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Horoscopes for Week of May 29th

Are you rooted? Are you grounded? Are you stable? Are you resilient? These are not rhetorical questions. Both Uranus and Saturn are taking us on a wild ride this week, and if you haven’t found ways to stay grounded during this extremely trying time, you may end up with a case of psychic whiplash.


Before you allow anxiety to set in, remember this: Uranus and Saturn are working together and they are teaching us to find balance between immediate change (Uranus) and longterm work (Saturn). Uranus trine Saturn is here for you, but you must do some work to reap the benefits of such a transformative aspect.


As we begin to refine this aspect in our lives, there is a constant trial-and-error that can leave us feeling frustrated. Let your frustration clue you into the parts of your life where you need to build more resilience so you stay centered even on your hardest days.


With Mars and Venus forced to rustle with first Saturn and then Uranus, we are inundated with conflicting messages this week. Mostly along the lines of  “I want/need/desire/demand x NOW” (Uranus) and “this is going to take a long time to unfold” (Saturn). There’s ample opportunity to feel out of sorts and all over the place this week. However, other options include thinking about what you need to feel secure, safe, and stable.


Start growing roots that will ground you no matter what the planets are doing, no matter what external forces are attempting to demolish your sense of safety and well being.


The real gift of astrology is learning so much about the planets that they become your guides, not your rulers. This week is a reminder that if you do not fill your well and take care of your needs, you will be at the mercy of forces that will leave you drained and exhausted. Practice finding your center this week and you will be long on your way to building the resiliency you need to survive this lifetime.


Re: horoscopes—take what works, leave what doesn’t and make sure to look at your rising and sun sign.



In a sea of opinions, newsfeeds, and information it can be easy to feel unmoored and ill-at-ease. On the other hand, you can absorb more information than you thought possible. As you learn new skills, facts, and trivia this week keep an eye out for words that have the power to shift your world view and inner philosophies. Prepare yourself for news and conversations that deeply frustrate you so you can roll with it, dear Aries. Your ability to hear many things and stay on topic is key to your expansion and growth.


If you come across any news that seems to demand a radical change, particulalry around your identity, make sure you are communicating clearly enough with yourself to discern the real deal from fiction.


This week is also an opportunity to continue strategically building the monetary security you need at work so you feel comfortable sharing your talents with your colleagues. Keep shaping your work life to suit your needs so you can create a sustainable, even profitable, relationship to your professional life.



There’s a balance to be struck between your joy and the joy you offer others. No matter what you give, make sure your well is filled and you feel whole. Choose to move in a way that allows your mind to be at ease so you can continue getting more secure with your income and your creative life.


Call on your heightened charisma and vitality to create opportunities to expand and appreciate other world-views and philosophies. Don’t be afraid to think outside your box.


The week ends with serious healing potential for you when it comes to your mergers and partnerships. If you need to get real to move forward and clear the air, do so this week. Don’t let unresolved shit weigh you down.


That said, some relationship dynamics are simply out of your control. How do you stay resilient regardless of whatever threatens to derail your relationship to yourself and others?



As people celebrate you this month, keep your significant others in mind. They usually bear the brunt of your bullshit, so find ways to celebrate them too. If you can honor the requirements of your partnerships, you have the potential to craft relationships that serve your spirit and keep you grounded through turmoil.


While you celebrate, practice staying chill throughout the inevitable drama of connecting friends and community members. no matter what gets said and what gets stirred up, practice staying true to your core.



Where is your psyche at? How are your inner workings working? As you learn what your spirit needs to feel at ease, try not to neglect your earthly requirements. Do not neglect the daily routines and habits you need to stay functioning while you get deep with your spirit.


If you can keep your day-to-day life from getting cluttered you’ll have more space to keep exploring your soul work and working through your trauma. The spirit work you are doing can help you get clear about your work life and whether or not it is serving you in the ways you need.


If you are feeling restless and annoyed with work keep conjuring new ways to gain more and more freedom so you have the space you need to do you. Strategize on wellness and grounding in the work place this week, it will help you begin sorting out the tools you need to stay grounded regardless of what your job throws your way. Lean into your work relationships as a source of learning and growth. If there’s been someone you’ve been wanting to connect with, what’s stopping you?


Interactions with others may also offer you some insight into the kinds of intimate relationship dynamics you want to leave behind or bring into your life this week. Stay open to learning how to love better.



The folks you have gathered around you are worthy of your love, attention, energy, passion, and devotion. so are you.


As you work to make your community stronger and more resilient, honor the work you do to make yourself stronger and more resilient. Your community is a reflection of you, and the more grounded you become the more vibrant and abundant your community will be.


If there’s something about your community that’s been a thorn in your side, what can you change about you to make that better?



Stay. On. Your. Grind. Other people may not understand the obsession, devotion, passion, and energy you are pouring into the craft(s) you are developing right now. Hell, sometimes you may get confused about whether you are doing the right thing for yourself and your family, particularly regarding securing a stable, comfortable home life for you and yours.


But remember, even though Uranus and Saturn will take you through trials and tribulations this week regarding your home, romantic life, monetary security, and career, they are here for you. They are ready for you to manifest your wildest dreams.

During a tarot reading I drew the 8 of stones, this card symbolizes the work many virgos seem to be undertaking right now—long term, arduous, unique, and deeply meaningful. The person stacking the stones on this card is covered in rags (a sign of economic instability while honing this craft) but have faith that there will be a pay off.


If you tend toward obsessive, make sure the people in your life are clear about what it is you’re trying to build so they aren’t feeling neglected by you. And of course, don’t overwork yourself at the risk of your relationships, otherwise who will celebrate with you when you reach your goals?



Expansion is glorious and it is unstable. As you stretch past your comfort zone, what mantras and rituals do you need to stay connected to your core? As you bounce from place to place, what support do you need from your home? What comforts must travel with you no matter where you go? If you can continue to nourish your spiritual and physical homes they will support you through anything you come across.


This week, there is continued motivation and passion around your own expansion and growth. There is a journey you are embarking on and it’s all about you. However, conversations and interactions with friends around these expansions may feel strained and more stressful than they need to be. Frustration abounds here, so much so you may want to just roll out without a good bye, or create distance for the sake of some peace. Think carefully though, as you expand, you will need people around you to support you. Don’t burn any bridges you may need to cross later on.


As your romantic life undergoes dramatic changes, how do you stay true to who you are and what you need? This week you have the opportunity to shape the guidelines of your change—not in a way that limits you, but in a way that keeps the pace vibrant instead of dizzying.


What are your rules of romantic engagement?



Gaining security and economic independence is heavy on your mind this week, but certain insecurities may be keeping you from taking the risks you need to start building the life you truly desire. It remains important that you find a way to fill your creative well while you try to get your money right. Spend time this week evaluating your sources of income and strategize around making sure they add up to the financial security you need.


Your timeline may feel short and your will to grind stronger than usual, but don’t forget your wellness in the meantime. Stick to the routines and rituals that keep you grounded regardless of your money situations and stresses.


Trust your relationships to guide you in the right direction when it comes to the ways you communicate. Take time to figure out what is and is not working when it comes to your communication styles. In a sea of opinions and perspectives, it’s important to create your rules of engagement when it comes to your words. And if you’re in a place to get commitments around co-building security with another, think on the little steps and investments you need to get secure and practice how you talk about finances with them.



How can you get a little less fixated on the negative when it comes to you? The universe will ask you this question again and again, so start thinking on what you can do to get yourself out of places and mind spaces you know do not serve you.


On the other hand, your relationships have a wonderful energy to them this week. Use them to get a bit of relief from your doldrums. Allow romance to sweep you off your feet and give you back some of your sparkle. However,  your work will be here waiting for you when you return from your reveries.


Also, beware dumping your spiritual heaviness onto your romantic lovers and partners. While you’re figuring your shit out, how do you make sure your people aren’t holding more for you than is fair?


You also have support this week in strategizing around the little steps you need to take to get the security you need in your life. You have an opportunity to map out how you will live a life that you most value and cherish, take the opportunity to get specific and discerning in order to get what you need.



Dear capricorn, your spirit is strong and it is not going to let you forget to care for it with love and kindness. Keep working on the rituals, routines, and daily habits that will keep you on track and at peace.


As your home spaces change, can you begin cultivating rituals that you can take with you wherever you lay your head at night? Can you find an inner temple to return to when you need to escape from the world?


Your work continues this week, but you don’t have to go it alone. Spend time with the people who bring you comfort and try to avoid those who have you bothered and flustered.


Your lesson in resilience this week is around your ability to handle any disruption or surprise that happens regarding your home space. Your lesson this week is not to conflate the excitement of love with love that leaves you feeling unsafe and insecure. Learn the difference so you can find peace.



This week offers you an opportunity to experiment with what will keep you grounded in your creative projects. Some days your projects may seem to overflow with potential and good energy, other days they may seem like failure waiting to happen and more work than they are worth. When we put things into the world, we can’t always control how they are received. Learn to get more comfortable with that.


Whether you create for yourself or you create for the benefit of your community, how much will you allow them to guide your creative process? There’s a balance. You can’t shut everyone out or else you’d be making work in a vacuum! However, if you let everyone tell you what they think, you’ll end up insecure and stuck. This goes for social media too: what boundaries do you need to make around your newsfeed? What media will you allow yourself to consume and when? Being intentional about the time and energy you put into social media is key to making sure you have enough energy left over to get to the work you need to get done.


Your relationships are on your mind as well this week, a great conversation may have you feeling some type a way about a cutie or two!


No matter who comes in and out of your life, what standards do you need to set to make sure you’re inviting the right folks into your fold? It can be nice to be swept up and relationships with others are an easy way to get ungrounded. How do you stay solid as romance calls to you?



There’s energy and motivation around your home this week. You have an opportunity to cleanse your space and do some much needed labor in your home. Of course, home can be a physical place, but it can also be your spiritual home and foundation, that oasis you return to when the world is too unkind.


Now is the time to release any clutter that keeps you from feeling safe and secure with yourself. Now is the time to passionately pursue the behaviors, people, and lifestyles that help you feel comfortable in your own presence.


Doing this work won’t always feel easy, especially because we often have to leave our homes to make the money we need to support our households. There is an ask and an opportunity to bring these two poles (work life vs. home life) into more balance so that you aren’t feeling frayed at the edges trying to keep a calm home while trying to make enough coin to support yourself.


If getting your home together feels too daunting, break it down into little steps so that you can tackle them one at a time. Experiment with crafting rituals and routines that help your home space steer clear of any outside mess. Craft mantras and sayings that remind you that you are safe, secure, valid, whole, and worthy of love.


Your resilience this week revolves around your ability to stay grounded while your home and your sense of security (monetary, emotional, or otherwise) deal with threats and changes due to external forces.

- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here. Follow on Facebook here


Naimonu James needs your help with their New Moon intention! i am trying to build my network so i can connect with more people, please take a second to click here and subscribe to my mailing list. thank you!

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