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Defender Picks


Horoscopes for Week of July 10th

Asteroid Eris, goddess of war, sits on our shoulders and spits fire at our transgressors this week. Eris is associated with wrath and jealousy, but that read is far too basic for this being, whose righteous pettiness started the Trojan War. People may see Eris as the parts of us that cause drama and disarray for ’no reason,’ but Eris is also the part of us that informs others, beyond a shadow of a doubt, “this is what you are NOT going to do.” 


If we are devoted to the work and warfare of setting and defending our boundaries, Eris is an asteroid to turn to when we need a reminder that sometimes being called ‘messy’ is a compliment. They say messy because you are not letting them get away with their fuck shit.


Praise be to Eris. Praise be to all angry femmes. 


Eris has been in power all year, but this week we get a potent infusion of their energy with a trine to the north node in Leo, a square to Mars, and a square to the sun—three aspects that may promise conflict. When folks try to shade you for your drama, remember Eris!


Another powerful asteroid, Sedna (in Taurus), is in play this week as well. There are many stories of Sedna, but all involve her father betraying her, and all involve her becoming a wrathful goddess of the sea. If you have any daddy issues, or were raised by a single mother this is an asteroid to be curious about. Sedna signifies the place in our charts where we experience deep betrayal. Sedna is also the place in our charts that reminds us that our wounds do not have to stop us from stepping into our power. Sedna comforts us that although not all wounds heal, we can be mighty anyway. 


Sedna squares vesta in Leo Monday and sends a harmonious sextile to Mars in Cancer on Friday. We are called to name what we hold sacred and to defend it. Vesta is a goddess in charge of their sex and sexuality. Vesta is so spiritually potent that very few are allowed to approach their altar and leave gifts, in fact only other spiritually potent and sexually empowered femmes are allowed to experience the transformative healing power of Vesta’s cunt (or sacred hearth in the traditional read). I cannot think of a goddess who is more femme4femme.


Vesta is the place in our chart others must honor. Not only because this part of us is sacred, but also because the emotional fallout of not holding our boundaries impacts our sense of wellness and wholeness. At the end of the day your boundaries protect you and keep you sane.


Be in your process, be messy, and speak truth to power.

Honor your baggage.


Take what works, leave what does not, & make sure to read your rising and sun sign. 




No one can manifest the divine as you can. If you find that you have been waiting for someone to create what you need in the world, may I gently offer that you are the person you are waiting for? Let your creative fire embolden you to manifest what soothes you. They are not going to manifest it, you are. For those who you are intimately involved with, attempt to get them to understand why you must voyage, experiment, and expand, but if they do not get you, accept it as best you can and keep it moving. Regardless of who challenges or questions you, maintain a softness in your speech and a sureness in your commitment to allow the universe to guide you.


Hint: the security you seek will come when you begin to fearlessly go after the career you truly desire.




You have the opportunity to get intimate with your rage this week. Honor it, rage can be a guide (as can anger and frustration), toward naming what you need from your lovers in order to stay whole in mind, body, and spirit. Apologize where and when you need to, but above all, listen to the information your emotions are offering you. They are unlikely to lead you in the wrong direction this week. Use your unbelievable communication skills to advocate for what you need in your relationships (especially sexually) and to call-in the kinds of friendships and romances you deserve. While shit may get messy and words may tumble out of your mouth you promised never to speak again, remember you are worthy of giving and receiving love no matter which of your demons is showing its ass this week.


When in doubt, allow your friends to prop you up and remind you of your excellence, dear Aquarius. Allow them to remind you that perfection is overrated and you get to behave as badly as everyone else from time to time too. The key to navigating this week is maintaining the gentle, compassionate, eternally forgiving inner dialogue you deserve.




Who have you been finding home in dear Capricorn? Who has been allowing you to soften in the ways you desperately need? Rejoice if your answer to these questions is “me!” You are involved in an intense maturation process that is long from being over and you will need to show up for yourself as best you can. If there are folks in your life who are always about you, love on them this week, they are a part of your process too.


If your thoughts have been stubbornly returning to your urge to partner with another, accept it! Yes, you have much to accomplish, but you deserve to have as much to return home to as well. Embrace your yearnings, they are sacred and meaningful. Stay open and hopeful that your divine partner(s) are on their way to you.




Your urge to create, including to procreate, is sacred Sagittarius. If you intuit that some creative project will allow you to expand into your next horizon, advocate for what you need. You can ask your partners to make space for your freedom and you can gently remind them not to stand in the way of your growth. Trust yourself, trust your heart, and trust that the universe will provide you with all that you need.


Communication may slip away from you this week, but maintain clarity around who is your enemy and who is not. Remember that we are all yearning and craving and deeply imperfect, so if and/or when your partners show themselves to be limited, choose to treat them with the kindness and respect they treat you with when they see your glaring limitations as well. There is a way to do what you deeply desire and maintain whatever bonds, commitments, or obligations you have in place, but you will need to navigate with care and consideration. Have no fear sagittarius, you are wise and if there is anyone who can skillfully navigate delicate situations, it is you.


If separations occur, be sweet to yourself and remember the universe adores you. It will never steer you wrong.




Defend your right to thrive dear Scorpio. Defend your right to have a job that works for you as much as you work for it. Do not hesitate to remind co-workers that your boundaries are not temporary, nor are they a joke. If you have to put someone in their place who constantly asks way too much of you, do it. Use those boundaries to continue finding a work/life balance that leaves you enough energy to explore and experiment in all the ways you desire.


Betrayals in your intimate relationships may be weighing heavy on your mind this week and they may be distracting you from the work you need to do with your work. Take care of yourself as you process and take care of yourself as memories come up that may threaten to rewound you. If there is healing you can do with another, take space this week to do so. If there are feelings and hurts you need to express, make the space. Let nothing stand in the way of getting your mind right.




You are stepping into your power in an extraordinary way. You are (finally) learning to redefine your relationships to serve you instead of the other way around (YAS!). Now is the time to cultivate the courage your past selves always needed. Now is the time to say, “nope, that does not work for me” to all the folks constantly trying to cross your lines. Now is the time for your coin and prosperity to become the apple of your eye. Rejoice! The power you are building is allowing you to shine as a leader amongst your community. Your newfound power is allowing you to create the world you envision instead of fitting into other people’s moulds. I cannot wait to see the world you build dear Libra.


When your hurts threaten to swallow you whole, remember Sedna. Remember that like her, you can step into your power with your wounds. No need to hold on to the illusion that you have to heal them first, go on a take your step—the whole universe is vibrating with anticipation.




Your ferocious dedication to manifesting your ideal life is healing you in ways you may not even be able to comprehend. Keep manifesting, keep bending the universe to your will, and marvel at how it responds to your slightest touch. It is deeply about you. While the past couple of years may have been wretched regarding your ability to find stable income and gain a real sense of control over your money, this week you may get insights into the ways you have empowered yourself and gently refused unfair work dynamics. Pause to pat yourself on the back! There is still a need to continue the relentless pursuit of real independence over your finances, keep going, keep going, keep going. Hint: notice the places in your life where you are inadvertently becoming a teacher because people are seeking out your knowledge—keep that in your pocket, you may be at the very start of a brand new career ($$).




Rest dear Leo, you have much to prepare for as the sun makes its way to your sign. In the meantime, do not let your mind run you ragged and do not let your intimate relationships wear you down. It is okay to let everyone know this is your time to rest and your peace is not to be disturbed. If you are experiencing doubt, rage, or anger around your work/career that is throwing you for a loop, feel your feels and remember that only you can define you no matter who (or what institution) has wronged you. If you are struggling with restlessness, keep working on how to channel that energy into activities in service of you recharging and recuperating. And of course, this is the time to reflect on the past year and to give thanks for the highs and acknowledge the lows. You have learned so much dear Leo, you have healed so much, and you have brought us so much light. Thank you!




You are being called to come into your independence dear Cancer. As terrifying as the prospect may seem, you are in the process of learning how strong you truly are even through heart break and grief. You are learning that you can be your own backbone, caretaker, and cheerleader. You are learning that you are sacred beyond a shadow of a doubt and anyone who questions that for a moment is not worthy to sit at your altar.


Grieve as you need, the transformations occurring, particulalry in your intimate relationships promise to strip you to your core. Get resilient and gather all that you need around you to persevere. Gather yourself. As you conjure yourself anew while the sun illuminates your sign, be open to edits in your master plans and dream visions, especially if they involved depending on someone else. Begin crafting a new plan to follow, one where you provide all that you need for yourself. This is a long unfolding dear Cancer, be in your process.




Your visions are powerful and you are learning how to speak them into reality dear Gemini. People are beginning to resonate with the values and ideals you are attempting to share with the world. If you have strong ideas about communication, but are insecure about espousing them, remember to speak from experience, not from objective truth, and you will rarely go wrong. Continue exploring ways to get more secure and more stable when it comes to your money, continue being honest about where you want to invest your time, energy, effort, and money. If ideas come to you as impulses this week, give them a second (and third) thought. Do not rush your process, if you can stay present with the words you speak you may find a way to bridge your ideals with your money needs.




Keep advocating on behalf of your right to be at peace dear Taurus. Advocate for your right to be at peace and get the coin you need to thrive. You deserve both, and sometimes you have to say no to the folks unwilling to give you what you need. You are worthy of your dream job and your dream paycheck, do not let them convince you otherwise. If your insecurities have you hesitant, may i suggest you fake it until you make it? Sedna reminds us that not all wounds have to heal in order for us to take our next step. Reminder that your healing is not linear, and you may still navigate self-esteem issues for a long while yet. Get your coin regardless. This week choose to speak sweet words to yourself. You deserve to delight in your own company as much as we do!




I have all that I need to thrive.

I am prosperous, abundant, and generous.

I am kind, compassionate, and sweet.

I have the home of my dreams.

I am a creative source and the world needs my fire in order to see.


Repeat as necessary and watch as all you need comes to you. You are doing the work dear Aries, do not block your blessings with self-defeating thoughts. The universe is about you, accept that fact in the face of all the doubts and watch your life bloom and your spark return.


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here

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