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Bounce House Emperor Frank Scurlock Arrested After Confederate Monument Police Scuffle

Local entrepreneur Frank Scurlock, mayoral hopeful and the man behind Jazz Fest's annual skywriting and a local bounce house dynasty, was jailed after an altercation with the police on Saturday evening, according to a YouTube video uploaded on May 7th. Scurlock was said to be protesting in support of the monuments. 


The video (view below) begins in media res at the Jefferson Davis monument, with Scurlock agitated at the presence of police barriers and attempting to report a group of NOPD officers to their supervisors.  But his requests to have the FBI dispatched ultimately fell on deaf ears, and he was left to accost a lone officer on the walk to his squad car.


Ignoring the officer’s admonishments, Scurlock soon found himself handcuffed and surrounded by NOPD.  In the video, his demeanor appears quite calm and unthreatened.  His inner state, however, was anything but.  He later posted on Facebook that, “As a white male, I feel violated by the 12 plus police officers that were African American that fought to put me in jail.” He also remarked that his efforts were him "trying to Stop Civil War 2." 


Before his second life as a figure in the pro-monument movement, many New Orleanians know Scurlock as the owner of Scurlock Entertainment Global, an “inflatable bounce house empire” he founded.  Scurlock also funds the skywriters who decorate the sky during Jazz Fest through his company Positive Sky.  In fact, it was a mere three hours after Saturday’s show that he found himself in the Orleans Parish Prison for the public disturbance.    


In recent months, however, Scurlock has taken on an increasingly public face in staunch opposition to the Take Em Down NOLA project, arguing in favor of keeping the confederate monuments in place.  Even his skywriting has been conscripted for the cause – a press release last week announced that his planes would write phrases like “Unity = History” and “Preservation” in the skies about New Orleans, Jackson, and Baton Rouge.


As of this weekend, he has set his sights even higher.  On Friday, he announced his candidacy for mayor of New Orleans in a series of publicity events he dubbed “Cinco de Scurlock.”  He spent the day preaching the need to “Fill potholes, save monuments” at a variety of locations – mostly Mexican restaurants – around New Orleans. 


Whether Scurlock’s pending legal charges will have any impact on his political ambitions remains to be seen.  Though his summons ordered him to appear at the NOPD Headquarters this morning, he says he arrived there at the appropriate time only to find the building was closed.   


Watch the video below: 

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