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Cheeky Blakk Named krewedelusion Queen

Even though Krewe du Vieux is coming early, there will still be plenty of parade action to keep you satisfied. Immediately following the ass-drawn floats and brass bands of the satirical parade will be Episode four of krewedelusion. With people-pulled floats and even more satire, the fledgling group will take to the streets once again in hopes of proving even further that New Orleans is the center of the universe.



We caught up with the Special Assistant to Oscar Diggs to find out what makes this year’s libation-fueled flight of fancy stand out among the rest. In the spirit of Carnival, the spokesman wishes to remain anonymous.


For their fourth year, krewedelusion is putting the green in purple, green and gold. “We’re making every effort in our power to make our parade the greenest parade possible,” said the mysterior spokesperson. “We’re not using any beads unless they’ve been recycled, and most of our throws will be made out of recovered materials.” 


According to the spokesperson, krewedelusion formed as a way to offer authentic Mardi Gras traditions to people without the dough for highfalutin dues.


“We’re mostly service industry people, teachers, regular people that wanted to start a Mardi Gras parade in a formalized setting,” said the spokesperson.


Like any Krewe, delusion includes new royalty every year. However, the Krewe and its subkrewes stand out because of their king’s and queen’s active role. “We want to actually empower our royalty to rule,” spokesperson said. “To be involved in the Krewe on a daily basis.”


Davis Rogan was last year’s King, and this year’s queen is Ninth Ward native and local bounce star Cheeky Blakk.


“There has been a huge resurgence of bounce music,” said the spokesperson. “Cheeky is a real-deal struggling artist who is getting the [rewards] that she deserves.”


“It’s gonna be a Blakk-Out -- and we’re gonna set this planet straight!” Blakk proclaimed.


Fellow bounce artist Katey Red will ride with Blakk as the “Diva of Defense.”

“She [Red] thought it was really funny what was going on with the Secretary of Defense,” the spokesperson explained.


Seasoned marchers like the semitic Krewe du Jieux and The Pony Girls will take to the streets. New Krewes include the AllKreweists, Crustaceous Desire, Skinz & Bonez, Krewe of Seuss, and Krewe du Mu’u Mu,u.  


The mysterious spokesperson explained that “Krewe of Seuss,” have a clever pun on the tuba-like sousaphone. Their “seussaphones,” will be inspired by Dr. Seuss. Throws will include the Krewe of Bananas signature banana throws, and handmade wooden doubloons for collectors.


The music for the parade will be provided by the Free Spirit Brass Band, the Kinfolk Brass Band and, as ever, the drumcart.


The parade begins at 7:15 p.m., and is set to head up Royal Street toward the Quarter, back down Decatur and out Frenchman to St. Claude Avenue. The marching will end at Siberia (2227 St. Claude), which will immediately give way to the Celebration of Grandeur, featuring music by Egg Yolk Jubilee.


The parade is on January 19, and krewedelusion is accepting loyal subjects through Jan. 16. Find out how to apply through their website.


*Correction: The article did not originally include the date of the parade, which is Saturday, January 19, 2013.


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