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Defender Picks


Horoscopes for Week of August 14th

Rest. As the moon wanes in preparation for a new moon, energies seem to wane right along with it. We can resist, grinding ourselves down until we are too exhausted to do much of anything, or we can follow the example of a much older, much wiser source of light in the world. If the moon is resting and turning inward this is a good time to do the same.


And if that is not enough, the astrology of next week is powerful beyond imagination with the promise of long-lasting effects and big shifts. The astrology of this week of very light relatively speaking, a blessing and a reminder from the universe to relax and release anything that may still be hanging on to us by the time the new moon solar eclipse occurs. Oh and the sun enters Virgo next week, Saturn stations direct, Venus enters Leo, and Jupiter sextiles Saturn—a lot of energy is shifting quickly. 


So rest.


Leo is at its best when it is worry free and well, able to accept their limits, and willing to let others know what they can and cannot do. This week, free the part of you bold enough to advocate for yourself and say, “nope,” when people demand you do unfair labor. Take care of yourself without apology or hesitation. Take all the space you need from anything or anyone that drains your energy and precious time. When you falter, remember the moon, if they can rest, so can you.


May no be your mantra this week. May you say no to others so you can say yes to yourself. Yes to your wholeness, wellness, rest, and relaxation.


Horoscopes this week dedicated to Eartha Kitt, who I magine napped in style, and Baby Bop, my very favorite growing up.


Take what works, leave what does not, and make sure to look at your rising and sun sign (and moon sign if you are curious!)





May you offer sweet words and sweet thoughts to yourself this week dear Pisces. May you block any communication coming your way that unsettles or disturbs you. Say “nope, not this week,” to anyone messing with your energy and dampening your glow. Your intuition is powerful with Jupiter in Libra squaring Venus in Cancer, and you may have an innate sense of who to share your energy with and who not to. Listen, few deserve to bask in your glory.


If you have anxiety about work and your place in the world, can you find a way to work through your feelings without upsetting yourself? You are growing deeply here, the kind of growth that takes a long time to unfold, be patient if you find yourself worried about next steps and future plans. The moon is fond of you, feel free to call on them as you need—if you listen you will hear magic (and probably, “rest, dear one!”). 

Wednesday, when the sun conjoins the north node in Leo in your house of wellness, is a beautiful day for clarity around the boundaries you need to set to say “yes” to your highest self. While you may want to let people know what they are not going to do, remember that many folks will feel tired this week and deserve to rest just like you. Unless it is urgent, save it for next week when energies return and attention spans lengthen once again.




May you have the wisdom to care for yourself while you expand dear Aquarius. Get comfortable this week, your spirit is undergoing a deepening process that is intense. Give yourself permission to rest, exist joyfully in your imperfections, and luxuriate in the glow of self-care. Say no to lovers, close friends, or business partners as you need, trust that you are still a magnificent person even when you choose to say yes to your self and nope to everyone else.


Your relationships are one place where compromise around yourself, your needs, your quirks, etc. is unnecessary. Share your time and energy with people who can love all the parts of you that need love. As you relax this week, make the choice not to pretend in love, to be unapologetically you. Not all are meant to worship at your altar.




May you have the bravery to give yourself permission to rest dear Capricorn. Let no person, job, or goal run you ragged this week. What we often forget about our inner Leo is that it accepts our magnificence and our shadow with infinite and unconditional love. So the self-judgment can go, all parts of you are divine, even the parts that are unproductive and dislike to hustle. Love your shadow this week and it will offer you unbelievable opportunities to rest. Love the lazy, naggy, anxious, angry, jealous parts of you and watch how they quiet down and give you some peace. As you come to a deeper sense of yourself and your desires at a soul level, you will have times where you are simply tired. cultivate more acceptance around that fact this week.


Find safety in your relationships, go to the people you can be at ease with. You can choose who you share your energy with, remember that always.




May you be free dear Sagittarius. May you explore, adventure, learn, and teach as much as your heart desires. May you have the bravery to take your vision and dreams seriously because they do have the potential to heal the world. Release any self-defeating habits that leave you out of your power and feeling small. Your planetary ruler is Jupiter, the giant of the solar system, you are huge and your inner Leo is calling you to remember that. The universe has been working deeply with you, shaping you for greatness, but that work can be exhausting. permission to frolic as your heart needs and desires.


Nourish your relationships and they will nourish you. Avoid allowing your stress to block your ability to share yourself kindly with another, while your desires for status and security may seem urgent, the folks consenting to be in relation to you deserve your thoughtfulness and respect. Tread politely this week. And if the energy is with you, go somewhere new and experience something you never have before. There is magic awaiting you in the unknown.




May you set boundaries around your work dear Scorpio. Have you noticed how willing folks are to cross your lines and add more to your plate? Being competent is a double-edged sword. Your ability to get shit done will always be used and abused if you allow it. How can you politely decline all asks that force you to do labor you simply do not want to do? If you realize you want to decline everyone for everything, you inner Leo needs some attention. Ruling over your house of career your inner lion wants work they can do joyfully and vibrantly. It wants work that leaves room for health and wellness while getting shit done and looking great while doing it.


If this is not your current work flow, relax. Change is coming and there is no need to fret. In the meantime say "no," there is no need to apologize or explain why you do not need to do anything that falls outside of your job description or drains your vitality. If you are wondering  where freedom and space exist in your life, get quiet this week, your intuition has much to share with you.


Above all else, take it easy this week, you deserve to rest.




May you shape your career to please you dear Libra. Shape it to fit you, your needs, your capacity, your energy level, and your desire to live a good life. Create room to adventure and journey so you are not stuck grinding for someone else’s bottom line. Find work that allows you to reach your highest self and build the world you dream of. Say no to any work place, client, or coworker who demands more of you than they should. The moon is waning and there is about to be an eclipse, this is a week for all of us to chill unapologetically.


As you put down new roots and secure yourself, there may be family stuff to face. Fear not, the more willing you are to work with the muck, the more free you will become. If ever it gets too much, permission to decline all asks for your attention and affection. You belong only to yourself and need not hesitate to remind anyone of that truth.


The eclipse will offer you the opportunity to leap toward your ideals, spend this week basking in your light and feeling yourself. Your inner Leo will joyfully handle the rest.




May you set the boundaries you need with yourself and others to rest dear Virgo. As you empower yourself to shape your money, security, home, and creative energy you may realize that shaping is tiring work. Give yourself permission to rest, slow down, make less, show up less, worry less—just less. Set the intention to be content in your joy, block anything that gets in the way of your right to be at ease, be that social media, family, work, or money. Trust that you will handle it all in due time.


This is the last week the sun is offering you rest and recuperation before it enters your first house and focuses the spotlight on you. Last chance. Use this week to delight in your daydreams and expansion possibilities. There is so much you will have the opportunity to learn, make sure to jot down what knowledge you are hoping to access in between all the resting, napping, reposing, and luxuriating you do.




May you call in the next phase of your growth with joy instead of exhaustion dear Leo. Whatever your work throws your way this week, how can you keep it calm and moving? You deserve to call on the peace you need at all times, what self-care routines can you draw on this week so you do not go into the eclipse (your eclipse) ragged and drained?


Be thoughtful about the words you speak, write, share, and listen to this week. Protect your energy from folks trying to share opinions, information, and gossip with you that distracts you from your rest and gets you more riled up than necessary. Consider taking a break from social media this week, information overload is real and with all the energy and feelings in the air, you may feel more impacted by it than usual.




May you allow the earth to heal you dear Cancer. Water when it needs to be soothed and reminded that stability is possible, seeks out earth, the only element truly able to pacify it. Seek out what allows you to feel stable, at peace, safe, and rooted this week. Avoid anyone who riles you up, you are too precious to be pressed. If you can, go outside often, sit on the ground often, and delight in mother nature who can hold all that you need held and some. May your mantra for this week be plants over people.


No matter what is going on in your love life, no matter the wars being waged in your home space accept that there is only so much you can handle at once. If you are at capacity, frustrated, and rageful become the peace you need. And if that is not possible (and it may not be), delight in nature as much of you can. If you feel unstable, find solid ground. If you feel unrooted, sit beneath a tree. The messages you need exist everywhere dear cancer, go find them. The universe is always willing to affirm you.




May you nourish yourself always dear Gemini. A mind like yours is hard to quiet, it is what makes you electric and it is what exhausts you. As you expand, learn, and create, how can you be honest about your capacity and need to rest? You are building the power to speak and express yourself as you truly desire and to shine for what you share with the world, use this week to rest before the eclipse sets things off.


As you deepen your relationships with others, ensure you are deepening your relationship with your self and your spirit. Your needs will remain important no matter who you decide to show up for, you might as well get comfortable meeting them and setting boundaries with folks so you have time and space to show up for you. Find the folks you want to expand with and who are willing to co-create relationships filled with the nourishment and care you deserve.


Above all else, if you are tired, rest. Take it easy, the eclipse will expand you in new directions, best arrive ready.




May you stay rooted while you expand dear Taurus. While you look up, expanding ever upward, ensure your roots remain stable and nourished. Ensure you are taking care of your most basic needs even when the universe sends instability your way. Check in with your family, chosen or otherwise, but be brave enough to say no when you need to.


Trust your intuition regarding your needs this week, trust it when it tells you the vibes you simply cannot absorb and respond accordingly. For all the work you do, and the people you show up for, it is okay to take a break if you need. You may not be able to accomplish all the you wish to this week, how can you gently accept that instead of spending your energy being harsh on yourself?


Chill. The eclipse next week is offering you a massive shift in regards to your family, lineage, childhood, and home the best way to receive it is calmly.




May you accept that all is unfolding as it should and allow yourself to rest, dear Aries. How can you find peace, joy, and contentment right where you are? The future is magnificent, yes, and it holds all that you desire and more. But you are not there yet, you are right here. You have much to show gratitude for, do not get so caught up in your next step that you dismiss the abundance already in your life blessing you, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant.


Bless yourself with the power to say, “no” this week. Say no to family, lovers, and work that does not bring you rest and comfort. If you just do not feel like doing it, do not do it. May you be blessed with the power to say “no” to yourself this week. When your mind rushes to the future, bringing you restlessness and yearning and the illusion of lack, say no. Choose to love and accept yourself exactly where you are, imperfection, muck, and all. This eclipse is a potent opportunity to step into your next phase of self-love, how can you show up willing and ready?


- - - - -


Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here

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