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Horoscopes for Week of June 12th

Neptune transiting Pisces, and there until 2025, is not to be taken lightly. Neptune in Pisces reminds us that there is a divinity/god/higher power worth surrendering to. Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces reminds us that we need to honor that same divinity which flows within us if we are to experience external shifts that allow us to step into our power more and more. 


The blue planet pulls us in deep this week when it stations retrograde in Pisces for five months this Friday. Before that sinking feeling reaches the bottom of your belly, remember that when the outer planets go retrograde we have a huge opportunity for growth at the individual level. With Saturn (retrograde since April 6) we can expect to learn a thing or two about our relationship to discipline, structure, and authority; with Pluto (retrograde since April 20) we continue to unravel our soul’s purpose; and with Neptune we can take a huge step toward our most divine selves.


And by most divine, I simply mean the you that is living your best life. The you that is thriving and joyful.


I invite you to use this week’s post to pause and prepare for this retrograde cycle. Retrogrades are powerful to work with and if we set an intention or two, we may be able to take some big strides froward. Your horoscopes are geared toward what Neptune will be activating in your chart over the next five months.


Before you hop down there though, pause here and consider the following:

What does your most divine self look like?

Where are they?

How do they move?

How do they talk?

What is their day like?

What do they spend their time doing?

How do their relationships look, feel, form, and dissolve?


And most importantly—

Name one step you can take to move toward this divine self during this retrograde cycle.


Name one psychic wound you could spend time unraveling this retrograde cycle so that you can make more room for the divine. 


Commit to exploring one spiritual practice you’ve been curious about but never let yourself explore (i.e. meditation, yoga, crystal work, astrology, herbalism, gardening, the occult, tantra, swimming, mantra creation, etc etc.)


What’s spiritual is simply what allows you to get a bit more intimate with yourself, a long walk can be just as spiritual as any yoga class. Don’t let the branding fool you! You can access your spirit on your own and very often for free.


The magic of this relatively easy-going Neptune retrograde cycle is that we have a chance to take a major step toward manifesting our best life.


Astro run down for the rest of the week—


On Tuesday, Jupiter’s bounty continues to let it self be know with Mercury in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra. This is an incredible aspect for chance connections that are fun and balanced! Use this to continue working your Gemini New Moon intention.


The same day we get our first taste of Neptune with it squaring Mercury in Gemini—don’t fall for the hype. If it sounds too good to be true on Tuesday, it may be.


Neptune’s station is anchored by two grounding Saturn aspects on Thursday (Saturn in Sagittarius oppose the sun in Gemini) and Sunday (Saturn oppose Mercury in Gemini) these can certainly be heavy days, where we are snapped back to reality after a couple of weeks of fun. Nut, with Neptune stationing retrograde this dose of reality may be just what we need to stay anchored in Neptune’s waters.


Re: horoscopes—take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to look at your rising and sun sign.



Neptune is asking you to get serious about healing your psyche. Neptune is reminding you that your wounds, no matter how far in the past, still matter and still impact your ability to step into your power. There is no sign better equipped at visioning the future and making it happen than you dear Aries, but before you rush forward Neptune is tugging you (perhaps forcefully) back to the present to work through all the stuff that has been clinging to you for too long. This is the time to heal from the stuff you couldn’t control but fucked you over anyway. This is the time to confront the stuff the continues throwing you off your center and continues to leave you feeling weak and unseen. This is your time to process.


Choose one anxiety/bad habit/addiction/trauma to work through over the next couple of months and understand deeply. Use spiritual practices to keep you grounded as you do this serious excavation. Getting your mind right is a life long process, work with what’s activating you most right now.




Neptune is likely calling folks to you who need comfort and compassion, and in all likelihood you are really showing up and supporting the folks you can. And. You still need to find your joy and your healing. You still need to do things that make you feel good regardless of who is asking you for what. Neptune is asking you to make sure you are whole before you dispense healing unto others. Yes you are equipped to do it, and yes Jupiter is also supporting your abundant healing capacity, however your work with your mind continues.


Your psyche is undergoing major work and your relationship to your mind is shifting. Use this Neptune retrograde cycle to choose one way to get more clarity with your mind space, choose one trauma to work through, choose something that is just yours to really explore and unearth so you come to the end of this retrograde cycle having been the healer you needed for yourself.




Neptune is reminding you that you have a divine calling. And it may be a calling that looks radically different than what your parents want.


Neptune is asking you to get real with yourself about your dream job, and to start figuring out what it would take to get you there. What fears will you have to shed? What judgements will you need to let go? Whose voice in your head will you need to gently ask to leave? If you can feel or even name your dream job, work this retrograde cycle to figure out what’s keeping you from stepping into it. Get intimate with the dynamics and thought patterns that are keeping you blocked from your goodness. This is not a call to quit your current job, this is a call to be strategic and to be thorough as you work through your kinks. You have time.


Hint: the more honest you can be with yourself (and your friends, family, and community) about what truly moves you, the more security you’ll be able to gather around yourself. People tend to respond well to folks who have found their passion in life and pursue it relentlessly.




Neptune is calling you to continue your search for a life philosophy that roots you.

Whoa. Big, big ask.

But keep it simple, dear cancer.


What can you discover and uncover within yourself that will guide you on this journey? Use this retrograde cycle to get clear on something, on some piece of information that can guide you and excite you. as you keep gathering information and sifting through it, the larger picture will come organically.


So choose your thing to get clearer on, choose a viewpoint to explore, and / or choose a lifestyle to interrogate. While the knowledge you seek may be vast, what is one small aspect of that knowledge you can begin to work with? Be curious and be adventurous. If there is a sacred or scholarly text that has been on your mind, maybe this is the time to get deep with it (page by page, word by word). If there are people in your life you admire, don’t be afraid to ask them what they believe in. Other people may have the exact tools you are looking for, so ask.


Trust that the clearer you get with yourself around the big values that guide you the clearer your relationship dynamics will become and the more confident you will be when it comes to your romantic relationships.



Neptune has been moving through the area of your chart that is about who and what you merge with in order to become more secure and more powerful. We merge with powerful institutions, people, systems of oppression in order to be more powerful, no? We bind with these same institutions and fall into debt in order to pursue dreams that will allow us to be more powerful, don’t we? We merge sexually with another and sometimes we dissolve into them, sometimes we feel more valid in ourselves, sometime we use sex to access power, right? We partner with another (hopefully) because we feel deeply that the work we do with them will allow us to step into our power.


Neptune is asking you to think about why you merge with sources of power in your life. Neptune is asking you to be more careful about the commitments you make, because they are very often long-lasting. Before you make any life changing choices or decisions, especially while Neptune is in this area of your chart, it is crucial that you have a practice of listening to yourself clearly.


It is crucial you learn to listen to your soul. It is crucial you get deep with your mind so that you can become more trustworthy of what it tells you. This is the time to work with your anxiety, insecurity, and fears. This is the time to take the next step into your wholeness by acknowledging your body is your soul’s temple and that they are intimately connected. Don’t try to do all the things this retrograde cycle, choose one thing. Choose one way to get a little deeper with yourself.




It is all about soul work dear Virgo.


Basic relationships where you are not activated on deep levels will simply not do. you are being called to bring divinity into your life through your partnerships. You are being asked to step into your power through the work you do with another. Trust that with Neptune this work may come up in times of deep confusion about your relationships. You may feel so uprooted you tell the universe, “enough,” and begin to build up some of your own resilience so you can stick it out when your relationships go a little sideways. Neptune is funny that way, it will drag you into terrible uncertainty until you decide you deserve otherwise. Then it is there with you every step of the way as you find the rituals that will keep you peaceful and centered no matter what is going on in your relationships.


Trust that the better partner you become, the better your partner will become in the process (that is how powerful you are). And if you are in the wrong partnership or single, trust that this work will allow you to attract the right people into your life if that is what you desire.




Whatever noise is in your life, wherever you journey, your mind is going to be with you. It is yours for the rest of this lifetime. Neptune is asking you to get more comfortable with your mind and its…quirks. Get more comfortable with your insecurity, your anxiety, your brilliance, and your uniqueness. This retrograde cycle offers you the opportunity to use spirituality to continue getting to know your mind at the most intimate level. Journaling, mediation, long walks, you decide, but find a ritual that offers you clarity and comfort while also allowing you to work through your stuff.


The more comfort you can find in your mind, the more you will be able to find home within yourself. You deserve an oasis to return to always, use this cycle to start building one for yourself.



Neptune is tugging you toward your most creative self, dear Scorpio. Of course, Neptune may also be creating enormous confusion around who the fuck that creative self actually is and what that creative self should be doing. Especially with bills to pay. Use this Neptune retrograde to gain some clarity in your life around your creative potential. Use this Neptune retrograde to get closer to being a divine parent, caretaker, and lover. Take some time to gently ask toxic lovers to leave your bed for good. (You don’t have to be anybody’s savior.)


This is a time for rooting out whatever has you feeling disconnected from your highest self and out of your power. Some things may need to go for good, some things you may need to work out within yourself.


Why do you continue to attract needy, draining people into your life?

Why do you continue to doubt yourself creatively?

Why do you continue to be messy in your romantic life when it doesn’t serve you?

Why are you repeating your parent’s mistakes?


That’s your stuff to work through.


And if you can begin to unravel it, watch as you become the divine creator we desperately need.




What is a home?

A place you can return to and feel safe.


Some people do not have a physical home but they have a spiritual palace. Some people have palaces but are homeless inside of themselves. This Neptune retrograde, continue building your homes, continue to make them strong enough to withstand any storm. You deserve to be at peace with your mind. And you deserve to have an oasis you can always come home to. If you’re feeling spiritually drained or confused use this retrograde to find the rituals that recharge you and offer you clarity. If your physical home space is a mess or in limbo, use this retrograde to get. it. together. You deserve an uncluttered mind (and so often an uncluttered space is key for this).




How can the words you speak communicate your divinity more clearly and effectively? Neptune’s retrograde cycle is a time for you to evaluate the habits and styles of speech you have that do not serve you. Over the next five months you have the opportunity to cultivate more skillful communication, and thus, more skillful connection with others and yourself. The focus is not necessarily on making more friends, or becoming more likable. No. Instead, focus on feeling authentically connected to the words you speak and write.


This is a part of the psychic excavation you are being called to do and the new ways you are being asked to relate to your mind and body. Continue unearthing who you actually are at a spiritual level and the words will begin to align organically.




Neptune is asking you to get serious about filling your spiritual well and cultivating your inner confidence. Neptune is calling you to honor your unique divinity, the unique way you move through the world, and all that you bring by simply existing. No external source, including your community, can do this work for you. If there are times when your confidence slips away completely, how can you become a more stable, confident you? Even if you can’t decipher why your confidence is fickle these days, continue working to become more resilient in the face of whatever gets thrown your way.


If your monetary security is also feeling fickle, what practices can you bring into your life so that you have the energy and motivation to do the immense work of getting your needs met everyday?


Continue finding little rituals and reminders of your brilliance to get you through your tough days.




Neptune continues to offer you opportunities to get to know you most tender and soft selves, dear Pisces. Keep on softening. Keep on working through harshness that no longer serves you and is no longer yours to hold.


This retrograde cycle is an opportunity for you to focus on you, an opportunity you do not often get. So soak up the healing energy of your ruling planet and allow it to work for you.


Think small. What rituals can you bring into your life to feel more whole and centered? Where in your life can you do some clarifying and some cleansing to make more room for your joy? How can you get more intimate with your divinity?


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans. You can view their work and subscribe to their inner circle here. Follow on Facebook here


Unsure where to start building your spiritual practice? Your natal chart can offer a lot of insight. Consider going deeper with me and we can work together to make sure you get the most out of this Neptune retrograde cycle.

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