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Horoscopes for Week of May 22nd

This week is rather gentle astrologically speaking, thank goodness. All the action happens on this Thursday (5.25) with the New Moon in Gemini and Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Any New Moon is a time to set intentions, get back on track, and check-in. New Moons are also a time for beginnings and renewals. If there is something you are trying to call into your life, the day of the New Moon is when is when it is most auspicious to do so.


People underestimate the power of Gemini. Often misunderstood as a fluffy, gossipy sign, we can learn serious lessons from the Gemini’s in our life. We can learn how to change. No sign is better at conjuring up new identities, ideologies, philosophies, and perspectives like Gemini.


This new moon in Gemini, what part of you is begging to be made anew? Begging for more air to breathe and more space to be? The gift of a Gemini New Moon is heightened capacity for change — what seems stuck in stone can shift if we allow it.


On the same day, we have Venus in Aries square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and the potential for power struggles abound. Both cardinal signs, Capricorn and Aries aim for the same thing — to express themselves freely without resistance. However their methods are radically divergent.


With a square between these two it is a question of urgency (Venus in Aries) and skillful strategy (Pluto in Capricorn) to get what we want. We want it now, but can we be smart about getting it? Can we accept that we live within a cultural context that requires us to follow certain norms and rules if we are to attain freedom? With Pluto in Capricorn, there can be a feeling of being doomed to live out our lives during this extremely trying time, but one thing that capricorn can teach us is to accept the life we have and make the best of it.





This New Moon in Gemini, set the intention to cultivate communication skills that serve you instead of hinder you. Reflect on what habits of speech you have that do not reflect who you really are, but reflect the environments you move through and the media you consume. Can you tell the difference? When you speak, is it you we are hearing? Or do we hear your co-workers/favorite internet personality/ toxic family members?How can we connect with you if the words you speak are not yours?


Meanwhile, remain thoughtful of how you balance your deepest desires with the weight of your career and professional life. Where does change need to happen a bit faster when it comes to manifesting your dreams, and where do you need more patience?



What are you ready to attract into your life right now? Whether it is resources, income, or simply more confidence, focus on naming the things and people in your life that help you feel more secure and grounded and set the intention to connect to those things and people more.

Hint: if there’s a mantra, quote, or phrase that’s been strengthening you or you’d like to find one, this New Moon is a wonderful time to really own it and speak it. A lot may be fuzzy, or unclear right now but you must press on. Trust your intuition this week, if you can attune to it a path may become clear(er). Whatever comes up for you, remember to makes space for your explorations and your feelings.



How do you want you emotional life to look like moving forward? Who do you want to hold space for and who do you want to hold space for you, dear Gemini? Call it in! It’s been a year since there has been a New Moon in your sign, relish in the extra attention you are getting from the universe and set any intentions that feel real for you.


As you set those intentions keep in mind the need to balance your communities and your partnerships (with another person, passion or project) right now. Make sure you’re considering your friend’s needs and not simply yours. Get lost in the sauce, but come up for air and check-in on your people.



What’s the state of your mind and spirit? What do you need to bring into balance and what destructive habits need to go? Any refusal to hold loving space for your anxieties, insecurities, and neuroses will take a toll on you. If you refuse to speak your hurt and your rage, it will only eat at you, dear cancer.


If you are tired, weary, and exhausted please allow yourself to be tired, weary, and exhausted. If you are tired of being tired, use this New Moon to call in the change you need. Oh and a Gemini New Moon? Feel free to speak some things you’ve been holding on to. Get it off your chest so you can stay centered in your healing processes.


This Thursday you may also feel between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your intimate relationships and your career. At the end of the day, make sure you are getting what you need and that the choices you make serve you. If you can root into your truth this New Moon, you can gather the strength you need to make the choices that feel right to you, no matter how daunting.




Any building you want to do with your community, now is the time to do it. Any networks you want to (re)build, now is the time to call it in. It may leave you feeling a bit vulnerable to reach out, but remember that you channel the sun and your vitality can be extremely healing to others.


You may be yearning for a change, travel, expansion, or higher education at some point this week, but keep in mind that the more attention you are willing to put on the daily rituals you need to stay balanced the more expansion/traveling/adventuring  you will be able to do.




People can see you right now, dear virgo. Your choice whether you step into the shine or turn away from it. However, how long are you going to let your insecurities keep you from crafting the life you desire? How long are you going to choose modesty over putting yourself out there?


Call in the career you want, AND acknowledge that you’re going to have to build your network in order to make it happen. That means grappling with your vulnerability, shyness, and insecurity so you can recognize that the shine is yours if you claim it. Use this New Moon to call in the charisma and bravery you need to promote yourself and to build the connections you need to take your career to the next level.


However, keep in mind that these shifts take time. It’s going to take time for your creative work to take root and be what you want it to be. It’s going to take time for people to really see you as the creative force you are. And the money, no matter how badly you want and need it may also take a long time.


Commit to the long haul this New Moon. Commit to cultivating relationships that will last you as you glow-up.




All the ways you are trying to learn, dream, grow, and wander? Now’s the time to make it happen, now’s the time to take a risk (or two). You’re only as limited as the boundaries you set for yourself, where can you find more flexibility and openness in your life? Call in your next adventure, dear libra.


Something else coming up this week is the need to acknowledge that your love life won’t look the way you want it to unless sort through your ancestral and early childhood traumas. If honoring and getting to know your ancestors is important to you, continue to do so. Diaspora and trauma can leave wounds that feel like they will never heal, but we must find ways to connect to our roots in order to do the emotional and spiritual work we need to do to connect with others romantically.


Continue the work of unraveling trauma you’ve carried with you from youth that’s holding you back from calling in the love you need. As pluto overturns your fourth house, take seriously your need to stay grounded. Take seriously your relationships with your maternal line and find ways to connect, heal, and release that of your lineage which no longer serves you.


Your ancestors pray that you will thrive, honor them by finding ways to please yourself.




Think about the intense relationships currently in your life. These relationships could be between you and other people, of course, but what about your relationship to yourself, your body, your passions, your creative projects, and your job? Now think about where more ease could exist in these relationships. Where can you let go a little? At the end of the day it’s up to you to create more rest and relief in your life. Use this New Moon to bring some relief where you need it and relieve some pressure.


This week you may also need to acknowledge that your ways of communicating may add more stress and anxiety to your life than you like. But before you get bogged down with that, focus this week on finding ways to bring ease that don’t rely so heavily on words and language. There are ways to communicate without speaking (in a word-centric world that can be hard to remember). Hint: a little less screen time this week may help quite a bit.




You can shape the ways you communicate in your romantic relationships. You can cultivate the fun, charm, and brightness that comes so naturally to you with another person. This New Moon in Gemini is a moment to recommit to your communication goals when it comes to your partner(s) and to breathe some fresh air into your relational communication dynamics. If you have any particularly toxic communication habits when it comes to your intimate relationships, use this New Moon to work toward unlearning them.


While riding the wave of renewed romance, try not to let your anxieties about money put a damper on things. Focus your energy instead on building a budget and sticking to it so spending gets checked before it goes too far.




You are shifting in ways that are deep. Make sure to give yourself the rest you need to recover this week. Make sure to choose rest over angry communication and unnecessary power plays. This New Moon, the need to create some structure and routine in your life may feel potent. Don’t expect anyone else to check in with your mind, body, and spirit to make sure they are still in balance, that’s your job.


What daily routines do you need most right now? No matter the state of your home life, can you find rituals that you can take with you no matter where you rest your head at night? Don’t be afraid to say no to others so you can say yes to yourself. boundaries are hard to set and they are even harder to maintain. Trust your boundaries, they are there for a reason and they are key to your ability to find rest and peace, remember that.




Hit refresh on your creative projects dear Aquarius. If a project has been stuck for too long, set the intention to reinvigorate it with your brilliance this New Moon. If you have children, use this New Moon to call in fresh energy and healthier communication dynamics with them. Call in anything you need to clear the air.


Beware the need to speak on things you do not fully understand this week, and/or to speak from a place of projection instead of reality.


This New Moon is an opportunity to renew your familial connections and (re)shape some family dynamics that have grown stale. Let this New Moon assist you in calling in the family life you desire. On a deeper level, this New Moon may help you open lines of communication between you and your ancestors and may allow you to start working through trauma across your lineages (particularly on your mother’s side).


The New Moon is also an opportunity to think deeply about your homespace and perhaps deal with any stagnant energy there. This could be anything from clearing the air with your roommate(s) to some deep cleaning. This is a wonderful time for you to cleanse your space and the energy within it in order to feel lighter and more comfortable at home.


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here


Naimonu James needs your help with their New Moon intention! i am trying to build my network so i can connect with more people, please take a second to click here and subscribe to my mailing list. thank you!

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