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Fit & Faithful: Lenten Tips for Week 3

Orangetheory Fitness Coach Shares Diet & Exercise Insights

We’re approaching the end of the post-Carnival cleanse that the more faithful call Lenten. As part of our ongoing series, NoDef is calling upon a different health expert each week to ask for tips for the fit and faithful. By Easter, NoDef will have 40 tips for each day of the season. In the past few weeks, Laughing Lotus Yoga’s Dana Trixie Flynn and Jenny Kern of ILoveKickboxing have shared their health tips. This week, personal trainer Cat Forman offers her ten tips for getting in shape as well as some pointers to eating more sensibly without depriving yourself. 


At 26 years old, Forman is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer, holds certification in Crossfit as well as working as a coach at Orangetheory Fitness’s new Uptown studio. Her health journey has defined half of her life. “From the time I turned 13, I have done step aerobics, Pilates, Spinning, Bootcamps galore, group fitness classes, swimming, water aerobics, marathon training, weight lifting, Olympic lifting, rowing,” she said. “You name it, I've probably done it.” Having done the firsthand research, she finds Orangetheory’s unique program design to align best with her goals. Since starting the workout program herself, “I cut my mile time in half — not to mention dropping a little weight too.” 


So, what exactly is Orangetheory? Allow Forman to spread the orange. “[It’s] a heart rate-based workout which will raise energy levels, promote cardiovascular health, better quality sleep and most importantly, help people reach their fitness goals.” The high-intensity interval training program mixes cardio and strength training, all synced to a heart rate monitor to track your intensity and improvement. The 60-minute sessions are ideal for anyone with short attention spans, wants a full body workout in a short period of time, or just wants a little more excitement to their exercise than the monotony of running on a treadmill. Forman has seen the results from all different members, “from those who may not have exercised at all, ever, to elite athletes.” 


For the fit and the faithful, the truly successful health journeys come from people who view their commitment to diet and exercise as a marriage, not a fling. The best plan of action is just that — coming up with a plan. More importantly, sticking to the plan. Forman admonishes crash diets and crazy workouts, instead favoring long term fitness goals. She also emphasizes the importance of being aware of what you consume. “You can’t out train a bad diet,” she said. Forman tells clients to follow the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines when it comes to designing a new fitness routine. Her fitness motto comes from the famed British writer William Golding: "Without a plan, there is no attack! Without attack, no victory!" 


Fitness Tips 1-5 (S.M.A.R.T.)

S - Specific - Not just "oh I want to lose weight," but "I want to lose 5 pounds this month." Instead of saying, "I want to tone my tush," try, "I will work towards increasing my deadlift by 10lbs this month." 

M - Manageable - Telling yourself "I'm going to go to Orangetheory classes every day for the next two months" is not the way to start. I love the enthusiasm, but does that sound manageable to you? No, because it's not! 

A - Attainable - Make a plan. Stick to it. Small actions every day will lead to better results. But you have to have a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It's that simple. 

R - Realistic - Losing 20lbs in a month? Not realistic. Losing 1-2lbs per week? Completely doable. And healthy. And most importantly, safe! 

T - Timely - Setting a realistic time frame is key to successful goal planning. If there is no time limit, you do not create a sense of urgency. If no sense of urgency is created, guess what? The likelihood of achieving your goal diminishes greatly. 


Diet Tips 1-5

Tip 1 - All or nothing approaches never work. They might temporarily help you lose a few pounds, but they are not sustainable, and chances are that anything you lose you will gain right back. Usually plus some, too. 

Tip 2 - Overly processed food - no bueno. The more ingredients on the box, the less healthy it is. 

Tip 3 - Shop the perimeter of the supermarket- fruits, veggies and quality protein sources. 

Tip 4 - Eating out has the potential to completely derail your healthy eating habits. But if you have to, always go for lean protein and greens - always a good choice! 

Tip 5 - Every once in a while, treat yourself. Be aware of your body and what it's telling you. very time I feel like I might eat stuff out of boredom (usually junk), I drink a big glass of water- presto! Junk food craving gone! But if I really want something, I don't deprive myself of it. Don't go bananas, but if you don't stop and smell the roses, your fitness journey won't be as sweet. 


Orangetheory Fitness's New Orleans locations can be found here

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