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The Governor's Wife, feat. Edwin Edwards, Slates October Debut (VIDEO)

Edwin Edwards is gearing up to be on TV this fall, but it's not because he's running for office. Now that they've welcomed a new EWE, the four-time governor and one-time convict and his wife Trina are set to debut their reality show on A&E. Click through to see the teaser.


The reality show has been talked about since virtually the moment Edwards was released from his ten-year federal prison sentence for racketeering, but a firm date for public viewing has remained elusive. Barring any October surprises, however, network execs have now scheduled the show's premiere for Oct. 27. Although A&E has pushed aside the Silver Zipper in favor of another Louisiana Dynasty before, this time there's video to go along with the announcement.


The Trina-narrated intro indicates the show will follow 86-year-old ex-gov and his 34-year-old wife as they meld her family of two young sons with his family of two grown daughters -- one of whom is referred to as "the dragon." Apparently, it sounded like a storybook tale to the producers:

A&E: The Governors Wife from StunCreative on Vimeo.

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