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Exotic Prancer: Summer at the Fair Grounds Includes Quarter Horses, Camels, & Ostriches

Thanksgiving may be months away, but the Fair Grounds still have more opportunities to bet on the ponies in store. Today, the track released a summer schedule for some crowd favorites. Street food, quarter horses, camels, and ostriches will all be coming to NOLA during the hot months.


From August 15 until September 5, the Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association (LQHBA) will present quarter horse racing at the Fair Grounds. Don’t let the name fool you. Quarter horses are known for their speed, hitting 55mph, while racing in sprints of 220 yards to 870 yards.


The start of this mini-season will be marked by the return of the Street Fare Derby on August 15 and 16. The feast grew out of food trucks during Starlight Racing into a full fledged feast of street eats and kitchens on wheels. Music at the event will include Flowtribe, Bonerama, John “Papa” Gros Band, and Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes. Tickets are 15 dollars with VIP options available.


Track President, Tim Bryant said in a statement. “The Street Fare Derby blends the best features of New Orleans culture – world-class entertainment, exceptional food and convivial socializing – at one of the city’s truly historic and traditional gathering places. The street food craze continues to sweep the nation as a fun, delicious and affordable option to the traditional sit down restaurant. New Orleans’ emerging food truck scene is buoyed by the city’s plethora of adventurous chefs and a citywide tradition of high-quality food relative to other major American cities.”


August 29 will be Exotic Animal Night. The highlights include an ostrich race and a camel race.

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