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Burning Han?

SciFi Krewe Ready to Chewburnitall

The planet Kashyyyk is home to the wookies. The Nevada desert is home to Burning Man. But, only New Orleans can call themselves home to the first annual IGNITION:Chewburnitall. The three day art, music, and science extravaganza from the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is set to lift off October 15th through 18th.


Space Commander Chewbaccacabra (Overlord) Ryan Ballard explains, “We kind of decided to take the best parts of a subgenius revival and combine it with the Chewbacchus thing, and the best parts of T-Bois. And, burn some big sculptures like many of us do at Burning  Man. It has little bits and pieces inspired by many things.”


The inaugural event will best staged at an urban campground. Ballard says that the find was accidental, “It’s a beautiful campground right next tot he Industrial Canal. It’s a little gem that we noticed during MOM’s Ball last year. It has a pond, it’s wooded. It even has a little natural amphitheater.”


After fest-goers arrive and set up camp for the weekend, they will find no shortage of sensory delights. Interactive art including Spiders from Mars (incorporating projector-mapped images onto custom made puppets), a hypnotic Crystal Matrix Portal, and downtown icon Gilliam, a magical 50-foot cloud whale will on all be on hand. For those in elevated states, the glowing Consciousness Transfer Dome will be a draw.


The event may be surreal, but it is still a New Orleans gathering. So, there will be music. The lineup includes The Jerk Officers, DJ JayRad (Brooklyn), DJ Mic Phedusha, DJ Otto, DJ Tristan Dufrene, DJ Javier Drada, and Carey Stewart.


Of course, Chewburnitall will feature some burning. On the first night, the massive “Deep Thought,” a flammable homage to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will be sparked up. On the second evening, the “The Wicker Wookiee” (exactly what you think it is) will be set ablaze first. While that is happening, Chewbacchians will vacate fest HQ a.k.a. “Mission Control.” Then said SuperDome-flying saucer command center will also feel the torch.


Ballard stresses that the burning is celebratory “We are doing this to honor the great god Chewbacchus. We are releasing the pure energy from the sun. The sun shines on the earth and the plants. Leaves soak in sunlight and trees grow, creating wood. Trees are eventually and cut down and we use the wood to create the idol of Chewbacchus. When we burn, we are releasing the star, the sunlight itself back into the atmosphere. Even the great god Chewbacchus must be returned back into the essence of starlight.”


The Burning Man influences extend beyond the bonfires. Ballard explains that many of the organizers are avid Burners and plan to carry those values into Chewburnitall. One group set up a team to make certain that the “leave no trace” ethos is successfully executed. Philosophies like radical expression, self reliance, and the gift economy will all filter into the fest. Said gift economy means that some krewes are planning to set up kitchens and feed the fest. (However, for those who prefer fiat currency in their transactions, food trucks will be on hand).


For lagniappe, organizers teamed up with New Orleans Video Assist to create Radio Free Chewbacchus! Promotional materials explain that RFC is “An interactive live broadcast for the IGNITION: Chewburnitall event. Featuring a rotating cast of characters and live DJ performances, Radio Free Chewbaccus will be your source for weather, interviews with artists, theme camp event promos and late breaking important information at IGNITION.”


Tickets are 150 dollars for the weekend. They can be purchased at

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