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Drew Brees Sends Message to Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol (VIDEO)

Harry Connick Jr. is known for being harsh with contestants on American Idol, but Breesus appeared on the show to preach forgiveness to Connick. The locally bred musician and actor was defending his judging style on last night's episode, and Drew Brees made a special video appearance to ask Connick to give the kids a break. 


In the clip, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest question Connick's grouchy demeanor, and Connick has a rebuttal. While Connick and fellow judge Jennifer Lopez explain their motivation for being harsh, Drew Brees pops up on the screen, to Connick's delight. 


“I know it’s not football season so don’t have a way to get out that energy maybe,” Brees says to Connick.   


“That’s my hero!” a surprised Connick yells.   


Brees then asks Connick to be “a little bit more positive, more encouraging," but adds, “You look like you’re having fun out there, keep it up, I’ll be watching.”


Connick continues to defend his style of judging. “If Drew throws a bad pass, his coach, Sean Payton is not going to come up to him and tell him how handsome he is. He’s going to say ‘look, what can we do to make this work,’” said Connick, comparing himself to an NFL coach.



Connick and Payton both took to Twitter following the clip, and Payton makes it clear that Connick's talents are better spent on the stage than the field. 


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