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Fair Folks, A Goat & An American Memory

No it’s not second Saturday. It’s not even Saturday. Yet, there is art to be seen. Tonight, from 7-10 p.m., five artists come together for An American Memory, a group exhibition guest curated by Michael Martin at Chartres' Fair Folks and a Goat. The works and mediums vary, but, thematically, all of the works reflect on the splendor found in a city’s gradual decay - what corrodes, what remains, and the new visual aesthetic that takes hold of its surroundings as a result.

The five artists called upon to conjure this romantic impression are Hannah Chalew (painter, drawer, installation artist), Georgia Kennedy (painter,conceptual artist), visual artist Siobhan Feehan (these three hailing from the 2011 visual artist NoDef Nodding T-Lot Artist Studio Collective), Taylor Bonds (painter), and Philip Jordan (playwright).


Each artist made pieces specifically for tonight’s show, focusing around figures they feel are misunderstood or misrepresented in American culture. Feehan and Jordan have a collaboration in the exhibit called "Household Names," consisting of minimalist black and white illustrations accompanied by biographical vignettes. Chalew’s work focuses on urban decay within New Orleans, and the convergence of blighted architecture with elements of the natural environment. Kennedy’s installation features golden spikes reminiscent of what was used to join the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads in the mid 19th Century, and Bonds’ paintings depict the naïve and ever-searching youth of this city, among the ‘implicit iconoclasm particular to New Orleans’.


Fair Folks & a Goat is a "living gallery" based in a double shotgun home, and features seven rooms, a courtyard, and, now, an American Memory.

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