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The BK CookOff That Came to NOLA

This culinary round-up is written just a tad rounder (and still full) after yesterday’s NOLA Brunch/gorge Experiment at the Howlin’ Wolf. The Food Experiments and Brooklyn Brewery threw a cook-off for the ages, with sixteen daring duos serving up brunch bites for the number one vote.


The summer ale was flowing and DJ Workhorse’s topical beats bumping (Weird Al’s ‘Eat It’, Will Smith’s ‘Candy’, Das Racist’s ‘Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell’)  to sample cups and paper plates being filled with everything from classic Shrimp Remoulade and Grits, Louisiana Blue Crab and Goat Cheese Perogis, and Brunchcakes with Bacon Toffee Bark (can’t make this stuff up).


NoDef enjoyed each contestant’s creation, but some favorites must be mentioned: Team #16, ‘A Couple Bites’ mustered up French Toast and Sour Cream Ice Cream (voted number 1 by the Food Experimenters themselves), which offered a typical brunch option with a tangy twist. The sour cream ice cream had a consistency close to frozen cool whip (a compliment, FYI), but with a tart and cutting effect- a very nice pairing and balanced bite. Amongst the savory selections, The ‘Big Butter & Egg Men' prepared a fantastic duck sausage atop a block of sweet potato grits, garnished with a red berry compote. The meat was melt-in-your-mouth indulgent (even softer than the grits), and sweet and salty leveled out to a strong and sophisticated satiation. Other memorable treats were that next-level type of homemade: the old family recipe trick; ‘Fitzbo Foodies’ ‘My Mama’s Strata’,  a cheesy pesto mashup packed with humble (but powerful) flavors, was a straight-up family style simplicity that begged for seconds.

Team #1- Bouley Rouler: Blue Crab Perogi*---Team #2- Fitzbo Foodies: My Mama's Strata*---Team #3- Slowriders: Grits, Greens, N' Pork Belly---Team #4- Gallop: Fire Roasted Shrimp n Crab---Team #5- Pokie Pie Guys: Benedicts Pokie---Team #6- Stanarchy: Let Them Eat Stanarchy---Team #7- NOLA Brunch Club: The Classy Cajun---Team #8- Amy Sins: Porky Deliciousness*---Team #9- P N L's: Grit Cake and Tasso Cream---Team #10- The Idaho Connection: Shrimp Remoulade Pasta---Team #11- Moo Mouton: Boudin Beignet w/ Maple Bacon Glaze---Team #12- The Baconeers: Bacon & Banana Foster Bread Pudding*---Team #13- The Big Butter & Egg Men: Grits W/ Sausage n Fruit*---Team #14- Bite and Booze: Strawbery Boudin Biscuit---Team #15- Team Brunchcakes: Brunchcakes w/ Bacon Toffee Bark*---Team #16- A Couple Bites French Toast & Sour Cream Ice Cream*

*- NoDef Nod



As for the winners- six out of sixteen teams were awarded prizes of sorts, those ranked 1st through 3rd by both the judging panel and participating audience/tasters. The results:


Judge Verdict:


3rd: #15 Team Brunchcakes - Brunchcakes w/ Bacon Toffee Bark

2nd: #5 Pokie Pie Guys - Benedicts Pokie

1st: #13 The Big Butter & Egg Men - Grits w/ Sausage n' Fruit


Audience Verdict:


3rd: #15 Team Brunchcakes - Brunchcakes w/ Bacon Toffee Bark

2nd: #13 The Big Butter & Egg Men - Grits w/ Sausage n' Fruit

1st: #8 Amy Sins - Porky Deliciousness


Lest us not forget that half of Team #3 (‘Slowriders’) who dished out Grits, Greens, N’ Pork Belly, won an on-the-fly award for ‘Best Assistant’ and were presented with a keepsake heart-shaped dutch oven. But the big prize went to Amy Sins and her ‘Porky Deliciousness’- a taster served up in a martini glass, with a shot of brandied milk to accompany the nosh. Amy will head to the ‘Hipster Capital of the World’ (…Brooklyn) this September to compete in the Food Experiments Nationals competition.


Only time will tell if New Orleans will steal the candied bacon; regardless, at least we all know who makes the ‘World’s Best’ Brunch (slash everything else)!


The Food Experiments and Brooklyn Brewery head next to Washington D.C. for the Taco cook-off- to keep up with their journey, head to for updates and results. 

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