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Fourth of July Marks Rare Shooting-Free 48 Hours in NOLA

Let's hand it to the power of the red, white, and blue. Whether due to some profound sense of patriotism or because there was lots to do between BBQs, music, and fireworks, but New Orleans saw a significant drop in crime during a 48-hour period around the Fourth of July.


Jeff Asher, local crime analyst and the man behind NOLA Crime News, noted that there had been no reported shootings on July 3rd or July 4th. It was the first time in over three months that there had been two consecutive shooting-free days in New Orleans, said Asher. The most recent consecutive days were March 28th and March 29th. 


During a day that celebrates the land of the free, it is refreshing that no New Orleanian had to exercise their right to bear arms. 


Asher has previously stated that gun-related violence in New Orleans is on a steady rise, with 2017 rates far ahead of statistics from the last two years. The city reached 300 shooting victims in Orleans Parish on May 31st of this year, while it did not hit the mark until early August in 2015 and 2016. 


In a mid-June 2017 report titled "Is This the New Normal?", the analyst noted, "there have been 718 people shot in 568 shooting incidents and 205 people murdered in New Orleans over the last 365 days." The startling and consistent rise in crime shows that there seems to be no end in sight, but the two-day citywide abstinence from gun violence is a step in the right direction. 

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