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Second Man Killed by Police in 1-Week Span Was Unarmed, Chief Says

By Shay Sokol

A man who investigators believe was unarmed was killed by a cop Wednesday in Gentilly while police were serving a drug warrant, according to NOPD. Around 5:30 p.m. yesterday in Gentilly, NOPD Narcotics task forces knocked on the door of a residence on 2651 Prentiss Avenue, declaring, “This is police. We have a search warrant.” There was no answer. According to police, the cops then broke down the door, and entered the house, which had been under surveillance for marijuana sale activity. Still no answer.


While searching the house, officers heard one gun blast. Officer Josh Colclough shot one time, killing 20-year-old Wendell Allen. At a press conference this afternoon, NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas said Allen did not have a gun in his possession when he was shot at the top of the staircase in the two-story home, where five children were present.


After an informant tipped a Jefferson Parish Sherriff’s deputy that a man named Troy Deemer was selling marijuana from the residence, police conducted undercover surveillance of the property, where several hand-to-hand transactions were believed to have taken place, Serpas said. Police observed a young black male leaving the residence with a white package yesterday. The subject drove off in a white truck, and police followed, eventually pulling the subject over for a moving traffic violation. Officers smelled marijuana in the vehicle, and identified the driver as Deemer, 19. The K9 unit came to search the car, finding one pound of marijuana in the white package Deemer was seen carrying out of the residence. After Deemer gave a statement, police secured a search warrant for the residence.


While executing the search warrant at the residence, NOPD's 3rd district narcotics officers and Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies found digital scales with residue, packaging materials, and 138 grams of marijuana – the size of a football, Serpas said.


Brandon Boles, 19, was at the residence during the search and was arrested for Possession and Intent to Distribute Marijuana. David Allen, 20, also present, was booked for Possession and Intent to Distribute Marijuana, and for an outstanding Court Capias, because he was on probation for Simple Robbery and Theft. Five children between 1—14-years-old were taken to Children’s Advocacy Center.


Serpas said one of the occupants of the residence told police a gun was hidden at the residence. Police secured a second search warrant and recovered the Bersa .380 cal semi-auto handgun.


Serpas said this is the third investigation that will use a joint strategy between NOPD, Independent Monitor Susan Hutson and the Public Integrity Bureau, which has two FBI agents assigned to the case. On Thursday, March 1, a traffic stop gone wrong resulted in NOPD officers killing 20-year-old Justin Sipp. That’s two citizens killed by police in one week, and two full-blown, ongoing investigations.


Outside the press conference held at NOPD Headquarters, solemn protestors held signs calling for justice for Wendell Allen. Outside a press conference held in the Mayor’s Office at City Hall earlier today, black protestors held signs for justice for both Allen and Justin Sipp.


At the Mayor’s press conference, Mayor Mitch Landrieu sat on a couch before cameras to give his condolences to Allen’s family. Next to the mayor was a portrait of him shaking hands with a black child, and a protestor’s sign in the background, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Mayor Landrieu said he met with Allen’s mother first thing this morning, and promised her a “full and open investigation.” 


At the afternoon press conference at NOPD HQ, 3rd District Commander John Thomas said he has received many tips about illegal drug activity, and thanked the community for responding to the NOPD’s call for the public’s assistance and information.


Independent Police Monitor Susan Huston applauded the Police Department for “giving more information than in past shootings,” and said the next step is “getting full access to the files.” 

I see a big problem here.

I see a big problem here. Stop breaking the law. Stop murdering unarmed citizens for growing a fricking plant.

If you don't like pot, don't smoke it.

You've got no right to have me locked up or killed for simply growing and using a plant that you don't like.

I see no problem here. Stop

I see no problem here. Stop breaking the law. Millions of people manage to do it every day, yet these people would put forth more effort protesting cops killing their drug dealing and cop killing waste of skin than trying to change anything in their community. Anyone who supports this supports dragging others down and keeping them at the bottom.

All a part and in the

All a part and in the consistent pattern of the apartheid police state and the new Jim crow we are living under.

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