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Confessions of a Costume-aholic: Five Easy Pieces & a DIY

By Amanda Thompson

It's never too late to pull together a KILLER Halloween costume! Get your sheets together and stock up on supplies for last-minute transformations. Today, I offer a few tips on costume creations plus a quick DIY mask. Inspiration lurks around every corner in this City. So, get out and assemble your ensemble.


1. Stock up on DIY supplies. 
When you have a last minute inspiration, you don't want to run out of glue sticks! Make sure you have the basics covered: glue gun and plenty of glue sticks, fabric glue, E6000 glue, needle and thread, assorted rhinestones, glitter, velcro, felt, spray adhesive glue, a brush kit, and safety pins. While you're at the craft store, make sure to check the clearance aisle for seasonal flowers,feathers, and decorations.
Something as simple as a package of google eyes can inspire a great costume. *see DIY google eyes mask


2. A little makeup goes a long way.

You can create so many looks by purchasing just a few items. Purchase a Halloween makeup kit at your local drug store for under $5. Other items to purchase ahead of time are false eyelashes, eyelash glue, red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner, and fake blood. Tip: For face paint makeup removal, purchase makeup removing towelettes and for eye makeup removal, use Ponds Cold Cream. After using makeup remover, wash with soap and water to avoid clogging pores.


3. Create a headpiece or mask that you love like no other!

Whether you've been invited to a last-minute gathering, or have plans to attend a formal affair, you can easily go from everyday wear to exotic attire in a flash.
Adding a fun wig, a fancy headpiece, or an exotic mask to a basic black outfit is all it takes. 
In the coming weeks, I'll have several do-it-yourself instructions on how to create your own unique party hat. Everyone needs one!


4. Get Lit!
Add sparkle to any costume using LED string lights, El Wire, LED candles, or FiberOptic lights. If you're using LED String Lights, look for the kind that require 2 cr2032 batteries. They are smaller, lighter weight, and easier to glue onto costuming than the ones that require the AA batteries.
In my future articles, watch for DIY examples of how to incorporate lighting into your costume. 


5. 1. Buffalo Exchange it!
Bring your lightly-used clothing and trade it for store credit. They have lots of costumes, vintage clothing, hats, headpieces, and more!


DIY PROJECT: Googly Eyes Mask For Him or Her
This eye-catching costume piece is so simple to make, and is a great activity to do with the kids. It's also a good accessory for those who don't want to commit to a full-on costume. 

Time: 20 minutes

- craft mask ( Walmart,Target, costume store)
- 2 packages of googly eyes
- E6000 glue *Note: For crafting with kids use a kid-friendly glue, like rubber cement
- elastic band/ ribbon



Use a large goggly eye and place it in the center of the mask to give you the look of one large third eye. Then, use the smallest goggly eyes to border the slits of the eyes. Then, work your way out from there, slowly graduating to the larger goggly eyes as you get closer to outer-most edge of the mask.


Read Amanda's piece on Halloween shopping in the Quarter here

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