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Defender Picks


Horoscopes for Week of May 15th

How do you want this summer to look for you? What are you determined to accomplish? What ideas have been percolating in your head for too long? This is the week to manifest your best summer ever. As you craft your plans, keep this truth in mind—you are a creative being worthy of love and support. People may have their opinions and their side eye, but focus on what you can control (hint: just you) and shake off any insecurities that may come as you map your summer out.

A day this week to prepare for is Thursday’s Sun in Taurus sextile chiron in Pisces. Anytime we have an aspect with Pisces, there’s room for confusion, distraction, and fuzzy-headedness. If you are susceptible to that, prepare by adding a bit more structure and intention to your day so you can keep it moving.


Chiron’s place in our chart signifies our greatest wound and our greatest healing potential. In Pisces sextile the Sun, some old wounds may come up and some unresolved-ish issues may still be putting a dampener on your day. Trust the Sun in steady Taurus to give you the strength and motivation to work through it in a methodical, persistent way.


And gentle reminder, the ‘work’ doesn’t really end and the wounds take a long time to heal.


While you’re working through your stuff, what social boundaries do you need to set this summer to make sure your projects aren’t derailed? With chiron in the mix on Thursday and Jupiter in Libra oppose Venus in Aries on Friday we’re going to have to choose who and what we’re going to prioritize this summer.


Check-in with the expectations you put on the folks you are in relationship with and get clear on what they should expect from you. Getting that clarity may lead to uncomfortable conversations, but it will help you focus on what you need to steer clear of distractions.


The gem of this week is Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries though.


Saturn trine Uranus brings two planets together with opposite desires: Saturn wants to systematize, organize, and structure while Uranus is about rupture and chaos. When these two planets come together we prepare for a battle, however, a trine means these two energies are in concert with each other.


When these two planets are trine we get something beautiful—rapid change that we are actually working for. (Now on the grand scale, who’s to say what this day will bring for our governments, countries, and borders? With Uranus, even in trine, there’s always an element of surprise.)


At the individual level though, this is what we’ve been yearning for. We’ve known the work is long and we’ve been slowly coming to terms with doing it (Saturn in Sagittarius) and the disruptions/surprises that come from our own not-thinking and the not-thinking of our ‘leaders’ has been a lot (Uranus in Aries).


Suddenly, there’s a method to the madness.

Something becomes clear and a path may unfurl before you.

Something shakes loose after being stuck for so long.
You may want to sing your epiphany from the roof tops, but for now, really think on it.
Give it the structure it needs to thrive. 
The week ends with Mercury returning to it’s full power on Saturday while the Sun moves into Gemini.


Hint: Communicate! Flirt! Mingle! Network!
Find a way to bring Gemini charisma and lightness of being into your daily life and start building the networks you need to accomplish whatever Uranus trine Saturn desires you’re ready to manifest.


Re: Horoscopes—take what works, leave what doesn’t.




Your unfolding is happening Aries. perhaps slower than you’d like and perhaps more frustrating than you imagined, but it’s happening. Can you trust that you are learning whatever it is you need to learn? That you’re becoming the person you most yearn to be? There’s no right or wrong path, you just are where you are. And where you are is perfect. Other people may be pressuring you to grow this way and that, but at the end of the day don’t be afraid to remind them there’s no controlling your wildness or containing your joy.


If other people can’t hold space for your process right now, don’t stress, let it be. You can’t control them the same way they can’t control you. Are the people in your life about you or are they about some imagined future you? There’s a difference.


Who can hold space, not only for who you are today, but the person you are growing into? Cultivate connections with these folks, you’ll need them to bear witness to your expansions.



What do you have the power to change and what must you accept? Who in your life needs you to accept them for who they are and not for the person you want them to be?


It can be hard to meet people where they are at, and yet, doing so can be an incredible act of kindness. It’s also an incredible act of kindness to yourself to set boundaries around the labor you do for your friends and community.


Find the balance.


At the same time, this week calls you to think about what of your past you are ready to release. What feelings of guilt and shame are no longer serving you? Which habits are you ready to break? How are your thought patterns keeping you from getting to know your best self? Trust your intuition this week, it will guide you as you begin to understand and name what it is you need to shed in order to live the life you desire.


It can be excruciating to let go, don’t be afraid to call on your support system to hold you and guide you through this time of release. You don’t need to be alone for this.



Having a partner is wonderful, making sure we honor our commitments to the people in our lives we’re not romantically involved with is also wonderful. It can be hard to balance both, and yet, we need both.


What boundaries do you need to set for yourself to make sure you’re honoring all the people in your life? How can you communicate to folks this week the very real fact that you won’t meet every one of their expectations?


Get clear on who’s expecting what from you, and be even clearer with others about what you are willing and able to give. The conversations may be hard, but the stress relief will be worth it.


Great news: this weekend your ruling planet leaves it’s retrograde shadow and the Sun moves into your sign. Embrace the uptick of energy as the planet gets a distinctly Gemini vibe. Do what brings you joy, the entire universe has your back.



Check-in to make sure you’re on track with your career plans, dear Cancer. Don’t be afraid to break it down into little steps—


Where are you at?


What do you need to get to where you want to go?


The more you can break it down and make it actionable, the more realistic it will seem.


With Uranus in your 10th house, jobs may be coming and going or you’re having a hard time deciding which career path you want to follow. Try to cultivate patience. Focus your energy on brainstorming and strategizing around what you need from your work instead of letting yourself get restless and upset over a job situation you may not be able to change right now.


If you need to build your skills but you’re dealing with insecurity, challenge yourself to reach out to someone who has the job you want and ask them how they got it. Don’t be afraid to rely on your network to understand how to get it done, no need to invent the wheel again, surround yourself with the folks that inspire you to keep going.



Are the creative choices you are making in the service of your expansion? Are they leaving you room to grow into the person you want to be?


Creation can mean many things, very often we associate it with a project. However, creation also entails the literal creation of children.


Whatever kind of creation is on your mind, get real with yourself about the responsibilities It will entail and begin making the room in your life for it. You may need to prioritize some people over others in order to give your creative output the attention and effort it deserves. Don’t be afraid to let people know what you can and cannot do as you get more serious about your creative endeavors.



In order to live comfortably and feel safe, we must often interact with people and places that we despise. In other words, we often have to leave the comfort of our homes for hours of the day working for people who don’t see us and don’t care to.


What steps do you need to take in order to ensure you’re not relying so heavily on other people’s money to get the stability you need?


What insecurities to you have to keep in check in order to get free of the bullshit?


People will always be happy to use your talents and vitality for their bottom line, what would it look like to put your talents to use for your benefit?


If this has been on your mind recently, this week may offer you some clues to what you need to do use more of your brilliance to fill your pockets instead of someone else’s. You may get a hint of how to get free of oppressive relationships that only exist because you need money to survive. It may take a long time to manifest, but remember, you hold the keys to your security and your liberation.



How you structure your romantic and relational life is up to you. No matter how unconventional or unpopular, building the romantic life you need means you’re making room for the people who need to come into your life.


The work this week is figuring out how to make these shifts while maintaining your sense of balance. Ousting people from your life because of an impulse may leave you feeling alone and regretful down the road. Tread thoughtfully.


And while you’re doing all this work, hold on to the rituals you have to keep you grounded and aware. Be intentional about where you’re putting your energy and who’s getting your time and attention. Make sure you are at the top (or close to the top) of your list of who to check-in on and care for.



Work can be a source of pride and security for many of us. But sometimes we have to choose security over work that actually nourishes us.


Is your work nourishing you?


Does it utilize your abilities to their fullest or are you floating along from day-to-day getting your to-do list checked off?


It can be hard to admit your work isn’t working. Use this week to get some insight into what you need to change to get more out of your work life. Use this week to be honest with yourself about your work and whether or not you’re due for a change.


Yes there are many responsibilities, obligations, and debts that we are beholden to, and yes, that’s scary.


What if there’s a way to do the work you like and make the money you need? Before you say, ”there’s not!” who are the people in your life that always think outside-the-box? Who inspires you to shake things up and be brave?


Find them and get to brainstorming.



Being attuned to how people see you is a wonderful gift because it allows you to navigate the world with more awareness. The downside is that it may become difficult to do what you want to do because of the critiques and side eyes of these same people.
That thing you really want to put into the world? That thing you really want to launch?


Do it.


Do it and allow the people who love you to support and celebrate you. Allow the haters to hate. You can’t control how people will react to your creative bounty. But you can control how you let your insecurities shape what you put into the world.


This week be as brave for yourself as you are for others and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


And those people critiquing your every move? Start making boundaries around how much you’ll let their limitations limit you.



It’s hard to look at ourselves and realize we’ve got serious baggage to deal with. It may be even harder to realize this baggage keeps us from being able to root and find a home that feels stable and solid.


We all have unconscious patterns and habits that inhibit us, the key is getting more real with ourselves so we can listen to the cues our spirit is giving to us. The key is getting more clear so we can hear when our sprits are asking us to show up for it.


Show up.


Step up for your best self and get honest with the people in your life who are keeping you stuck in old stuff you need to move on from. Get honest with the people in your life who keep you from feeling safe, stable, and solid.


Your spirit needs you to defend its softest parts this week, don’t let it down.



Your path is yours to create. Your friends, community, and acquaintances can’t decide where you are going for you. If you know what you want, this week check-in to make sure you are still going for it. If you don’t know what you want, use this week to get clear with yourself about what your next steps will be.


Be cautious of opinions that are not your own and be cautious of the media you consume. The more you free yourself from the noise, the more able you are to be real with yourself about what your next steps are.


These steps may move you away from your current friend circles, or force you to realize which friends are not here for the growth you are trying to do. Make sure you’re bringing the folks closer to you who can grow with you and steering clear of the ones who only want you to be an ideal projection of who they’d like you to be.
Enjoy this fruitful time, your brilliance is on display. don’t be afraid to show off and reap the benefits of your hard work.



So often our jobs simply don’t have room to hold our full selves—or the full scope of our talents.


How can you better align your professional life with your innate talents and abilities?


Conjure up a professional life that has room for you and your self-care, your softness, and your tenderness.


What would it take for you to get there?


Never underestimate the power of confidence to attract what you need in your life. Never underestimate the power of calling in what you need from the universe.


lLet your intuition guide you to find not just a job, but a calling. A calling that actually excites you, a calling that you can actually thrive in. If you already know your calling, start building the confidence you need to shout it from the rooftops because you’ll need people to support you.


Time to stop letting your insecurities speak for you.


- - - - -

There's more to your chart than your Sun sign, actually, we each have a chart the reflects the moment we took our first breath. If you're curious about your own chart, and ready to learn more about yourself consider getting a chart reading with me!


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here

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