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Bobby Jindal Dishes on Jimmie Davis' Dips

When he's been at the office, Gov. Bobby Jindal has been sticking to a steady diet of signing bills, bashing Obama and kicking out Common Core lately. But once he's home in the Governor's Mansion, he's free to turn to other topics like Jimmie Davis' sunshine. In a Buzzfeed profile published Monday, Jindal puts the politics aside for a fraction of an interview to give a stark Bayou State history lesson.


The Governor's Mansion is key to Coppins' scene, wherein he finds Jindal to be a father who ensures his children get a daily dose of piano, and a leader with "an encyclopedic knowledge of Louisiana’s storied political history."


Coppins writes that on the day he visited, Jindal was obsessed with a certain yarn about the Singing Governor. In addition to bequeathing "You Are My Sunshine" to the state, Jimmie Davis also built the Governor's Mansion. He liked the real estate so much that he built a house on an adjacent lot once his term was over.


"...He had a gate built into the fence so he could walk over and go swimming, because there was a swimming pool here at the mansion," Jindal tells Coppins. "The story is that the current governors would go back there and find him skinny-dipping in the pool.”


The piece would soon pivot to Jindal's efforts to court the Religious Right ahead of the 2016 presidential election, and call the gov "the most underrated prospect in the 2016 presidential field." But first, Jindal added a disclaimer.


“I don’t know if that was true or not,” Jindal told Coppins about the skinny dipping anecdote. “That was before I got here. But he built the house so he felt entitled, I guess.”


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