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Dog Jacked: Tropical Isle Owners Donate $2500 for Skeeter's Safe Return

Nearly a week ago today, Uptown resident “Meg” was the victim of a carjacking that left her longing for something more irreplaceable than her Lincoln Navigator. Although her vehicle was found, Skeeter, the victim’s 11-year-old Jack Russell & Chihuahua mix is still far from his home.The Louisiana Humane Society offered up $1000 to encourage Skeeter’s safe return from the dog-jacker. Today, Tropical Isle Owners Pam Fortner and Earl Bernhardt decided they had to do something to up the ante and nearly tripled the reward.


According to WWL, Meg’s SUV was recovered by Jefferson Parish Police Saturday morning, in the 1100-block of Scotsdale Drive in Harvey. Although Skeeter was nowhere to be found at the crime scene, the perps left a telltale leash behind.


Meg said that the mystery leash gave her hope that whoever is responsible for the crime is still in possession of Skeeter. Fortner and Bernhardt are also hopeful.


The Bourbon St. Bar owners nearly tripled the reward, donating an extra $2500 to the LASPCA to offer anyone who can assist in Skeeter’s safe return home. Bernhardt said they were touched by Hall’s story.


“We saw her on the news, banging on the window begging for her dog back,” said Bernhardt. “We’re animal lovers, we own two little poodles,” he explained. “We just realize how dear dogs are to people, and we can sympathize with the way the woman feels losing hers. We just wanted to do something.”


Bernhardt said that he believes the extra $2500 will add extra incentive for people with information on Skeeter’s whereabouts to come forward.


“Now that it’s $3500 and not $1000, we hope it’s enough to stimulate something to bring Skeeter home to Meg.”


Anyone with information about Skeeter can call 1-888-6-HUMAN or go to

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