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Confessions of a Costume-aholic: DIY Headpieces

By Amanda Thompson

The clock is counting down to the witching hour. Literally. However, if you still don't have a Halloween costume, don't despair! There's still time to find something to wear. Fire up your glue guns, and make yourself a unique headpiece for the big night.


DIY Halloween Headpiece
Turn heads at any event with you're one-of-a-kind party hat. This is a glamorous and easy way to jazz up any outfit! 
Time: 20 minutes

- wide headband  (easier it is to work with)  Find this and other supplies listed at your local beauty supply store (Beauty Plus on St. Claude is my favorite) or craft shop.
- artificial flowers
- assorted feathers
- butterflies, artificial birds, spiders, ect
- spray adhesive
- sharpie
- glitter and pieces of broken jewelry can also make sparkling additions to a headpiece
- fiber-optic lights  Find these at Party City, or online in bulk at
- hot glue gun, glue sticks Tip: a low temperature gun works fine for this kind of project 

Put the headband on your head to measure where you want to place the silk flower. Using a sharpie, mark on the headband the center of where the flower will be placed. Take the headband off, and using the glue gun, trace a couple of small circles of glue on the back of the flower. Try not to get glue on the flower petals, as they may be glued down later. Glue the flower in place, and let cool. Use assorted feathers, and place them delicately under the flower petals. Make sure the curve of the feather flatters the curve of the headband and the face. Play with the feather placement before glueing. Use small dabs of glue to secure the petals over the feathers, covering any extra glue. Once you have the basic structure of flower and feathers in place, use your imagination to decorate the headpiece with broken pieces of jewelry, artificial butterflies, spiders, plastic snakes, or any other crafty materials that inspire you. As you are working, continue to put the piece on your head for reference, but make sure the hot glue has cooled and dried before placing the work-in-progress on your head. 

Helpful Tip: Anytime you are working with hot glue, keep a bowl of ice water nearby. This will save your fingers from painful burns.

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