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7th Annual Eat Local Challenge Invites Locavores to the Table

Have you ever looked in your fridge and wondered where on earth your food actually comes from? Conscious consumption is a rising movement in this country — from garments proudly bearing Made in the USA tags to food grown in your own backyard. Local locavores are making is easy to eat fresher, healthier, and more sustainably in the Big Easy with the 7th annual New Orleans Eat Local Challenge. 


For the next 30 days, New Orleanians are challenged to consume foods grown, caught, or raised with in a 200 mile radius of the Crescent City. There are four different levels of strictness: ultra strict (the Tchoupitoulas), strict (the Bienville), lenient, and ultra lenient (the Ignatius J. Reilly level). All participants will be documenting their farm fresh journey on an honor system basis. 


There are four contests within the Eat Local Challenge. Stay Local will award a $200 gift certificate to the person who dines at the most participating restaurants for the Eat Local Restaurant Challenge. (Check out the list of restaurants here.) The Lowest Carbon Footprint Challenge will award prizes from Bike Easy, Ride New Orleans, and the Green Project. The participants who exhibit the most overall health improvement will win the 30 Day Ochsner Health & Fitness Challenge, while the five entrants who eat only local foods for at least three weeks will win $300 plus other prizes from the Ultra Strict Challenge. 


The local food movement is a growing presence in New Orleans. Between the booming booze biz (11 distilleries and counting in a 200 mile radius, plus a growing number of breweries around the city), and the many markets and co-ops around town, consuming close to home is far from a hassle. 


The $25 entrance fee will get participants official swag like an Eat Local Challenge t-shirt, buyer’s guide, and a tote bag stocked with coupons. Entrants will also receive access to the Eat Local Challenge recipe forum, party invites, exclusive discounts and free access to markets, classes, and workshops across the city. 


New features of the 2017 Eat Local Challenge are the additions of two dietary staples to the entrant packages. The first, Camelia Sinensis tea from J&D Blueberry Farms, a Crescent City Farmers Market vendor for a decade, is included for locavores to brew as they see fit. The second, Inglewood Farm, provided 500 pounds of certified organic, local red soft winter weather flour to the challenge, for participants to make bread, pastries, dough, pasta and more. 


Events on the lineup for 2017, mix new goodies with the all-star classics. Returning features include urban farm bike rides, a wild edible foraging session with Dr. Charles Allen, wine tastings, cocktail contests, and tutorials on bee keeping, chicken raising, and cheese making. New to the program are herb-based medicinal courses, an Invasive Species rooftop dinner, and demos on making tofu, plant milk, rice paper and rice noodles, among others. The annual tour of the Vietnamese farmer’s market will be joined by new demos at the Dryades Public Market. 


The 7th annual Eat Local Challenge kicks off Wednesday (6.1). Learn more about the challenge, and the benefits of eating locally here

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