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Defender Picks


Harper's Bizarre

An older, wiser Roman Harper took to the web to reflect on his championship season with Saints in 2009. Harper, who now boasts about his grey hairs, serves the role of an elder on the 11-0 Carolina Panthers. Having also played with 2009 Saints (who began their season 13-0), the safety decided to share his take on the differences between the two team in a Monday Morning Quarterback article.


Early in the article, Harper made many locals proud by noting that “the 2009 Saints embodied the party culture of New Orleans, and we embraced our role as celebrities of a small market. In short, we partied very hard.” He notes that after his 11th win in NOLA, members of the defense went drinking. (Drinking is a recurring theme of the Saints years. Harper later wrote about a tardy arrival at the team Super Bowl photo on account of late night.) By contrast, the veteran said that after win 11 in Carolina, he plaid cards with a teammate.


The Black n’ Gold’s championship squad was built around oversized personalities and a focus on individuals according to the article. Jeremy Shockey, Reggie Bush, and Darren Sharper are held up as examples. Harper argues that the Panthers squad is more team oriented. He posits that the individual players are less stat focused and understand their numbers are a product of their team-mates.


To that end, the piece also presents a difference in coaching styles. “We had a coach in New Orleans who breathed fire into the team, who was able to motivate each individual in his own unique way and who was a celebrity in his own right. In Carolina we play for a quiet, confident man who can relate to anyone in the building and understands a locker room like no one else.”


The reflection also dives into cultural changes. Social media and scrutiny on players i is mentioned several times. Simply put, Harper believes that the smart phone era has removed an element of privacy from the participants and the shenanigans of years past are no longer tolerable.


And then there is Breesus. The former Saint showers Number Nine with love, crediting him for pulling the team together and leading them to their storied win in Miami.


The piece is filled with too many gems to summarize. Read it for yourself here.

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