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City Shutters Marigny Opera House Hours Before Fringe

Developing Story. NoDef will update as details emerge.

On Wednesday (11.19,) the New Orleans Fringe Festival opened, featuring performances in 39 venues. However, the program called for performances in 40 venues. The missing theater was the result of an injunction from the City of New Orleans served to the Marigny Opera House. Although, the downtown church-turned-theater was in the national spotlight for hosting Solange Knowles’ wedding on Saturday (11.15,) permitting issues now prohibit usage for the local festival.


The City sought, was granted, and enforced an injunction to shutter the space until the venue was bought up to code. NoDef is awaiting comment from the City. 


The injunction is temporary lasting until Friday (11.20.) A hearing with the City has been scheduled on the morning of the 20th to discuss the venue's future.


Fringe Board Member and Development Coordinator, Swamp deVille said, “Fringe Fest had been led to believe that the opera was an available venue. It is our understanding that the Fire Department  is still working on a list of things that it requires for any shows to continue.”


DeVille was appalled by the timing of the move. “We feel that the timing of the City’s action unmistakably communicates a stark and dramatic lack of support from City government particularly the Office of Cultural Economy and other offices in city government especially since they enacted this decision without telling NO Fringe until three hours before show were scheduled to begin.“


The Fringe moved three of the plays to temporary locations."Now and at the Hour" and "Professor Nakamoto's Nexus of Numbers" will be staged at the Hi Ho Lounge in the same time slots that they occupied at the Opera House. "For the Sins I Can Remember" will be performed at the Ironworks at 5p.m.


The fest stresses that the show must go on. deVille says, “The Fringe wants to remind everybody that this one venue out of 40 venues in the festival. This is one play out of 80 plus. Fringe is finding places for these performances as we work it out with the city. There's more performance than you can shake a stick at.“

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