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Bobby J and Malloy Feud in Connecticut

Governor Bobby Jindal says that he must “think and pray” before he decides whether he is running for President. However, he’s spent several years making frequent out of state trips like a candidate for POTUS. Bobby J’s journeys have not fared well with the electorate and in the  most recent Senate debate, da Gov’ was painted as a GOP foil to Obama in terms of an albatross effect on his party. Now, people outside of his constituents are getting annoyed with the trips as well. This week Jindal tangled with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy.


Jindal was in the Constitution State on Friday (10.17) campaigning for Republican challenger Tom Foley. According to the AP, Jindal accused the incumbent Malloy of instituting “failed policies” that weakened the Connecticut economy. 


Malloy did not appreciate the critique. On Saturday (10.18), he fired back, “Let me remind you, Louisiana – one of the poorer states, one of the highest uninsured rates in the nation, one of the most polluted states in the nation – this is the poster child for Tom Foley and his policies.”


Bobby J responded, “We’ve got more people working than ever before. Our economy is growing twice as fast as the national economy.”


In September, Business Insider ranked all 50 states by economy factoring in : the July unemployment rate; the change in nonfarm payroll jobs from June to July 2014; the 2013 GDP per capita; the 2012 per capita consumption; the 2013 average annual wage; the 2013 exports per capita; and the 2012 government expenditures.


Louisiana ranked 19th. Connecticut ranked 7th.


The dustup was not the first encounter between Jindal and Malloy. In February, the pair feuded over minimum wage in the White House driveway following a meeting of the governors and Obama. The meeting was intended to build bipartisanship.


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