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Gulf Weather Watch: Waves & Troughs

As we enter the final week of August, New Orleanians are double checking their bottled water, battery, and booze stashes. Nervous eyes are turning towards the Gulf. The National Weather Service (NWS) is churning out maps with yellow circles, but the current threats are not very threatening.


Right off the coast of Louisiana a trough of low pressure has developed. This means that the Boot might need some leather conditioner because odds are we're going wet. The formation is expected to hit the northwestern gulf coast tonight or tomorow bringing some heavy thuderstorms. However, not much more is expected. The NWS says the odds of a tropical cyclone developing are "nearly 0%."


Looking South to the Yucatan Peninsula, a tropical wave is creating some chaos. Right now, the weather is still struggling with organization and the only results are showers, thunderstorms, and cloudiness over Central America anc the Caribbean. The NWS cautions that upper level winds are "conducive" when the formation moves across the Bay of Campeche. The experts are placing the odds at 20% that a tropical cyclone could develop.

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