’t.


There's more to your chart than your Sun sign, actually, we each have a chart the reflects the moment we took our first breath. If you're curious about your own chart, and ready to learn more about yourself consider getting a chart reading with me!




The soul work you’ve been putting into your work (paid, legal, or otherwise) is finally paying off. Finally. Maybe that means some cultural shifts are beginning to take root at work, or maybe it means you’ve decided to move on to greener pastures. Regardless, take a moment this week to pat yourself on the back for staying committed to what you knew your job needed and for having the strength the see it thorough. If you decided to cut your losses and move on, still give yourself a pat on the back. Both decisions take a lot of courage and self-respect.
Allow this small victory to begin (re)building your faith in yourself. Yes, you still have lots of work to do, lots of boundaries to set (particularly with your work place) but take a moment this full moon to acknowledge that you are on track.
Other people may not be able to see it or acknowledge it, but in the end that should matter less than the reality, which is—you’re doing the work!

If the work seems daunting, overwhelming, or challenging, consider getting support. You may need to gather people around you who can really go deep with you and hold you down when you feel like giving up.




Your thirst for knowledge is strong and your desire to add more skills to your tool box is even stronger right now, Taurus. Are there any friends or community members distracting you from the expansion you are trying to do? Anyone judging you for the time you want to take to focus on your own skills and your own learning? Take a moment this Wednesday’s full moon to make choices about how you will and will not allow your friends and your community to cull your curiosity.

Don’t let your fear of their judgement stop you from freeing yourself up to explore all that you desire. It is your time to step up for your most unique and unheard self. That part of you is ready to be free.


A tip: A key to feeling good this week is getting through your to do lists, running your errands, and taking some time to do activities and rituals that help you feel grounded.



Your career path has had many forks, Gemini, and this week you might get some clarity about which direction to turn. Trust that the more you learn to work with your demons, the more honest you can be with yourself and others about what your dream job is. Take a moment to speak your wildest dreams this week, there is a power to naming what we desire.

No need to share if you’re not ready, just take some time to really let yourself dream.


On the other hand, what’s your current job situation like? Who’s your friend and who should you be cautious around? It easy for you to make friends, but careful who you share yourself with, you may end up feeling betrayed and exploited.


Keep your guard up, but don’t let your insecurities speak for you. Come up with ways to communicate with those you don’t trust (at work) so that you can gracefully navigate your workplace(s).


Remember that your paid work and your money are intimately tied so move smart, and think gradual over immediate.




You are taking a serious look at your partners and partnerships right now. And you may be beginning to realize that what you’ve accepted in the past, you can’t accept any longer. Trust yourself, you may not be able to speak it, but you know what you need. Cherish your intuition this week (and always) and it will give you more comfort than you could’ve dreamed of.

You are expanding, learning new things, and yearning for new horizons—can your relationships make room for all your dreams? What do you need to change about the structure of your relationships in order to live a more fulfilled life?


What do you need to let go of?


What control do you need to relinquish?


Where do you need to give a few less fucks?

It’s all a balance. Spend this full moon thinking about your rules of romantic engagement with an eye toward ensuring your partners can make room for your expansion(s).




You are radically rethinking what self-care, daily rituals, and routines look like in your life. It can be difficult to actually focus on what care you need in order to accomplish all that you do, especially if you’re having trouble maintaining a reliable, steady source of income. Yes, make sure you’re making your money and paying your debts. And, remember that the body you have, you have for the rest of your life. Take care of it, cherish it, and honor it.

If your relationship with your body is challenging, it can feel overwhelming to figure out the work you need to do to heal those traumas. Perhaps it’s time to consider getting the support you need to overcome some of the blocks and limitations that come up for you around your body. Maybe therapy, but if that isn’t your flow, how can your community show up for your healing processes right now?


The body and the mind are one, so if you can switch out body for mind and suddenly that last paragraph make sense to you, take note.




What rules can you soften when it comes to your love and business partners? What relationship boundaries are actually limiting your capacity for love? What boundaries do you need in order to feel safe in your relationships? This Wednesday’s full moon calls you to reflect on your love partnerships and the boundaries you set with others. If there is a relationship dynamic you’ve been accepting for too long, now is a good time to name it and deal with it.

You may also be thinking about the rules you need to make sure your creative projects don’t get derailed by relationship dramas. Sometimes focusing on a relationship and resolving whatever issues that come up may soothe you, but where do you draw the line? And how do you protect the creative projects you have developing right now?


These are big questions to think about, so don’t get too caught up if it takes a long time to actually put them into place. Patience is a part of the process too.




Your mind is forcing you to relearn how to work with it, dear libra. Your mind may even be forcing you to acknowledge that how you treat your body directly impacts your sense of balance and peace. Maybe some of the things that used to work for you in order to sate your demons and quiet your worries are no longer working.

It is what it is.


This Wednesday, get comfortable and get as safe as you can so you can start (re)thinking what a healthy body and mind mean to you.


What habits do you need to break?


What habits do you desperately need to build?


Your will to learn new things and expand your spiritual base is heightened right now. Take advantage of this time to call in the spiritual practices that will allow you stability and comfort.



The words you speak are going to stand the test of time, dear scorpio. You are deeply aware of the ways you communicate with the world and how the world receives you. How are you speaking to your lovers though? To the people who lie with you and are intimate with you? To your creative partners? It’s fine that people can see how wise and woke you are through every word you speak, but how are you communicating with the people who need your softness most?

If you’ve been less intentional then you’d like when speaking with your lovers, fix it. Apologize for any harm you’ve created and begin to heal.


Communication is a multi-way street though, isn’t it?


While you’re evaluating your words and reminding yourself to be intentional, who’s tone won’t you take any longer? Who’s basic communication styles can you no longer hold room for? You’re doing the work, don’t be afraid to ask your people to do the work too.




What do you need to feel safe in your home space? Who do you need to tell firmly to never cross your doorstep again? What are some rules around your home and how you like to navigate it that can bend a bit? Without a solid foundation to return to, it can be hard to muster up the confidence you need to go out into the world. Even if your social life is sparkling, you need an oasis to return to. Consider how you can nourish yourself better this full moon. Consider how you can offer your body more of what it needs (and less of what it doesn’t). Partners and friends may be demanding a lot of attention, just make sure you’re crafting, returning to, and/ or honoring the daily rituals that keep you sane and grounded.




Watch your words. The tales you weave, while they may serve you, may be wounding your lovers and friends. People cherish your opinion, don’t take advantage of such an honor. However, there may be people coming into your life who seem not to have your best interest at heart, who seem more willing to suck your power away than empower you. You have every right to be more alert, just make sure you aren’t blocking love from your those who could actually be wonderful for you. Spend time this full moon thinking about your relationships, friends, and lovers. Who do you need to bring a little closer to you? Who do you need to gently release? Both of these questions can have gradual answers, don’t hesitate to break down the steps you’ll take to refine your relational life.




Yes you are important, yes you are brilliant, and yes you are worthy. What attitudes about your self worth are no longer serving you? Be honest and steer clear of overstating your abilities so convincingly you begin to distract yourself from what you truly have to offer. Reflect this week on what you actually bring to the table and what you want to be able to bring to the table. If there’s a gap, what do you need to learn in order to get to where you would like to be?

Find a balance here though. Think deeply about why you want to learn specific skills and remind yourself that you have innate abilities that are worth honoring and celebrating.


People may see you as a creative force and a leader this week and you may be asked to show up for your community in a big way. Do it, of course. And, what’s the boundary between who you are and the the illusions others project on to you?



In what ways must you continue to cherish your softness in this harsh world? Where do you need to take on a little edge, get a little tough, and speak a little louder? This week, take a moment to cherish the people in your life who never take advantage of your softness, cherish the people you rely on to remind you the world isn’t too harsh. If you don’t have enough of these kinds of people in your life, Wednesday’s full moon may help you get clear on how you intend to gather these people around you and how you will release folks from your life who simply aren’t showing up for you the way you deserve.

Your spirt is undergoing a serious expansion, and sometimes the people in your life just can’t keep up. That’s okay. Don’t let anyone block your ability to grow your spirit and step into your power.


Stay grounded and comfortable this week. Lot’s of tea and cuddles, dear Pisces. Keep your surroundings soft and sweet so that you can expand in as safe a space as you can create for yourself.


Don’t give up. We need you more than we will ever admit.


- - - - -

Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here

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