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Harbowl Hype: Super Bowl Coaches Talk Mom, New Orleans' People and the Third Harbaugh

After Media Day Tuesday, more press conferences Wednesday and an appearance by the Harbaugh parents on Thursday, it may seem like there's nothing more to be said about the Harbowl. But Super Bowl XLVII head coaching bros John and Jim Harbaugh saved one last morsel for the end of the week. Turns out, there's a Harbaugh secret weapon.


At a joint press conference held Friday morning, there wasn't a lot of difference between the two coaches. 


Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh talked about New Orleans' rebuilding since the Federal Flood Katrina, saying: 

The people who are working with us, the security and the people who work at our hotel, they’re just great people. They have smiles on their faces, they’re excited to be doing and really building relationships with these people because we’re with them all week


"I would say the same thing," San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh chimed in.


The two even agreed on logistics.


"It will be a normal Friday practice with things we do on Friday, and we’ll be moving on from there," John Harbaugh said of his team's Friday schedule.


"I concur," Jim Harbaugh said.


Then it was Jim's turn to take a question about how the brothers acted growing up, and how it got them to Sunday's moment in the Super Bowl.


"The way our players have played, that is why we’re here, not because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids," John Harbaugh said. "Really a credit to those men, and looking forward to the game.”


"I concur," John Harbaugh said.


For two fiery competitors, the pair seemed to agree a lot. In a big game that's bound to be close, victory will likely come down to the tiniest differences between teams. Will the game come down to a tie with both coaches on the same page?


No, there is another.


One reporter asked about yet another Harbaugh who is set to be in the big game. Jim's son Jay Harbaugh is also an NFL coach on the strength and video staff  - with the Ravens.


"We talked about the philosophical difference (between the brothers) or whatever; I think that may well tip the scale that might be our edge, Jay. He’s really good," John Harbaugh said.


There was also time for a little reminscing, as the coaches were asked the inevitable question about where the family's true competitive fires emanate from,


“There is no one in the family who has more competitive fire than my mother," said Jim Harbaugh. "She competes like a maniac."


"She was not happy with us when we made a goal out of chicken wire when we were about 13 years old, and we shot all of the windows out of the garage door," John Harbaugh said. "Remember that? They were glass. She called dad in on that one."


The two spoke of their teams being the coach's Band of Brothers for the game on Sunday. But there's no doubt who Jackie Harbaugh would want the other to think of first.


"She basically made it very clear that we were to have each other’s back no matter what, and that was our mom," John Harbaugh said.








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