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A for Effort? Bobby J Rolls Out National Education Plan

Bobby Jindal is no stranger to the education debate. He also knows a thing or two about setting up a national campaign without declaring a bid for office. Today, da Gov’ combined the habits, rolling out his plan to “fix” education in America at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington D.C.


According to the plan released by Jindal’s think-tank, America Next, “America’s education system is set up as a collective, a series of interlocking, coercive monopolies, instead of an individual-driven ecosystem of freedom and choice where people willingly work together to accomplish their mutual goals.”


The proposed solution is built upon parent choice, limited government, and educator freedom. 


Not surprisingly, these concepts involve shots at all of the usual targets. The proposal begins by pushing for more charter schools, citing New Orleans as a role model. Jindal writes, “Over 90% of kids in the public school system in New Orleans now attend charter schools. 7,000 kids use our scholarship program to attend the schools of their choice, and the parent satisfaction rate among those in the program is over 90%”


Next, he moves on to an assault on unions. “In that regard, teaching is like every other single profession in America. We must get out of the mode of paying teachers for how long they have been breathing. We owe it to our kids to give them the best possible teachers.”


Jindal initially backed Common Core, but then reversed course at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference. He continues the attack in the recent plan, declaring “Common Core must go.”


The entire report can be read here.

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