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Born To Run: Jindal Courts Conservative PACs Amidst Budget Crisis

Bobby Jindal is often criticized for spending nearly as much time out of Louisiana as he does in state. But, Bobby J is not a man to be burdened with critics. On the eve of a budget crisis, the Governor has lined up a series of speaking engagements at heavyweight conservative gatherings. Louisiana Democrats are not impressed.


Da Gov’ will head back to D.C. to speak on Thursday (2.25). Jindal is slated to address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a bellwether event for the right. He managed to receive better billing than Wisconsin Gov, Scott Walker. However the night’s headliner is Tea Party darling Sarah Palin. All three speakers will talk for about 20 minutes.


The CPAC trip is also notable for its timing. The following day (2.27), Jindal’s administration is scheduled to present their much awaited plan to close the state’s $1.6 billion budget gap.


According to the WaPo, the travel will continue. Jindal is also reportedly scheduled to speak at another conservative favorite, the Club for Growth’s conference sometime this weekend.


The presidential election cycle is just about at the point when the national media begins religiously tracking local papers in early primary states Iowa and New Hampshire. Accordingly, the Nashau Telegraph is scooping Louisiana outlets with the news that Bobby J will speak at the "First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit" held on April 17 and 18. The dates coincide with the first week of the Legislature’s spring 


In the meantime, Louisiana Democrats are fuming about the absences amidst the looming budget crisis. “Governor Jindal must join with legislators to put an end to this crisis,” said state Rep. Regina Barrow.  “We need to expand Medicaid, protect higher education opportunities, pass equal pay for our working families. I don’t know what‘s worse, the governor’s rejection or his absence from the discussion entirely. The governor should worry less about the job he wants and focus on the job he has.”

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