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Horoscopes for Week of July 3rd

If there is one thing you do this week leading up to Saturday’s full moon in regal Capricorn, make time to feel yourself. dance in the mirror, post a bomb selfie, masturbate, give yourself a massage…for real, feel yourself.


This full moon ain’t no joke and i will get into all of that, but the real magic this moon is offering us is to turn ourselves on to our own power to be the major authorities in our lives. 


Capricorn teaches us to be resilient, responsible, and independent. Capricorn reminds us never to lose our dignity and to always keep it cute. Capricorn reminds us that finding emotional balance is a beautiful thing and allows us to see our purpose with greater clarity and confidence. Allow this full moon to illuminate where you have stepped into your power and where you are still allowing others to have power over you. While action may feel appropriate, a full moon is a time of reflection and acknowledgment. As the feels come up, perhaps try to sit with them as best you can. be gentle with yourself.


Pluto conjoins the moon on Saturday and amplifies the intensity of the day. We may struggle to navigate our own feelings, fixations, and urges and we may erupt if unable to maturely handle what comes up for us. When Pluto and the moon aspect each other, it is important to be on guard for projecting our shit onto others and being projected upon. The moon’s sextile to blurry Neptune may only increase confusion about what feelings belong to us and which belong to others. Wail as necessary. Heal as necessary.


Now is the time for us to be the deciding factor in our own stories. Beautiful asteroid Vesta, named after a goddess personified by an everlasting flame tended to by devoted priestesses, is a powerful player this full moon. Vesta wants us to honor our sacred power and become our own high priestesses. Vesta wants us to root into our deepest ideals and tend to them for as long as they need our devotion. Keep finding ways to worship at your own altar and keep constructing the bigger picture that will focus the energy of your life.


After this moon knocks us on our asses, we will get up a little weary but a little stronger and more resilient for all that is to come.


Re: horoscopes — take what works, leave what doesn’t, read your rising & sun sign




You are your most sacred altar dear Pisces. Return to yourself often to worship and ensure you are taken care of with reverence. No matter who promises to leave beautiful trinkets at your feet, remember that (sometimes) the only truth worth listening to is your own. Many may have opinions as to where you should live, how to raise your children, how to relate to your blood family and hometown, or any matters relating to your home. But they are just visitors, destined to be replaced by other devotees with other opinions and projections to heap onto you. This full moon you have the right to center your own intuition over their opinions. You have the right to let go of words meant to weigh you down and control you. You have the right to gently remind those around you that you got this. Even in the confusion and uncertainty, Pisces, you got this! Whatever is coming up for you as your next step, area of growth, or thing to handle, trust that it is coming up for a reason. If you do solicit opinions take them with a grain of salt, other people’s words cannot equal your ability to exist side by side with the divine and to intuit larger truths nearly impossible to put into words.




Your intimate relationships (whether friendships or otherwise) are dripping with honey dear Aquarius, this full moon, pause to enjoy the sweetness the universe if offering you. Pause to reflect on the bliss that has crept into your life over the past couple of weeks, and release old fears around your ability to connect deeply with others through your acts of kindness and deep conscientiousness. More often than not, your presence in the lives of people you care for is a blessing. Your ability to show up in the small ways that count has likely kept many people from their breaking point for just one more day. Keep on glowing, keep on finding pleasure in the sounds of your own laughter, lean into the parts of you that are so about you. These are the parts that allow other people to bloom by watching the way you move and the way your melanin pops. Keep on learning from your interactions and continue to explore the boundaries of community and friendship. Keep finding new ways to relate and love and connect. We sit at your altar of expansive, joyous love and you have so much to teach us.


As you push boundaries and blur lines, continue to take care of yourself. Continue to show up for yourself as much as you show up for others. No matter how challenging, your wellness should be at the top of your list. As you bring in new friends, projects, romances, or even children, keep returning to your sense of stability and clarity. Continue building up your peace of mind. If there are wounds you are ready to let go, this week’s full moon is the perfect time to release them and never look back. You need all the room you can get for the exceptional love coming into your life right now.




Make time this full moon to bask in your accomplishments over the past couple of months. No matter how seemingly small, private, or behind the scenes, give yourself a little pat on the back for continuing to go on through the toughness and meanness that touches your life from time to time. The work you have done coming to a deeper, truer understanding of yourself will allow you to claim your power and ensure your loved ones/lovers/partners/friends do not cross your lines. If there is a sexual (re)awakening afoot, if there is a desire to please yourself, run toward that feeling! Run toward the power to rule over your sex and sexuality with clarity and joy. All of this work is in service of you coming into the person you need to be in order to call in the most divine of partners.


Maintain a healthy detachment with your work, enough to know when you can bend the rules to suit you and when it might be best to bite your tongue and follow along. Your intuition is your guide when it comes to your work and career, ensure you are taking moments to slow down and gather yourself so you can sift through all the information you are receiving about what is next for you here. Take care, dear Capricorn! You are undergoing a transformation of a cosmic scale.




The psychic terrain you are crossing is integral to your greatness dear Sagittarius. along your journeys you have the divine right to explore, question, experiment, and recast new belief systems as they suit you. You have the divine right to discard beliefs that no longer serve your growth. This full moon acknowledge how intense the past couple of months have been, regardless of the dominant emotion. Acknowledge the pearls of wisdom you have been gathering and thank them for bringing you closer to your truth. Honor the people who have propped you up and kept you going during your hardest times. Even if the hard times feel far from over, pause to see who has labored for you and shown up for you through your bad moods and heavy days. Remind yourself that you are as special as you feel you are, even if the evidence seems to fall short. the late but grand blooming is for real. Stay open to the revelations you are getting about your creative life, desires to have children, and anything else that you cannot get off your mind. Instead of being afraid of the intensity of your desires, perhaps this full moon you could surrender. Surrender to the intense urges and thoughts, surrender to the desires that will continue to pull at you if you do not give them some of your attention. Trust that you can handle whatever comes up and trust that if it ends up being too much your people will have you as they always have.




Your intuition is strong dear Scorpio and your ability to strategize for the long term may be even stronger. Trust whatever plan has come to you over the past couple of months and trust that your diligence will take you where you need to go. There are not many people so willing to withstand the shit before the sunshine, but that quality is what separates you from the rest. However, stay open to the idea that what you thought (or were taught to believe) was sunshine is actually not worth your strain. Continue allowing small revelations to inform you of the kind of appreciation and affirmation you need day to day in your career to stay engaged and hopeful at your workplace.


Remember that you have the power to shape your life in any way you see fit. No matter what obligations seem to keep you stuck, you can decide to release those obligations so you can get a little lighter. Use this full moon to name the obligations in your life that may no longer serve you. Perhaps now is the time to gently allow a sibling’s fate to unfold however it will instead of taking it to heart when they make the decisions they make. Perhaps it is time to gently release habits and communication patterns you learned from your family long ago that still creep up and make you cringe.


Rejoice this full moon because you have grown immeasurably in the last couple of months and you deserve your own applause. Rejoice for the larger space you have created for your spirit so it can exist a bit more freely.




Keep doing you Libra! Keep spilling all the tea you want, keep speaking all the truths you choose, keep getting shit off your chest, and keep posting whatever you desire. You forget too often that the universe is about you when you get caught up in your swirls of doubt. Spend this full moon reflecting on the ways your homes have changed over the last couple of months. Whether you are physically in a new place, finding a deeper home inside of you, shifting your relationship to your ancestors, or rethinking your relationship to chosen and blood fam, pause and reflect on what you have cultivated since the start of the year. Pause to remind yourself that you have the power to shape your life to suit you, and unlike many others, you possess the bravery to explore as you need to keep honing in on your truths. Your ability to shine among many is key to your success in your chosen career, do not dim your light for any hater.


Your sex appeal can be deeply profitable if you are able to root into its sacred power. The more willing you are to work with the parts of you you despise the more power is accessible to you. I mean the petty, jealous, traumatized, insecure, lazy parts of you. Continue to love those parts and acknowledge their divinity. Sex appeal is one thing, being able to worship at your own altar is simply another level.


All of the choices you make, all of the people you betray (and all who betray you) will leave an imprint on you dear Libra. Tread carefully and thoughtfully about the psychic weight you may be taking on. It will have to be dealt with at some point, and if there is any relief you can offer your future selves by staying away from the shit you know better than to partake in, offer it. You will rejoice a couple of months from now that there is one less thing to process.


May your bad gurl antics liberate you.




Relish in the feeling of stepping into your power due to the intense work you do in service of your growth. It may not have been easy and it was certainly imperfect, but pause this full moon to acknowledge the shifts regardless of how seemingly small or simple. If your friends have been noting the change, believe them! sometimes we need a mirror to see how we have transformed since we last looked. Pause this full moon to enjoy the ways you have wrenched more control over your financial life so that you can set yourself up to enjoy more of the fruits of your labor. Any independence you have gained here is monumental. Again, allow your community to reflect how you have grown if you need a little perspective.


Can you feel that your roots have grown stronger? How your relationship to home, home space, and family has matured over the last couple of years? And perhaps, perhaps, there is something like stability finding its way into your life. trust that this stability will allow you to ground down and collect all the coin you absolutely deserve but may be slow coming.


Have you noticed it can be lonely when you begin to walk in your truth and work toward your highest ideals? Dear Virgo, if you are struggling with feelings of isolation and loneliness, trust that the people you need to come into your life are coming. Keep making your foundation strong so when they arrive y’all have somewhere cute to sit (and sip).


Release what has built up this full moon, your divine work continues.




As you continue to explore your own unchartered territory and tenderly massage your wounds, pause this full moon to show gratitude for the work you do on your behalf. Show gratitude for the ways you have come into your power and gotten more comfortable with your place in the world. Enjoy some of the understandings you have come to around your creative life, children, romances, and friendships. This work has not been easy!


You will have time to reflect on the past year when the sun moves into your sign, for now, allow yourself to rest. And while you rest, spend time evaluating the work you have put into your health and wellness. Your ability to feel balanced in mind and body is crucial to your vitality and joy, if you are still struggling to make intentional downtime, simply acknowledge this fact. If there is something getting in the way of that rest, be that children, your hustle, or your social life, take a step back this week and turn a bit inward.


There are intense feelings brewing regarding your work and status that need your attention before you can turn toward your major work of balancing your relationship to yourself and others. Again, sit with your feels this full moon and release any intensity that comes up this week in a way that allows you to return to your calm center as quickly as you need.


Uh, last thing, let not your petty antics within your social groups create more drama for you than you need. This is a time to rest, not create more shit to work through with your friends and acquaintances. Move gracefully and thoughtfully regarding your social life, it will save you a lot of bs.




People can see how you have come into deeper dimensions of your power and sensuality dear Cancer, enjoy the glow and attention! Enjoy the ways you have built resilience in your work space to ensure you are not getting riled up over things you cannot control. Pat yourself on the back for your growth and maturity regarding your intimate relationships and showing up for your wellness regardless of what is going on between you and your lovers. There is still much to do regarding you love life’s impact on your sense of balance, but this full moon, pause to celebrate whatever growth has occurred here.


How have you changed since your last birthday? What has come into focus as your spirit work, and what work is simply no longer yours to do? How have you brought abundance into your home regardless of the little hiccups that come up here and there? Simply acknowledge where you are at.


As you get more serious about your security and controlling your income, take time to evaluate lofty ideals of how the world or your life should be that may be leaving your pockets more light than they need to be. Yes you should be able to acquire all that you need, and you can budget for that so you are not in a constant scramble between paychecks.


Birth months can be strange, take extra care not to get too caught up in things not going as you planned. Return to your home and your rituals as you need so you can stay centered and well.




Your way with words has taken on more power than usual over the last couple of months. As you acknowledge the potency of language, continue to teach us that words are sacred and worth pausing to think about before they are spoken. Reflect on how your way with words has allowed you to build resilience and independence in your financial life and thank the people in your life who have called you to say what you truly mean when you speak. Show gratitude to those committed to your growth and soul work.


This Saturday’s full moon illuminates your intimate relationships and partnerships. It can show you many things: where you are too fixated or attached, where you are too severe, where you need more bravery, and certainly if you have what it takes to handle the rocky terrain of intense partnerships. Listen closely to whatever comes up, even as your creative projects, children, and money worries distract you.


For all the words you can spin, this full moon is one to listen to very closely. Regardless of how your lunar conversation goes, ensure you are making space for your wellness and wholeness. The work you are undertaking is taxing and you must show up for yourself throughout your process. You are truly learning lessons about stability and partnership that will serve you for the rest of your life.




Your ability to create a magical and nurturing home space is unparalleled dear Taurus. The power you have manifested within your space is not to be taken lightly, and the safety you have created is worth sharing with others. Pause to thank your space for being a good friend to you this full moon. Show gratitude for the ways it has allowed you to excavate your inner workings and wail and heal in all the ways you have needed. Your home has created the shell in which you have been able to build resilience and peace over the past couple of months. No matter how seemingly small and insignificant, rejoice in the ways you have been able to step more deeply into your truths and become a better friend to your body.


Reflect on the truths you have discovered regarding your sex, sexuality, healing power, relationship to taboo, the occult, and partnerships over the past couple of months. If there is a sexual power you feel yourself stepping into, step into it! Any semi-secret things you have been cultivating deserve to be seen in full light. You can stop hiding parts of yourself, if you wish. Even if it remains very private, even if it is just you who knows, what does it look like to shift a shameful secret to a sacred one?




Pause this full moon to feel yourself dear Aries. Feel the ways you have reshaped your relationship to your work so you can walk more deeply in your truth. Feel how you have transformed your relationship to your ideas of home and have made strides to manifest the home life of your dreams. You are a creative being more than capable of building the home spaces you need, your power here is yours to claim.


Reflect on the ways your love life has grown to create more freedom for you and your loved ones. Reflect on the ways you have learned to balance home and work life. The work here is not complete, but wherever you are, acknowledge what you have accomplished. Listen to the moon as it lights up your professional life. Listen as it tells you where you need more balance and what work dynamics need to go asap. Ensure that your work is allowing you to explore in the ways you need.


As you focus on your security, do not forget to make friends and cultivate your relationships! Do not forget to think creatively about how to live your most vibrant and awake life. Surviving can be daunting, make sure the foundational work you are doing has the end goal of you enjoying the fruits of your labor instead of getting stuck in a cycle of yearning for more and more and more. Name what thriving looks like to you so you will know it when it comes.


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here

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