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Converting in the Red Zone

Saints Bar Review: American Sector

Standing in a crowded bar, your black and gold shirt rubbing against others as each swig of a Bud Light puts an elbow in your eye and each touchdown puts armpits in your nose is one way to watch Monday Night Football. Last Monday, I experienced another way at the World War 2 Museum.


The Stage Door Canteen is a performance space connected to American Sector, John Besh’s Restaurant beside the World War 2 Museum on Magazine Street. At gametime, tables are set, long and short, with civilized saints fans sitting in front of a large projection screen set on a stage. The screen, high definition with surround sound, boasts to be the biggest projection of Saints games, but that is not the only draw.  The special Monday Night menu features John Besh’s American classics with a classy flair. Yes, there are burgers, wings, Sloppy Joes and beer on the menu, but the chicken wings are garlic glazed, the burgers smothers with a bacon onion marmalade, the Sloppy Joe made of a short rib and the beer a local brew. Prices range from $3 for the “French fried potatoes,” otherwise known as fries, to $12.50 for the Fried oysters with a Creole tomato dressing. Brews offered are the P-40 “Falstaff” Warhawk or the P-51 Mustang, depending on your preference of light or dark. You can get a pitcher for $9. For purists preferring redneck champagne, it is also available. For two bucks a bottle.


The chicken wing’s crispy glaze crackles with each bite, without causing the drippy mess of traditional wings. The meat of the mini cheeseburgers is rich with flavor, only complimented by the sweet bacon marmalade. The “Sloppy Joe” is the larger version of the sliders served for 75 cents during Happy Hour at American Sector. The larger version is a bit meat heavy, but the flavor is still delicious. 


While watching the game, speakers (and the AC) blaring, I kept wondering if the still sedate crowd would erupt, the people begin to stand or the classy dining surroundings turn into turned tables and spilled beers. None of that occurred. Yes, tables cheered for each event, and yelled a bit at the screen, but that was about it. For any football game, the Stage Door Canteen is a great place to chill with a few friends and actually concentrate on what’s happening on the screen.


Enjoy the Black & Gold on a BIG screen and the food during select games: October 10, October 31, November 21, December 12 and December 27.  Reservations recommended, but were unnecessary this past Monday. 

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