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A Day Fit For A Praline

New Orleans is a city well-loved for it’s food, but not as well known for its sweets outside of cake-y creations like beignets, bread pudding, and King Cake. If you live in the Big Easy, chances are there is a certain sugary treat that is rather ubiquitous in your life: the praline. The humble praline is a staple in this city, and its sweet influence has finally garnered it it’s very own national holiday on June 24th.


The praline made its way to America with the French settlers who came to Louisiana. The recipe was later adapted to make use of local ingredients that were present during that time, such as brown sugar and pecans. The Gulf Coast addition of cream elevated the praline into the confection we know and love today.


The naming of the praline came from Chef Clement Lassange’s employer, Marechal du Plessis-Praslin, who was a sugar industrialist. The candy was originated around the 1600’s as a palate cleanser between meals at dinner parties. Lassange later retired and sold the recipe for the candy, and the rest is history! Today, pralines can be found everywhere from swanky candy kitchens in the French Quarter to gas station checkout lines.


In honor of National Praline Day on Saturday, Crescent City institution Aunt Sally’s will be hosting its own holiday celebration in honor of the famous candy. 


“We love National Praline Day,” exclaimed CEO Mary-Jo Webster in a statement to NoDef. "Aunt Sally's has been making delicious pralines for over 80 years, hand poured with love every day in the heart of the French Quarter and Arts District.” 


Indeed, the NOLA candymakers have been using the same original recipe created 81 years ago, which features Louisiana pecans, and fresh cream and cane sugar. 


This weekend, Aunt Sally’s will offer special promotions both in stores and online. The simple request, said Webster, is to “celebrate the day with New Orleans' finest Praline!"


Shops in the Quarter and CBD will offer free pralinettes on Saturday. Last year, over 5,000 of these sweet treats were passed out in one day alone. The Aunt Sally’s team has also partnered with the Sazerac Whisky Company to offer samples of Pralines & Cream Liqueur in over 38 grocery stores in the New Orleans area, including select Rouse’s locations for those 21+ fans.


For those who prefer the world wide web over the brick and mortar can visit for free shipping on orders this weekend. On top of that, NoDef readers can get 10 percent off with the code DEFENDERNPD17 through Sunday. 

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