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Horoscopes for Week of June 26th

Neptune continues to shower us with its magic this week and we have a beautiful opportunity to begin manifesting the work that has come up over the last few days since the new moon in Cancer. Whether you set an intention or not, allow what you feel passionate about and what is on your mind to guide you, your instinct is more on point than any astrologer could be.


With the sun, moon, and Mars in sometimes temperamental Cancer we are gaining intimate insight into our emotional equilibrium this week. Take note of when, where, and with whom you let your frustration get the best of you. Each of us is being reminded this week that we are the main authority in our lives and we are responsible for walking in our truth. The life you desire rarely comes to you, you often have to go after it with guts, grit, and deep will to make it happen.


Keep building trust with yourself and keep stepping into your power as a creator of your reality. The areas of your life where you seem not to have control (but likely deeply desire it) are your cues this week. Let your frustration over perceived obstacles guide you to reflect on why x job/ person/ belief/ identity has such power in your life and whether or not you are ready to shift the power dynamics in your favor. The shift may not happen overnight, but do not underestimate the power of naming to help us take action on behalf of our most magnificent selves.


Chiron, which signifies a place of deep wounding and deep healing power in our charts, stations retrograde in Pisces on Saturday until December and unresolved, unhealed wounds may resurface for us to work with. This is a relatively long unfolding (at least the next couple of months) but very often the inklings, memories, and heartaches that come up around the time a planet (in this case a comet) stations retrograde are major clues to what needs to be healed. Please treat your wounds kindly.


This week reminds us that we are our own magic makers and world builders. This week reminds us that we are greater than our obstacles, no matter how big they may seem. We are bigger because we can root into our divine right to thrive. Look at all that stands between you and your land of milk and honey with soft but fierce eyes. You will handle it when the time comes, believe that.


Re: horoscopes—take what works, leave what does not, and check your rising and sun sign.



There is a gorgeous softening occurring in the realm of your intimate relationships right now, and perhaps the habits, personalities, and/or identities that used to be an automatic “no” are seeming less worthy of such a hard line. Perhaps you are finding that if you are to build deeply with others, you are going to have to meet them where they are at instead of shunning them for where they are not. You deserve to be met where you are at too. In your existing relationships, continue to find balance and wholeness by being honest about your needs, wants, and desires and staying willing to reciprocate.


You may feel empowered this week (and over the next couple of months due to Chiron’s station retrograde in this area of your chart) to heal relationship wounds that have weighed on your psyche for too long. Regardless of how long ago, if you find old relationships on your mind, choose to explore why instead of pushing them away. You may find a divine opportunity to heal and be healed due to the immense growth you have undergone since those relationships.


When it comes to your career and work life, you can shape it the way you need if you are brave enough to pursue your dream job. Obligations to your home may seem intense, but there is true magic in manifesting your calling, do not deny yourself the opportunity.




This week something may click regarding how to advocate for your right to feel supported while also supporting your communities. Follow your gut and speak the truths that need speaking, because while you may feel called to heal your community/organizations/social groups you also need healing and folks should understand that. You deserve to be well.


If you are dealing with burn out, advocate for the retreat you need and observe how people respond to your absolutely valid requests. You deserve equity and reciprocity. If folks are not here for you, gently let them go and focus instead on the people interested in your wellbeing and who are willing to honor your hard work. This is the time to take a step back and slow down so you can make sure you are whole and healthy before jumping back into the fray.




Let your values guide you to a career that has room for your incredible creative power. Do not let anyone derail you from your truth, Gemini. continue speaking the truth you know deeply regardless of opinions coming your way. Fearlessly remind the folks in your life that you have a divine calling and it needs your attention.


If your work life has been derailed and/or confusing over the past couple of weeks, that is fine, you can pick up right where you left off. Reminder that this work is not linear and we cannot be on our grind non-stop. Reflect lovingly on any time you have taken to rest, love, explore, and recuperate over the last couple of weeks, those ‘distractions’ were probably necessary in order for you to stay fresh and motivated.


Beware anger toward those you are intimately involved with. Again, this is your show and you make the choices. Acknowledge what went a little sideways, acknowledge you allowed that, have the clarifying and reorienting conversations you need, and get back to work.




Who else can love you like you love you, dear Cancer? The shine and confidence coming your way does not have to disappear once the sun leaves your sign, you can celebrate yourself anytime you need. As you continue to illuminate many divine truths for others, continue to illuminate your own soul work and march bravely toward your most divine self. Keep working to be the person you needed when you were young and you may take a massive step forward by the time chiron and Neptune, both in Pisces, station direct at the end of the year.


There can be a tendency this week to blame other people for the reasons you are not growing. I assure you, you are the author of your life and you can choose how you receive, react, and respond to almost anything that comes your way, including those obstacles. You can choose to let your emotions drag you down and get you riled up, but you can also choose how you deal with your emotions if you continue devoting yourself to the work of finding emotional stability and security. Many Cancers must learn to be their own mother and (re)birth themselves with the emotional assurance and nurturing they always needed. If this applies to you, consider how to be a good mother to yourself this week and perhaps relieve others of the expectation to provide you with the support/nurturing/attention/validation that only you can truly give yourself.




Who and what you merge with is going to impact you whether you like it or not, so choose wisely. Choose to merge with the people, institutions, and/or practices that support where you are going and what you need. What or whoever you have partnered with may have you unpleasantly familiar with your trauma, jealousy, shame and other ‘shadow’ selves we try to pretend do not exist. What if you surrendered to your demons and treated them with the love, kindness, and respect that every part of you deserves?


Your words and methods of communication continue to be undergoing Neptune’s transformations. Keep softening here, keep getting more and more tender when it comes to the words you speak. You can speak your truth with compassion and understanding, you can use your words to heal instead of wound, whether you choose to step into that power is up to you at the end of the day, again, choose wisely.


If your mind has been taking you through it, or emotions are hard to stabilize, acknowledge the difficulty and continue working on creating real balance for yourself day to day. Whatever magic you need, create it or use it in order to be whole in mind, body, and spirit.




Your relationships do not define you, but your ability to navigate them with grace matters. Let the divine work you have been doing in your intimate relations guide you in the work of building community and friendship. As you invite more folks into your fold, it can be easy to judge them for where they are not versus meeting them where they are at. But is it not lonely atop your mountain of expectations?


Come down a bit and see that imperfection is just fine. In the same ways you have been working to accept flaws in your intimate relations (including your deep friendships) you can be as generous with the people in your community. Who knows, you may create unforgettable soul connections with Neptune’s magic so potent here. Also potent is your ability to be a source of healing and support for others, to boost their confidence, and celebrate their shine. Give praise where you know it is needed, offer to listen deeply to others, and watch as the people who need to be in your life tap you on the shoulder and ask what the hell took you so long to arrive.


All growth demands times of reflection and introspection. If other important relationships are on your mind this week try not to resist. Stay brave as stuff comes up that may make you cringe or feel regretful. If there is closure you need to give or that you need, now is the time to consider getting it (or giving it). If there was a falling out the was simply never resolved, now is the time to handle your business and say the sorrys you need. You can face any demons and certainly any relationship that stands in the way of you stepping into your power.




You are responsible for your wholeness in this lifetime.

You are responsible for your wholeness in this lifetime.


Neptune is seriously in your favor this week if you are ready to align your work with your wellness. The drive you have in your career is likely demanding that you take care of yourself mind, body, and spirit so you can stay on your grind and get your coin. (And you deserve your coin, dear Libra). There is always something to balance though, and your roots need tending. Whether that be reconnecting with your ancestors, checking in with your blood and/or chosen family, or balancing your root chakra find some way to strengthen your foundation. What is crucial to your wholeness is your ability to feel safe no matter where you are or who you are sharing your energy with. The work you do here will help you continue building resilience in your career so regardless of what shocks come your way you can stay in your power and in your dignity.




You can manifest the life of your dreams, dear Scorpio, but you may need to expose yourself to new kinds of knowledge in order to step into that life. If hidden or latent career desires are suddenly coming up for you, if your fantasies seem to always return to a certain work or career life, maybe it is time to think deeply about how to manifest it. No matter how seemingly intense your obligations, no matter how precarious your life seems, Neptune is calling you to find a way. Imagine if you sated your sense of adventure, imagine you took your life into your own hands when you wanted to instead of waiting for a divine sign. (And if you needed one, this is it btw).


With Chiron going retrograde in the same area of your chart this week until December, you will have time to work through any blocks stifling your expansion and keeping you fearful of taking the steps you need to take. If you resist the passion you have to be free, you may end up flustered and raging. Instead of projecting onto your friends and community, how can you take responsibility for the direction of your life and for your happiness?




You can choose to surrender to the plans the universe has for your home. We have some choice about where we root, whether or not we have children, how our childhood’s impact us in the present, and/or when our ancestors pull our hair and demand our attention. Some. If you can be honest with yourself about where you have control regarding your home space and where you do not, this week’s beautiful Neptune trines, are deeply in your favor. Neptune is supporting your dream visions of home and giving you the determination to manifest what you need here. Work to create indestructible roots so that no matter how dramatic your home life gets, you are resilient in the face of threats to your core.


Your vision also gets clear-eyed regarding your career and what you need to shift there in order to be of service in the ways you yearn to be. Feel empowered to get real with yourself and others about what you desire in your workplace. It is time to pursue the career of your dreams, dear Sagittarius. It is time to pursue a career that reflects your values and highest ideals. Note, with the passion of Cancer, comes its rage. If you are on edge at work or reaching your breaking point, rely on your breath to maintain your self-control and peace of mind. If you find yourself dealing with intense feelings regarding potential career paths and directions, deal with them. Trust that you do have control over the work you do and trust that you can shape your career to fit you and not the other way around.


Option to be your greatest advocate, mentor, and negotiator this week.




As you grapple to communicate your expectations for your paid work and find ways to honor your creative work (including children), you are being called to make room for a partner/lover/friend you can truly build with by becoming a better partner/lover/friend. Where do you need healing and tenderness? What clarity do you need to stay soft and relax into your relational life? The more you are able to introspect, the greater your power to attract the right people and relationship dynamics to your life.


Your work relationships are also prominent this week, and creating equitable workplaces (and noticing where there is imbalance) continues. Even if folks are wearing you down and annoying the f**k out of you, be thoughtful about who you let ruffle your feathers. You cannot just let anyone throw you off your center, you are too powerful for that.




You may be feeling a bit more shy and sensitive than usual this week so be gentle with yourself and your body. There is a lot of passion and motivation to gain clarity and heal your intimate relationships. So much so that any mind games or bs may have you upset and flustered. Fear not, the clarity you are gaining is in service of the work you are doing to build up your confidence and inner strength.


Your ability to set boundaries with those you are in intimate relationship with is something to celebrate. You have a keen sense of what you need in your relationships and your ability to communicate those needs is more refined than ever.


You may be called on to do a lot of practical healing this week, i.e. listening, holding space, giving advice, helping folks get their stuff organized, etc. and this will remind you that you are so needed, dear Aquarius. While you show up for others, make sure you are still taking care of yourself and maintaining whatever rituals you need to stay balanced and soothed. Your alone time is still crucial to your ability to move through the world right now, and while it may feel wonderful to show up for your loved ones, sometimes you need a break and that is okay too.




The way you move through the world, especially this week, is absolutely magical dear Pisces. Let no one convince you otherwise. The impulses, urges, and waves of desire you have to live creatively are your powerful guides, and you deserve to pursue what has you blushing and smiling right now. While you play the role of darling of the universe, you may also have opportunities to continue finding balance and equity with your obligations, debts, and major partnerships. While the weight of those obligations may feel so heavy you escape to more pleasurable activities, I remind you that you are a darling of the universe and you can face the obstacles coming up for you and return to your frolicking.


Chiron stations retrograde in your house of identity and the way people view you this Saturday, so be aware of wounds that need to be healed and conversations that need to be had so you are not carrying any excess psychic weight. (Aside: I would avoid any makeovers or big changes regarding how you look while Chiron is retrograde in your first house)


If you feel a bit unrooted from a sense of community or kinship, acknowledge that your isolation may be due more to your insecurities and fears around engaging with others and less around a community rejecting or shunning you. There may very well be rejection, but you can choose how you respond and you can choose the kind of community you want to build with. You can create the community of your dreams, you only need to acknowledge you have the power to do so.


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here

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