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Green Wave: Eco-Protesers Stage Sit-In at Tulane

The spirit of the Sixties is alive and well at Tulane. Today, Divest Tulane staged a good ol’ fashioned sit-in. The campus group advocates against fossil fuels, a controversial angle in energy-industry driven SoLa.


Organizers estimate that “Over 70” students occupied the university’s administration building, Gibson Hall, outside of President Fitt’s office. 


For three days, a coalition of students, alums, and faculty will conduct workshops and “teach-ins” with the goal of convincing Tulane to clear the school’s portfolio of associations with oil, coal, and gas companies.


“It is important that we continue to connect the dots between a future of climate chaos and the extractive and profit-over-people business strategies that are inherent within the fossil fuel industry,” said sophomore Elias Garcia in a statement. “Business cannot carry on as usual.” 


The protest is once of several coordinated actions at colleges and universities nationwide. At Yale, 19 students were briefly detained and then released with fines and citations after they refused to abandon their own sit-in after the close of their administration’s building. Tulane organizers say that the NOLA protest will only occur during business hours.


Senior Emma Collin said, “We are at a pivotal moment in history and there is tremendous opportunity for leadership in the face of the climate crisis. I’m escalating with Divest Tulane because Tulane must protect New Orleans for students now and for generations to come.”

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