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Classic Attendance Numbers for the Classic

On Saturday (11.28), Grambling State blew out their nemesis Southern by a score of 34-23. However, a different set of numbers marked a victory for tourism in New Orleans. The attendance numbers were the highest logged by the annual matchup since the Storm.


62,907 fans flocked to da Dome to watch the rivals square off according to organizers at SWAC. That figure shattered the previous post-Katrina record of 59,874 in 2008. 


The record low of 40,715 in 2011 is now a distant memory. In the four years since, attendance increased annually.


Numbers for the past ten years follow.

  • 2015 attendance: 62,907
  • 2014 attendance: 57,852
  • 2013 attendance: 47,385
  • 2012 attendance: 45,980
  • 2011 attendance: 40,715
  • 2010 attendance: 43,494
  • 2009 attendance: 53,618
  • 2008 attendance: 59,874
  • 2007 attendance: 53,297
  • 2006 attendance: 47,136 (1st game back in Superdome)
  • 2005 attendance: 53,214 (Hurricane Katrina: Reliant/NRG Stadium, Houston)

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