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DJ Soul Sister Talks Spinning During JazzFest

by Stacy Coco

JazzFest time is simultaneously a whirlwind and a delight for performers, organizers and, of course, devoted music fans. DJ Soul Sister plays all those roles, from right-on party organizer to Fest performer. As she was getting ready to open for Chaka Khan, NoDef spoke with Soul Sister to get her take on this year’s festival preparations and expectations. 


DJ Soul Sister blends vinyl-only hip hop sets with funk, soul, discotheque and jazz genres. On May 2 on the Congo Square Stage, . Hailing from her native New Orleans, she is one of the longest-running live DJ artists in the area. 


Opening for Chaka Khan on May 2, this will be Soul Sister’s fifth time performing at Jazz Fest, and she could not be more excited. 


“It’s always fun. My one hope every year is that it does not rain,” she said.


But this time of year is not all fun and funk. Soul Sister is preparing for a lot of different shows as well.


“It’s always busy, but it’s my favorite time of year. I call it Mardi Gras for music freaks,” she explained, also comparing it to a high school girl’s frantic preparations for prom. “It’s sort of like going to prom, like getting ready, doing your hair, figuring out what you’re going to wear, and in the middle of getting ready for the 'music prom,' I’ve got to clean out my car.” 


Unfortunately, she does not get to experience all of the season’s musical offerings as often as she would like because she is working so much. It is hard to find a balance between doing what she loves while trying to squeeze in performances she wishes to witness. Fortunately, the work she is doing this year is “overwhelmingly amazing.” 


“If I didn’t care about sleeping, I could be doing those things more often,” she said, referring to booking more performances and attending some of her favorites by other artists.  


By spreading positive, soulful vibrations, she uses her sets to honor the musicians, singers and artists who have come before her. As for what she hopes to convey to her audience, Soul Sister said, “My work is really mission driven. I am only doing the things that make sense in the mission of soulful takeover.”

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