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Defender Picks


Horoscopes for Week of August 7th

Our dreams have us in their grip and will not let us go easily. Not during Leo season, and certainly not while the north node of the moon transits Leo and all but demands we let our light shine, no matter how seemingly little. The potent Leo themes of this year are neither casual or ethereal—not when transformational Uranus and fearless Eris are involved. With Uranus supporting the north node’s nudges, you may have found that particularly since may, jobs, friends, lovers, and habits that are not aligned with your highest purpose have been getting shaken up by Uranus’ and Eris’ give no fucks / turn the table over / set the office on fire antics. By no means is this easy, but as I said last week, Uranus’ blessings are usually best seen in hindsight.


Like Uranus, our inner Leo can cause a mess when we deny it what it needs. Until we fully acknowledge our light and go after our dreams, our inner lion will continue pacing, riling us up until we surrender to our magnificence regardless of context, audience, or insecurity. It will continue growling, impatiently waiting (especially trine Uranus!) for us to get fierce and get to the work of cultivating the lives of our dreams.


Of course, there is always a context we must grapple with. If we go after what we want ignoring everyone else, we will arrive to the end of our lives filled with ourselves and not much else. Use this Monday’s full moon in Aquarius to strike a balance between focusing on your freedom to express versus focusing on everyone's right to express. Reminder: these two poles need not be mutually exclusive, how can you build an ideal version of the world that includes room for your fullest expression? If your work (paid, spiritual, emotional, mental, and otherwise) means you must erase yourself and bite back your deepest desires, I invite you to reconsider and be certain before continuing on.


And I say again, by no means is this easy. 

It is not easy to be brave.

It is not easy to gently tell our insecurities to quiet down.

It is not easy to shine.


We can only be where we are in our process. This full moon calls us to be honest with ourselves about the care and attention we need before we are to even glimpse our magnificence. Earth mama Virgo conjoins asteroid goddess Vesta and reminds us it takes a lot of discipline to be great, and it takes a lot of care to sustain ourselves for our long journeys ahead. Mercury trines sturdy, reliable Pallas in Taurus to remind us that our sparks of brilliance may take a long while yet to conjure, so again, we must take care of ourselves in the meantime. These earth babes remind us that the way to our dreams is not ruthless ambition, but softness, vulnerability, and patience. Lord knows we want it now, but when pallas tells you to slow down and pull it all the way together first, it behooves us to listen carefully.


Mercury's station retrograde this saturday only underlines Pallas' call. Beginning this Saturday at 7:56PM New Orleans time and ending September 5th at 6:21AM, the major question of this retrograde is how can you take care of yourself so you can fully enjoy the blessings Jupiter is sending your way? In the same breath that the universe is offering us enormous opportunities to expand, it is also sending us reminders via Pallas, Vesta, and even Jupiter that must also care for ourselves through our processes.


Make time to plan, plot, and scheme while Mercury seems to move backward in the sky to ensure your career(s) are in service of your highest ideals and deepest purposes. Patrons will receive an in depth look at this coming retrograde and solar eclipse with tailored horoscopes. Sign up to become a patron by Friday, August 11 in order to get some cosmic love in your inbox!


The coming solar eclipse on August 21 is a massive opening. It will be only the beginning, it is up to use to care for ourselves and step wisely forward so we can arrive at our own altars/dreams/shine intact. It is up to us to use this full moon to light up each of our unique paths forward and to listen when it tells us what we must do to keep ourselves going. 


Make yourself spacious, for in a couple of weeks and you will have the opportunity to call in the bravery, verve, and ferocity you need to surrender to the life of your dreams, to lay down fears that are no longer yours to carry, and release self-judgement that reifies the illusion that any part of you is unworthy.


Horoscopes this week dedicated to my little light, which has never let me down, New Orleans, who needs sunshine right now, and to Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space. I screamed with delight when I rediscovered that one of us has been among the stars. 




Let your mind tell you what it needs to be at peace, dear Pisces. Be honest if it needs you to turn the dial up on your hustle and take your coin a bit more seriously—your security is crucial to your ability to rest. And yet, I caution you to ensure you are well while you grind. You have a right to thrive and much to accomplish, do not forget to take up the space you need to care for yourself. Pitch a fit against any habits, people, or workplaces that get in the way of your rest. 


Vesta and Mercury in Virgo are nudging you to get clear and concise in your relationships. Be soft and certain when it comes to any conversations you need to have this week. How can you arrange your relationships (intimate, business, and otherwise) in a way that works for you? How can you gently release relationship dynamics that do not serve you? Use Pallas’ brilliance to navigate your relationships with clarity and strength of will. Mercury's station retrograde this Saturday will offer you the opportunity to release any mess that threatens to block your blessings come the upcoming solar eclipse.




Where are you? How are you? What is your state of mind? In the midst of all of your relationships, whether they be with lovers, family, friends, co-creators, or whoever, remember yourself dear Aquarius. Remember to check-in and return to your center so you remain anchored in your realness. As you build with others, create room for yourself to rest and draw inward as you need. A mind like yours needs permission to recover when it gets to be too much. Reflect on the adventures your relationships have taken you on and how you have learned to care for yourself in the midst of your explorations. You can do both.


Your roots are worth returning to and nurturing, there is much wisdom for you to gather so you can continue building the home life you desire. Listen to your ancestors, what do they need to share with you? How can they guide you toward the freedom you will call in for the coming solar eclipse later this month? What of your family lineage are you ready to release? Not all of your family’s trauma need be yours. If you are ready, let it go and make room for your best self.


Mercury is working with you to think deeply about the security and money independence you need to rest easy while you hustle. It is not easy to work for your ideals, dear Aquarius, let this coming retrograde teach you how to take care and affirm yourself no matter what obstacles pop up and threaten to slow you along your path.




How have you been working to secure yourself and your family, dear Capricorn? How have you been making yourself resilient in the face of unstable and quickly changing housing/family situations? You deserve your stability (and coin), use this full moon release any self doubts that keep you from going after work that pays you what you deserve. If you are ready to take control of your money and career, name it, this seemingly simple act will matter come the solar eclipse later this month. As you hustle, remember that you do have a creative side, and it deserves space in your life even if it does not add to your coffers.


Mercury and Vesta are helping you to see the path forward this week, listen up! Do not be cowed if the path involves you being more brave than usual, what else is Leo for? If you can see a future that excites you this week, what insecurities need to shift so you can go after your dream visions whole heartedly? Mercury’s station retrograde will help you come up with rituals and routines that make room for your expansion and allow you to rest and recuperate. Again, listen up!




Revel in all that you have learned over the last couple of months dear Sagittarius. Thank your mind for bearing with you through the drama, impulses, moods, and intense relationships you have likely been grappling with for a while now. While Saturn’s station in your sign has added an undeniable weight to your day-to-day life, Leo has been drawing you closer and closer to your next adventure. The solar eclipse later this month will be an opportunity for you to go after your most expansive, bold, and brilliant horizon. In the meantime, what habits, behaviors, and self-talk need to go so you can cut through the noise and focus on the shit that truly moves you? What drama needs to shift so you can get back to the grand experiment of your life?


Jupiter is reminding you to use your connections to co-create a better world. Trust your intuition when it tells you the people you will be entwined with for a long while yet, and get to dream visioning with them.


Mercury stations retrograde in your house of career and status this Saturday for about three weeks. How can you stay grounded in the midst of any uncertainty? Remember the frustrations and anxieties are lessons, not obstacles. Rejoice if you have learned how to work with your mind just a bit better dear Sagittarius, it is no small feat to learn how to grapple with ourselves day in and day out. 




Your ideal vision of home and family is valid and more than a dream dear Scorpio. Start with the roots you have and use the light of this full moon to illuminate the family dynamics you intend to carry on and the ones you intend to stop dead in their tracks. It may not be easy, and it may take time, but you must return home somewhere. May that place be one that strengthens and protects you. Let the full moon embolden you to continue bravely exploring the meaning of family and to continue building a family to suit you. Your work here is more healing than you know.


And when you leave home? May you go to a job/work/career that fills you to the brim with joy, excitement, and contentment. Few of us have the opportunity to truly shape our careers as we wish, if you are able to grasp as such a privilege, even if by your finger tips, your inner Leo is roaring in your favor. Come the solar eclipse you have the chance to call in the courage, bravery, verve, and boldness you need to go after what you truly desire, obligations be damned. What is blocking your bravery dear Scorpio? Look first to your childhood, have you taken on the illusions of those who raised you? Are you carrying their devotion to a system the will never serve you?


Allow your relationships to unfold. Continue being creative and supple in your work of expanding with another, whether that be professionally, romantically, intimately, platonically, or otherwise. Mercury and Vesta are joining this week to offer you revelations and wisdom when it comes to conveying your thoughts in a way others can hear. Use Mercury’s station retrograde to refine your dreams and schemes of an ideal life. How can you make your plan more supple and adaptable so you do not get so stuck on a course of action you miss out on other potential paths to your promised land? Your steel will and determined mind can benefit from Mercury’s infusion of ifs, ands, and maybes for the next three weeks. Listen!




Allow this full moon to illuminate the ways you have brought more freedom and space into your relationships dear Libra. It may have been messy, difficult, and doubt-filled, but that’s expected for liberating any aspect of our lives. Pause to show gratitude for the work you have done on your behalf and reflect on where work remains if you are to attain your ideal relational life. Jupiter is deeply in support of your health, happiness, and career, keep working here. Ensure the people you entwine with can make space for your ambitions and goals, for they are not to be taken lightly.


Reminder: balance remains paramount—while there is a lot of shine and attention coming your way, be honest with yourself about how much attention you can handle before you become unmoored. Contrary to how it may seem (or you may present) you are undergoing deep work right now reconfiguring your relationship to security, abundance, money, and the parts of you you may struggle with most.


If you have been wondering how to care for yourself while you hustle, grind, and flirt, listen closely to the clarity Mercury and Vesta are offering. What routines and rituals can you cultivate so you stay grounded as you shine (and shine and shine!). If there is still work you need to do in order to truly care for your mind, worry not, for Mercury’s station retrograde in your house of rest and recuperation will offer you wisdom and strength to set the boundaries with others and yourself that you need to thrive in the long term.




What routines, rituals, and habits do you need to continue cultivating in order to sustain yourself for the long work of getting independent and making your own coin? Which habits and self-defeating thoughts need to go? Pause this full moon to celebrate yourself for any strides you have taken to get more free of other people’s money bullshit and any work you have done with the parts of you you struggle most with. Whether you have saved a little money, or begun to shift your relationship to shame, jealousy, etc., I am certain you have something to celebrate this full moon, dear Virgo.


Your inner Leo is offering you the opportunity to come into a more joyful relationship to uncertainty, to become your biggest fan, and to claim whatever power you need to shape and heal the world. How can you affirm yourself and your journey so you have the confidence to call it in? The doubts and anxiety may never go away, but what would it look like to balance them with the truth of your greatness?


Yes, there is much to learn and many skills to master, dear Virgo. That reality need not turn to restlessness or worry. It will come when you are ready, trust that. Mercury’s station retrograde in your first house, will offer you opportunities to refine who you are and how you move through the world. Be strategic and do not be afraid to use your charm to access knowledge that will allow you to heal yourself and others.




As you reflect on the past couple of months and revel in the ways you have shifted and grown, pause this full moon to thank all those around you who have supported your journey thus far. Jupiter is supporting your way with words and you may find you are able to convey your truest feelings and intentions with more ease than usual. 


Cultivate patience when it comes to your work. Pallas is sitting in your house of career which means you have the best strategic thinker in the universe helping you create a long term plan toward your dream job. In the meantime, Vesta and Mercury continue to support any money conversations you need to have this week, and certainly support any side hustles and schemes you may need to conjure up to make ends meet. When Mercury stations retrograde this Saturday, you will have an opportunity to refine your hustles as you put them in place. Trust that this refinement, and the uncertainty that may come with it, are in service of your grand plans.




Listen to yourself, dear Cancer. Your wisdom is deep and too often you seek knowledge elsewhere that already exists within you. What is the work you truly want to do? The work the inspires you, incites you to action, and sings to your soul? If it is witchy, taboo, illegal, esoteric, or straight up weird, and the potential stigma has caused you to hesitate, may I gently assure you you are on the right track? Listen to the moon if it tells you to work through any shame you may have around your dream job. Listen if it tells you people need your healing too badly for you to stay stuck in inaction for long.


The moon can change the state of water on this entire planet, it can cause tidal waves, and it can cause bodies to swell. As a darling of the moon you may change the tide whenever you wish dear Cancer. Never forget that. Continue building a world that suits you and offers you enough room to love on yourself. Your mind is sharp this week, take note of the brilliant ideas and realizations that come your way. Ensure those thoughts do not overwhelm you, Mercury’s station retrograde in this area of your chart may push you to come up with tools to calm your worries when they threaten to exhaust you.




Pause to catch your breath dear Gemini. Your constant state of movement, activity, and sheer brilliance is a sight to behold. Remember to slow down (often) and revel in your bravery and determination to continue growing into your best self and serving your highest purpose. Keep working with your mind so you do not get caught up in the muck. Make boundaries around social media, gossip, pettiness, and rambling so you can stay focused on the real work ahead of you and not the distractions—know when it is time to unplug and return to your self.


Listen when the moon tells you what your next step may be. Pallas is offering you surprising gifts and insights to ensure your coin is correct. When your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde this Saturday, make sure to take care and rest. If you realize your home and family life is not conducive to your recuperation, use this time of refinement to plot toward the oasis you deserve.




What awareness have you been coming to regarding your work? How have you learned to center your wellness in the face of someone else’s bottom line (or even your own)? How have you grown? Listen to the moon if it has wisdom to offer you regarding the kind of work you truly wish to do. Jupiter continues to support the discipline you need to be well and the boundaries you must set with others so you do not run yourself ragged while you grind.


You are unfolding ever so slowly dear Taurus. How can you be sweet to yourself in your process? You deserve your love, respect, and kindness, even on the days you frustrate yourself. Better yet, how can you find joy in your process? Trust that you are headed exactly where you need to go and there is no need to fret. The most brilliant asteroid of our solar system is making sure to guide you, and that is something to cherish. Mercury retrograde is also supporting your path forward by offering you the opportunity to refine your grand plans so you can express your creative brilliance with clarity and confidence. Chill. You got this, and when you do not, the universe does (lucky you!).




How will you craft a world that has enough room for your ideals, security, comfort, and family? Yes, there remains much to do and a long path to travel, can you also take a moment this full moon to relish in the work you have already done here? If you have made any strides toward building the security you deserve and cultivating the family life of your dreams, praise yourself (and the universe) for what you have been able to accomplish through sheer will and determination.


Your relationships continue to be the guiding force of your work, remember to enjoy them even while you must grind to keep everything going. Your money and security plans are slowly but surely unfolding, trust that Pallas, the tactical genius of our solar system, is charging forward with you toward a life that is comfortable and joyful. Remember Pallas when your fears threaten to throw you into one of your moods. How can you accept the work of your journey so you can enjoy it a bit more, dear Aries? It will not always be sunshine, how can you prepare your mind for the ebbs and flows of life so you are not at the whims of shit you cannot control? What little routines can you bring into your life so you stay stable no matter what is going down around you? Mercury is working with you here and offering you the opportunity to empower yourself to be well throughout your hustle.



- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here

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