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Confessions of a Costume-aholic: DIY Skeleton Shoes & Party Plans

By Amanda Thompson

Everyone has skeletons in their closet just waiting to come out and dance. Today, I walk you through a simple DIY project for skeleton shoes. They are affordable and perfect for a last minute costume. In addition, I offer up five tips to spice up your Halloween night party.


Skeleton Shoes

Jazz up an old pair of black shoes, or dress up a new pair by following these simple instructions. 

Time: 30 minutes


 - basic black shoes in vinyl or leather, (Shoe Nami $30)

 - white paint

- black sharpie

 - small brushes

- q-tips



Start with an old pair of black shoes that have a smooth, non-absorbent surface, (vinyl works best,) or purchase a new pair on sale.

Put the shoes on, to reference the position of the bones in your toes and feet.

Using a black or red sharpie, and your imagination, draw the outline of the bones. Think of an xray.  In order to create the proper effect, you may need to exaggerate the length of the toes.

Once you have a basic outline, remove the shoes and get ready to paint!

Using white acrylic paint and a small brush, fill in the lines of the bones, making sure to leave black space in between the bones for accent.

From time to time, put the shoes back on your feet as a reference, but be careful not to smear the paint.

Paint one layer, then move to the next shoe. Repeat with a second layer. Let dry at least 24 hours. 

Place a fan in front of the shoes for quicker drying. 


Halloween Party Entertainment:

"Tis the Season for Frightening Flights and Titillating Nights!

Here's a list of entertainment sure to spice up any party or gathering. 


1. Crystal Ball/ Tarot/ or Palm Reader

Perfect for a small, casual gathering of friends, or a sophisticated Halloween soiree. Hire a fortune teller for your event, and your guest will be talking about it for years to come. 


2. Count on the Keys

Have Dracula come tickle your keys. If you have a piano, this is a great way to entertain your guests with dramatic flair. 


3. Voodoo Themed Party

Invite a Voodoo Priestess to read palms and give blessings at your event. Purchase an assortment of small Voodoo Dolls at the French Market to give as party favors.


4. Book a Private Ghost Tour of the French Quarter

Hire a private guide to give a haunted history/ghost tour of the French Quarter with all your fabulously costumed friends/guests. Stop at a dive bar on Decatur  for drinks to go!


5. Painting Party

A professional face/body painter can truly get you in the spirit of the season by transforming your look. Whether you're throwing a party for the kids,  or plan on going out with your friends to paint the town red, everyone enjoys getting all brushed up. 


For booking these suggestions, please contact Amanda Thompson,

Phone: (504) 451-4398

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